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Here is a listing of publications where you may see Suzanne's work:

ABC Canada

The first Canadian collection of contemporary calligraphy
Lindley McDougall


My pieces are: "Thank You", "Quietfire", and "Calligraphy"

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Somerset Studio
Gallery edition - 1999


Page 34-35 - right in the middle of the centerfold - the Torn Pages Journal is mine (not Artist Unknown's!) And the poor artist that did the beautiful eucalyptus leaf card had my name stuck on it for credit. Somerset Studio has apologized for all the errors!

Mine is the abcdef watercolour booklet at the top.

Somerset Studio
Asian Arts Issue, January/February 2001
Page 58

Unfortunately, the photograph didn't do the piece justice! (just like my scan....)

Somerset Studio
Return to Asia Special Publication - 2001

Page 100 - My artwork is the "Thanks" top left.

Somerset Studio's 2004 Art Journal Calendar

Stamper's Sampler
August September 2003 - page 6



Somerset Studio

Page 40 Jan/Feb 2006 Winter White
Pages 26-29 Mar/Apr 2005 Stolen moments
Page 71 July/Aug 2004 Altered Shoes
Page 71 Nov/Dec 2003 West Coast Bra
Page 103 Mar/Apr 2002 Poisson d’Avril

Signatures: The Art Journal Collection 2004

And more..................

Artitude Zine

Mini Mica Memories - Winter 2005

Paper Creations Magazine - Spring 2006

Rubber Stampin' Retailer - Nov/Dec 2005

Canadian Stamper - Sept/Oct 2003


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