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October 2005- Issue 49


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Here is what's in this month's newsletter:


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Hi there!

Welcome to all the new subscribers!

This month has been another round of Expect the Unexpected in our household! My older son broke his leg and was in the hospital for almost a week and then the BC teachers have been on strike, so neither child has been at school!

Thanks to all the artists in the byhandartists Yahoo Group, I have some artwork to share with you in this issue. There's lots of eye candy!

My plan is to have another newsletter ready to go in a few weeks time with some tips, techniques and ideas!

Enjoy this issue!

Please drop into my other website: It changes every month!

While you nourish your creative spirit by reading this newsletter, don't forget your creative body needs nourishment inside and out!
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The Penland Book of Handmade Books

I had heard this book mentioned by members of the byhandartists and vowed to get a of these days...... But when I acquired it, I wondered why I'd waited!! What a wonderful book! The binders featured are very accomplished craftspeople and artists. You cannot help but be inspired by the work in here. Although replicating some of the work shown in the book could be pretty darn difficult, observing little details will spark your imagination and inspire you to incorporate them into your own work.
The Penland Book features 10 book artists who show "one of the techniques they commonly use in their work. Additionally, each artist explains his or her influences and working methods in personal essays and has compiled a gallery of pieces by other renowned craftspeople who employ similar techniques."

A must for your bookshelf!

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If you're Canadian (like me!) and you'd like to order byhand products in Canadian dollars but don't want to wait for the mail system to deliver your cheque, there are alternatives! You can read more details here or email me. I'll try to make it easy-peasy!

I can't tell you how pleased I am that you are offering product here on the island and it is available in Canada! I also appreciate how easy you make ordering, answering questions and shipping.

Nadine M. - Victoria, BC

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Site Sitings

Nosey Heron Studio

This month I'd like to share the website of artist Christine Ahmad . Christine picked me up at the airport on my recent trip to Red Deer and we went shopping. Just too much fun!
Later we went to her home and after a fabulous dinner with her delightful family, I was taken to her studio. There is no need for me to tell you what a fabulous artist Christine is - you just have to look through her website!

Thanks so much Christine!




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Suzanne's Schedule


One of the new workshops for 2005...

Harlequin Stitched Spine Journal...

This delightful book incorporates an exposed harlequin stitching pattern through a leather spine and incorporates rivets into the structure.

Another new workshop this fall is:

Defining and Refining Your Italic OR Italic Boot Camp

Looking for that next step with your Italic? Wish you could tweak it so that it's just a little bit better? It's time for some re-training!

This workshop is for the calligrapher with some experience with the Italic Hand. We will review the basics of Italic miniscules then look at what makes a fine and elegant letter. We'll examine pen angle, proportions and the technical aspects of lettering and how these influence and change your letterforms. We'll examine your Italic, look at its strengths and weaknesses, identify personal quirks and in doing so, work on defining your Italic style! 1 or 2 day workshop

The supply list for this class can be seen here.

Oct 13 Protection Island Coptic Stitched Journal Protection Island Artists
Oct 15
Victoria, BC
Harlequin Stitched Spine Island Blue Print
Oct 16
Victoria, BC
Charmers Island Blue Print
Oct 17
Gabriola Island
Star Book Gabriola Spinners & Weavers
Nov 4
Edmonton AB
Mini Mica Memories Edmonton Calligraphic Society
Nov 5
Edmonton AB
Italic Bootcamp Edmonton Calligraphic Society
Nov 6
Edmonton AB
Versed in Versals Edmonton Calligraphic Society
Nov 19
Burnaby BC
Harlequin Stitched Spine Burnaby Continuing Ed - registration will begin at the end of August for this class
Nov 20
Surrey BC
Harlequin Stitched Spine Bookmakers of Vancouver
Nov 21
North Vancouver, BC
Introduction to Calligraphy Private Group - please contact for more details


January 28 Parksville BC Introduction to Calligraphy Malaspina University College
Feb 18 Victoria BC The Text & Texture Journal Island Blue Print
Feb 19 Victoria BC Over & Under the Covers Island Blue Print
April Portland OR The Copper Book  


To see a complete list (more or less!) of the classes Suzanne teaches, click here!

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The Altered Word
in Red Deer, AB

We had a great weekend! Lots of sharing and great ideas and inspiration from everyone. Okay, so we weren't the neatest group in history - but we sure weren't boring!
Thanks to Christine who picked me up at the airport and took me shopping. Thanks to Sheila and Roxanne for the yummy lunches! A big thanks to Karen for having me stay in her home.
A huge thanks to everyone who came to the workshop - and a special round of applause to those who danced with the belly dancer at the Greek restaurant on Saturday night!
Click on each image to see it larger (but no belly dancer!). There are some great pages here!


The Hometown Swap

How did the Hometown Swap get started?
In the words of our hostess with the mostess, Linda Tanka....

"We were yakking about the weather...and Rose Davidson proclaimed that I should move to the Island where the weather is always nice! I think it was flooding here or snowing, so you know, Alberta nasty.
I got thinking about people's everyday life and what was it like. Plus I was humming the tune to Bruce Springsteen's "Your Hometown" and as usual I was thinking about what makes people's lives the way they are. What industries shape their everyday life, what history impacts on everyday thought .....well Hometown was born out of that.

I was amazed by peoples' environment but the most amazing thing was the number of people who looked around them at the things they take for granted and turned it into artwork. From the whales of Coast and wine grapes of the Okanagan to the home town of Chris Burke - Astros major hitter rookie from Louisville Kentucky to the San Diego Zoo, Nashville, lovely Eastern Seabord USA and Western Coast to our own Wet Coast art and the beautiful Sunshine Coast. How great it all was! Ontario the industrial and the beautiful. I got a chance to put Lethbridge's history to song and you all know that lyrics are banging around in this head all the time...Maybe the noise will stop now...??? I didn't mean to leave anyone out but I can't itemize them all. The most personal project was done by Joanne, who looked around the East End of Vancouver for the first time, really seeing the environment."

Click on each image to see it larger.





Judi D.

Judi D.

Linda T.

Linda T.





Linda C.

Mary Beth


Nancy Q.


Laura Lee

Judy L.

Judi L.

Beth A.

Judi B.


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The Scor-it Board is not just for scoring folds, it's a wonderful design tool, too! Click on each of the images below to see the details in the artwork!


Mini Metal Tags


Sale on Slide mailers and microscrope slides continued!

Use these buttons right here to take advantage of the sale!

Microscope slides, package of 20 $4.50 USD
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Decorated Slide Mailers


The outside of this slide mailer was covered in the self-adhesive copper foil and then treated with Sophisticated Finishes Patina Green. Pretty amazing, huh? The heart is the large Rusty Tin heart and the collage photo is inside a flip-top frame. Each corner has a plain brass book corner, and there is a keyhole through to the inside.


New Vintage Collage Sheets

Perfect for collage, ATCs, Altered Books or anywhere you need that warm vintage look!
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Art Journal Idea Round Robin

Last month this newsletter introduced you to the Art Journal Idea round robin.
You can read all about it here.

An enormous thanks to Yogi Gunwald in Calgary for selecting and editing these photos from a huge wealth of artwork! Nobody knows these pages like Yogi and if it wasn't for the time she has spent collecting these images, you wouldn't be seeing them! Round of applause for Yogi!!!

This month Yogi chose to focus on Pockets and Tags in the Pages and Lightweight journals. Farther on, there are a miscellaneous selection of inspirational goodies!

Stay tuned! More Art Inspiration from the journals and pages next month!
Please click on each image to see it larger.

Pockets and Tags

Anne in Joanne's

Anne in Suzanne's

Becky's sign in tags


Charmaine in Patti's

Cathy in Christi's

Cindy in Pat's

Donna's sign in

Joanne in Patti's

Karyl in Becky's

Lilo's sign in

Linda in Therese's

Mieke in Vicky's

Nadine in Patti's

Nadine's sign in

Pat in Cathy's

Pat in Julie's

Patti in Susanna's

Susanna in Christi's

Zanna in Christi's

Suzanne in Vicky's

Suzanne's tags

Therese in Patti's

Vickie in Julies


Yogi in Cathy's

Zanna's sign-in


Miscellaneous Wonderful Pages

Anne in Julie's

Anne in Lilo's


Charmaine in Yogi's

Christi in Joanne's

Cindy in Anne's

Donna in Charmaine's

Joanne in Susanna's


Linda in Yogi's

Mieke in Christi's

Nadine in Charmaine's

Nadine in Suzanne's

Pat in Joanne's

Pat in Julie's

Patti in Vicky's

Susanna in Vicky's

Suzanne in Christi's

Suzanne in Julie's

Therese in Susanna's

Vicky in Julie's


Yogi in Cathy



A special thanks should go to Anne Atkinson who has been the caretaker of this Round Robin. Thanks Anne! A round of applause to you for keeping us all straight!!
When we first set out, we projected the round robin would take 9 months to complete. Kinda like giving birth.....

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More of The Crown Decos!

continued from last month....

Recently, the byhandartists finished their Crown Deco Round Robin Here we have the scans that were collected from Group 2 (not all the art by any stretch of the imagination!). Enjoy!! I certainly did!

A big thank you to Kathy Leggett for organizing and keeping us on track!
Click on each image to see it larger.

Anne in Kathy's

Anne in Beth Ann's

Beth Ann's cover

Beth Ann's sign in page

Donna in Beth Ann's

Donna in Beth Ann's

Donna's tag in Beth Ann's

Donna in Kathy's

Donna in Kathy's

Donna in Suzanne's

Donna in Suzanne's

Donna in Wendy's

Kathy in Beth Ann's

Kathy's deco

Kathy in her own deco

Kathy in her own deco

Suzanne in Kathy's

Suzanne in Kathy's

Suzanne in Beth Ann's

Wendy in Kathy's

Wendy in Kathy's

Anne in Kathy's

Beth Ann in Wendy's

Suzanne in Wendy's


Tricia in Wendy's

Wendy in her own deco

Wendy's sign in page

Wendy in Beth Ann's


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If there is any information you would like to see in this newsletter, let me know. Each month I will email you to let you know the new issue is published. If you know someone who would like to receive notice of byhand, just have them email me and I will put them on the list. Bye for now and thanks for visiting!
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The original title lettering of byhand was done with a Mitchell's Roundhand Nib, size 0, and Higgins Eternal Ink. Quietfire Design Rubber stamps were used to create the other designs.

Artists whose work is shown in this newsletter retain the copyright on their own work.

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