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Suzanne Cannon
Calligrapher/Bookbinder/Altered Individual

You can now find my current schedule on the home page of my .ca site!

This is a pretty complete list of the classes I teach (but keep checking, as I'm always adding new classes!) along with some photos of the books we make in class.

If you would like to set up a private class with a group of friends, email me, and I would be delighted to help you out!


Calligraphy Classes

  Bookbinding Classes

Altered Book Classes

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Calligraphy Class Descriptions

Bookbinding Classes | Altered Book Classes | Decorated Journal Classes

Introduction to Calligraphy
Beginning Calligraphy
Coercing Caps

Continuing Calligraphy (Calligrafrolic)
Blackletter (Gothic)

Defining and Refining Your Italic OR Italic Boot Camp

Focus on Foundational
Adding Funk to your Foundational
Instant Letters: Add Fun and Stir
The Altered Word
Versed In Versals


Introduction to Calligraphy

In this busy class you will be introduced to the elegant italic hand. We will learn and practice the rules of letter construction, as well as discuss the topics of pen, inks, papers, crafts and good reference books. Be ready for lots of notes and ideas. We’ll make some fun and useful cards. All materials are included in the cost of the course. Bring pencil, ruler, scissors, glue stick and a paper punch if you have one. Don’t forget your lunch!
1 or 2 days

Beginning Calligraphy

In this comprehensive study of elegant italic letters, we will review many topics, including the best pens, inks and papers to use. We will look at many practical uses for your calligraphy and experiment with enhancing your letters using watercolour techniques.
5 to 8 session 2 hours/session


Continuing Calligraphy (Calligrafrolic)

In this continuing class, the focus will be on improving your italic letters, more concentration on capital letters, layout and design, lettering for reproduction, experimenting on new and different papers and confronting conservation issues. Please pick up a copy of class supplies.
6 sessions 2 hours/session

Coercing Caps

Well, it's not actually the caps that have to coerced. It's you! Come on! You know it's good for you!

In this workshop we'll learn the fine details of capital letters to go with Italic. We really do need caps if we want to write someone's name and nothing will ruin great miniscules like a bad capital letter. Let's spend the day working out some of those kinks! Literally! It's just so gratifying to make a good capital letter.

We'll be concentrating on pen angle, proportions and refinements. Come on! You know it's good for you!

Supply list:
Higgins Eternal Ink
Mitchell #2 Nib or equivalent
Nib holder
Good practice Paper - I will have some, too
Paper towel
Glue stick
Your glasses if you need them!

Defining and Refining Your Italic OR Italic Boot Camp

Looking for that next step with your Italic? Wish you could tweak it so that it's just a little bit better? It's time for some re-training!

This workshop is for the calligrapher with some experience with the Italic Hand. We will review the basics of Italic miniscules then look at what makes a fine and elegant letter. We'll examine pen angle, proportions and the technical aspects of lettering and how these influence and change your letterforms. We'll examine your Italic, look at its strengths and weaknesses, identify personal quirks and in doing so, work on defining your Italic style! 1 or 2 day workshop

Students should bring
Please bring a sample of your practice italic that you have created at home. We all do our best work at home! Just make sure it's something that I can write on - maybe even a photocopy of a piece that you've done.
Your usual calligraphy kit and
#2 Mitchell's Roundhand Nib or Equivalent (such as a 2mm Brause) and holder!
Your favourite ink
A selection of gouache or watercolour
A water tub
Some good practice paper
A Sheet of Arches 140lb Hot Press Watercolour paper
Ruler, Pencil, Eraser
Your reading glasses (if you need them) for closeup work!!

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Blackletter (Gothic)

In this continuing class, students will explore textural qualities produced by traditional gothic hands including gothicised italic, with a view to producing a simple manuscript booklet.
6 sessions 2 hours/session or a weekend workshop

Focus on Foundational

In this class we will study the hand found in the Ramsey Psalter and first modernised by Edward Johnston at the beginning of the 1900’s. This beautiful bookhand is based on a circle rather than the italic oval, is very legible and has many applications.
6 sessions 2 hours/session or a weekend workshop

Adding Funk to your Foundational

In this two day class, we will begin by reviewing the classic Foundational minuscules . The fun begins when we move to the less formal hands by varying serifs. Compression and expansion of the classic letters lends a completely new look and then when we add some bouncing and accessorizing we acquire a whole new arsenal of variations that will keep spice in our calligraphic lives! We will round out the workshop by completing a small project.

Instant Letters: Add Fun and Stir!

A bit of a departure from traditional lettering, this workshop explores fun and funky lettering styles.
In this one day class we will explore fun and creative lettering styles perfect for card-makers, scrap-bookers, mail artists or just for playing around. As we work on our projects, we’ll practice a variety of letterforms, decorations and techniques guaranteed to brighten up your written pages! We’ll give you some inspiring quotes and you’ll go home with projects bearing ribbons, stamps, buttons, torn paper collage, tag art and more. Please ask for a supply list when registering. $6 project supply fee is payable to the instructor at the class. Don’t forget a bag lunch!
1 session 6 hours

Versed In Versals

Let's take a romp through history and explore Versals as they evolved from tall, elegant formality to short, rolly-polly, then on to comfortable and loose.

Versals are drawn letters which often began a verse or chapter in a manuscript. We'll learn and practice a number of variations and end with some decorated letters of which the ancient scribes would never have dreamed!

Supply list: Each students should bring a nib of 1 mm or Mitchell size 3½, ink, practice paper, a Pigma Pen 05 or 08 - or other waterproof marker, glue stick, pencil scissors. Supplies will be available for purchase at the class.
Full day workshop

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