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Thanks to everyone who came!

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The Altered Book Project

Lasqueti Island Artists, Lasqueti Island, BC
July 2005

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Copper Book
Bookmakers of Vancouver, Surrey, BC

October 16 & 17, 2004
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hard at work!

the etching baths

Pam. Kaye and Chris

Olga and Chris

Alison, Kim Pat and Amber

Chris' cover

inside Chris' book

more of Chris' book

Nadine setting eyelets

Pat's cover

inside Sherry's book

Sherry's cover

inside Sherry's book

Kim and Pat

Linda trying to look busy with Nadine!

Marilyn's cover

inside Marilyn's book

inside Marilyn's book

inside Marilyn's book

inside Marilyn's book

last page in Marilyn's book

Linda's cover

Kaye's cover

inside Kaye's book

inside Kaye's book

Nadine's cover

inside Nadine's book

inside Nadine's book

inside Nadine's book

inside Nadine's book

Olga's cover

inside Olga's book

inside Olga's book

inside Olga's book

this is Olga's back cover

Pam's cover

Amber's cover

Kim's cover


inside Kim's book

inside Kim's book

inside Kim's book

inside Kim's book

inside Kim's book

Alison's covers in progress!

Alison's first page

Inside Alison's book

inside Alison's book

inside Alison's book

last page of Alison's book

Belgian Eyelet Class
Island Blue Print, Victoria, BC

September 11, 2004

Katie 'way back there, Brenda and oh, whoops, I'm sorry, I've fogotten your name!

Christiane and Sharon

Pat and Olivia in the front row

Donna and Lizard - gotcha!

some of the fabulous books which were created


Kalligraphia 2004

Lethbridge AB

August 19, 20,21, 2004

What a wonderful group of students! They burned the midnight oil and were back in class early the next morning. Whenever I got near the classroom in off hours, I could hear voices and the heat gun working!

All their books were well on their way to their fabulous completion by the time the class was over. I would have loved to take all the books home with me! Well done Alterlings!

The Happy Alterers

l-r, back row: Aline (Ontario), Jan (Vancouver), Heidi (Calgary), Mary (Calgary), Barry (Calgary)
l-r, seated: Lauren (Winnipeg), Ardie (Minneapolis)

Ardie's cover

Barry's cover

Heidi's cover

Jan's cover

Mary's cover

Lauren's cover

Here is Aline and her book. She had fun with the foiling pen and did some wonderful stitching where she attached decorated gang tags into her AB.

Ardie's book became a metaphor for her lifes journey, finishing with lots of colour and "Discovery" cut in letters out of many pages.

Barry began his altered book by wanting to have just a sampler of techniques. It didn't take long for him to have a theme! It's a book dedicated to his wife's garden.

Heidi discovered her pages were a bit too slick for comfort, but she overcame it very well and experimented with a lot of new things in the process!

Jan has some fabulous pages in her book, which I didn't photograph for some reason - sorry Jan! She has some amazing layouts and 3D things going on.


Lauren's book was a garden book.
It became a book about her family being the garden she tends.


Mary had a very colourful cover on her book which she acquired on a trip to Thailand. When she decided she wanted a photo of some stone carvings in her cover window, some fabulous altering took place!

More Class photos - click on the photo to see it larger!




Stitching A Fibre Artist's Journal

Fibre Arts Symposium
Courtenay, BC    May 14-16, 2004


The Star Book

Stampers Celebration
Calgary, AB April 24, 2004

Susan is working so fast that she's a blur!!

Who needs a book press anyway?!


Flag Book

Stampers Celebration
Calgary, AB April 23, 2004


Joanne's fabulous pin/nametag doll!

That cutie, Kathy Guthrie


Coptic Bound Journal

Island Blue Print
Victoria, BC

March 27, 2004

Carole from Calgary

Leanne, Margaret, Carole and Tina

Leanne in deep concentration

Joanne admiring her handywork!

Tina and Katie discussing their next projects.


Belgian Eyelet Binding

Bookmakers of Vancouver
Surrey, BC
March 7, 2004

Here are some of the completed books. Wow, don't you wish you had all these on your bookshelf?


The Altered Book Project

Burnaby Community Education
Burnaby, BC
March 6, 2004

What a great class this was!
I am kicking myself that I didn't get more photos of their books. Next time, okay?

This is a page altered by Verna.
I managed to get this photo and the following photos from her at the next class!


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