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Suzanne has contributed work to many joint exhibitions over her calligraphic career, mostly those of the guilds where she is a member. In the section below you will find samples of her work from her solo exhibition. Some of these pieces are still available for purchase. Please contact us for shipping costs.

In the early spring of 2000, Suzanne's work was showcased in an exhibition entitled "Lines of Evolution" at the Rollin Art Centre in Port Alberni, B.C., Canada, where over 50 pieces were shown. In May, 2000 Lines of Evolution moved to Victoria, B.C. where Suzanne was the featured artist for the annual exhibition of the Fairbank Calligraphy Society.

Some of the pieces exhibited at the gallery are shown here.

To read excerpts of exhibition reviews click here.

"Be Not Forgetful"
Gouache on watercolour paper. Original size: 8" x 10".
"Eat No Onions"
Inks and graphite on watercolour paper. Original size: 11" x 14"   (nfs)
"I Like Opening a Letter"
Gouache, watercolours and collage using nibs and ruling pen. Original size: 16" x 20".
"Cease to Inquire"
Copy transfer onto polymer clay. Original size: 2" x 3".
"We are Never So Lost"
Watercolours using Mitchell Roundhand Nib. Original size: 11" x 14"
Gouache, watercolour, walnut ink and copy transfer. Original size: 16" x 20" (nfs)
"Book Lover's Curse"
Original print size: 11" x 14"
Lettering converted to handcut stencil, then etched using etching paste. (nfs)
"Thousand Mile Journey"
Gouache, acrylics and collage on black paper using a flat brush. Original size: 16" x 20" (nfs)
"The Amen of Nature"
Watercolours. Original size 12" x 16"

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Exhibition Reviews

Lines of Evolution Will Astound You
"Lines of Evolution" is the current exhibit in the Fine Arts Gallery of the Rollin Art Centre. This exhibit features calligraphy and hand-bound books by local artist Suzanne Cannon that reflect the various styles and techniques of calligraphy from the last 2,000 years. In her works Suzanne has combined her calligraphy talents with watercolour painting, collage, gilding and image transfers to create works that are much more than traditional calligraphy. Suzanne has also supplied information panels about the different styles of calligraphy explaining how each style evolved from its predecessor. "Lines of Evolution" is an astoundingly visual and informative exhibit with quotes that will touch your heart...
by Elaine Thurber, The Alberni Valley Times, Friday, March 3, 2000

The show of Suzanne Cannon's work, entitled Lines of Evolution, at Martin Batchelor's Gallery, is an art exhibit and a calligraphic education all rolled into one, and a fine example of both. Suzanne incorporates a series of explanatory panels which trace the evolution of written forms and then proceeds to beautifully illustrate each category with pieces of her work from the past 10 years. For example, versals are represented by, among other pieces, a delicate handmade scroll with pencil lettering on translucent parchment, and uncial by a wonderfully animated letter "T" and a short quote on vellum. The favourite piece of many is a contemporary collage "A thousand mile journey..." with its golden footprint and antique Chinese coin. Suzanne is one of those rare scribes who can employ any alphabet with a sure touch, and can handle paint with equal ease, as in the non-calligraphic painting of her son, "Preparing the Bath".

Suzanne is also comfortable with many media, incorporating wire, beads and collage material from a variety of sources, which foster the impressive variety in her show. From the commemorative certificate for the Geological Survey of Canada and the elegant wedding invitation penned while she lived in England (these are the bread and butter work of calligraphers) to the imaginative array of handbound and manuscript books, Suzanne displays her journeywork. The books themselves represent a wide range of talents.

"Marrying the Hangman" is a large accordian style book packed with expressive caps, and "Angels" is a delightful mix of collage and quotes, to mention just two of the books on display. A nice feeling of reverence for the history and traditions of calligraphy runs through this show beginning with the educational panels and continuing with the evocative quotes and their historic interpretations, as well as a feeling of "joy in the making" which suffuses all her work. Suzanne proves she can rise to the challenge of remaining creative within the constraints of a commission and can also show the necessary discipline when freely designing. She has given us a diverse and impressive show of a calligrapher at the top of her form and enjoying every minute of it. Thank you, Suzanne.

By Pat Williams Gee, thanks, Pat!
From the Newsletter of the Fairbank Calligraphy Society, Victoria, B.C. Canada May 2000

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