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Suzanne has been fascinated by lettering since she was a very young person and she continues to work to understand the subtleties of letterforms. In early 2000 her work was showcased in an exhibition titled Lines of Evolution. Other recent works can be seen below.

More of Suzanne's recent works can be seen in her newsletter where each month she letters out her Gentle Thoughts section.


Some Wedding Artwork





Some titles for a publication, 2001, 2002



Suzanne lent her skills to lettering quotations for Michael Bortolotto and Debbie Smith in their USANA motivational seminar in Duncan, B.C.on June 20, 2000. Here are a few samples of the artwork:

Recently Suzanne was asked to make a very special book to be given as a birthday gift. Here are samples of some pages from Wendie's Book.

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