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Welcome to Quietfire Design!

I began my artistic life as a calligrapher spending many, many hours practicing. I loved lettering as it was an artform with strict rules and if I worked at it enough I would get a pretty good product! I chose the name Quietfire to represent myself. It suggested subtlety and strength, traits to which I aspired. It is still my goal!

I love clean, elegant letterforms and try to achieve this in my calligraphic art and impart this philosophy to my students. A well-made letter has character and confidence which comes from disciplined practice.

With small children in the picture, I lacked time. Bookbinding allowed my creative spirit a much needed outlet as I could glue something together then come back a few hours later and glue up the next step! Books are such a wonderful format in which to express your creativity. I love to make beautiful things - don't we all?

On this website I offer you my heart's work. I hope you find something you like or get some ideas for your own creative pursuits. Thanks for visiting!

And please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments - for instance, should you find a link that doesn't work or a typo!!

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