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Here you will find the artwork of byhand subscribers who have used Quietfire Rubber Stamps and have graciously allowed their wonderful creations to be shown here!

You can see many more up to date creations
within the pages of the byhand Newsletter and throughout the catalogue pages by clicking on the Inspiration Button which looks like this:

Deb Calderon, Vancouver BC

September 2004

Valerie Quinsey, Calgary AB

November 2003

Here's a scan of some of the pins I made. I used Sculpey Premo clay and brushed on gold PearlEx powder.

Patti Sandham

Starman - October 2003

Patti Sandham

Goddesses - October 2003

Patti Sandham
Accordion book October 2003

Suzanne Cannon
nib tag, July 2003

Suzanne Cannon

Torso tag, September, 2003

Patti Sandham
in Pam's Deco in the byhand Deco round robin, summer 2003

Charmaine Stack
bookmark - April 2003

Tricia True

...painted the glossy paper with Lumiere Paints and some Luna Lights. I then stamped all the Quietfire stamps with different colors on the top of that.


Charmaine Stack - using the Kaleidoscope Technique

Patti Sandham - Journal page


Lenna Andrews Foster

pages from an altered book


Patti Sandham -

The flower faces are a packing tape transfer. The silver faces around the quote are stamped in a silver Brillance ink pad.

Lenna Andrews Foster -

Decorated Tag for the byhand Seasons Swap
October 2002 -
I got Winter - which was fun! I used Stampourri Stamps except for "It's nice to know we're looking at the same moon" ~ That's a lovely Claudia Rose stamp :O)  The 'Have A CooL day' - I do not know who makes it as it is an old stamp! I glued some paper done by Peggy Skycraft on to the back of my tags and stamped one of Suzanne's own Rubber Stamp designs, 'Create Without Limits' in silver Brilliance Ink right on this paper .

Patti Sandham -

Packing tape transfer for the 2 doves.

Take a zerox place your image face down on the sticky packing tape. Make sure its pressed on well with no air bubbles left. Soak it in water for a few minutes and rub off the paper from the back of the image. Your now left with a translucent image.

Lorna Long - thank you card

Lizard - mini-book

stitched as in Over and Under the Covers
approximate size is 3" x 4"


Suzanne Cannon - pin
stamping on polymer clay   April 2002

Patti Sandham - journal
Here is what she wrote:
I watercoloured the background of "Create without limits" and realized I hadn't used the permanent ink pad. Doh!!! But after I kinda liked it. All the other stamps on this page are from Non Sequitur. The mini tarot card is fastened with a miniature brad. The dodad in the upper left is a peel and stick bindi.

Patti Sandham - journal

This spread is from the inner pages of Patti's book made in Over and Under the Covers. She filled all the pockets with altered shipping tags :) , used lots of stickers and a few stamps and added some streaks of green from a stamp pad for a little more interest.


Charmaine Stack

decorated portfolio, as in the article written by Lenna Andrews Foster in Expression magazine.

August 2002

Suzanne Cannon - card
gothic border stamp, embossed with verdigris embossing powder on black card stock.

Suzanne Cannon - card

Suzanne Cannon - small pin
September 2002



Suzanne Cannon
stamping, stenciling, copy transfer, sponging, scraping and lettering on fabric
8.5 x 11 quilt block   June 2002


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The artists on this page retain the copyright for their own artwork.

© 2002-2004 Suzanne Cannon
It is for the personal use of the subscriber and may not be reproduced without written permission from Suzanne. You are welcome to email or print it in it's entirety to share with friends, but ask that you include this copyright. Thank you for your help and your understanding.