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September 2005- Issue 48


Gentle Thoughts

actual size 18 x 20"




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Hi Everyone! Welcome to the September byhand newsletter!

Thanks to all those artists who contributed to this newsletter and especially those who wrote articles or scanned and did the photoediting! And thanks to those byhandartists who so willingly jump up to offer to host our swaps and round robins. It is such a wonderful thing to be connected this way.

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ATC by Pamela Barnes, Waterford ON
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Favourite Things

Meet the Scor-it board. It was love at first sight when I saw this - even before I'd seen it in real life! This tool is amazing. I recently had a huge handbound photo album order and the Scor-it Board saved me hours and hours and gave me spectacularly professional scores. Read on....

The Scor-it™ Board!

The new Scor-it board designed specifically for scrapbookers, rubber stampers and crafters as seen in the latest issue of "Scrap & Stamp ARTS" Magazine. It retails for only $59.95 USD and comes with scoring tool and instructions.
Now you can create professional machine-quality scores by hand in seconds. You won't be able to tell the difference between a store-bought card and your Scor-it card!

The Scor-it is 12 1/8" x 12 1/8" and
weighs approximately 2.5 lbs. It can slide into a small space in the upright position for storage.

Perfect for scoring:

  • Greeting cards Brochures
  • direct mail pieces
  • invitations and folded business cards
  • Customer samples - show clients exactly how their piece will score and fold Perfect bound book covers
  • Roughs, comprehensives, portfolio pieces and packaging samples
  • Quick printers and makers of greeting cards can realize extra profits by keeping small scoring jobs in house

This Memory Wrap was created by designer Judi Kauffman using the Scor-it Board and can be seen in Scrap & Stamp Arts Magazine along with more of Judi's amazing creations!

Image reproduced with the permission of Judi Kauffman and Scrap & Stamp Arts Magazine.

If you're doing any amount of scoring, you're going to want this important item to add to your Scor-it™ board! Worth its weight in gold helping you maintain excellent accuracy.

To see some helpful home additions to the Scor-it Board, click on the Insight Twill!


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Canadian wholesale inquiries welcome!

Suzanne's Schedule


One of the new workshops for 2005...

Harlequin Stitched Spine Journal...

This delightful book incorporates an exposed harlequin stitching pattern through a leather spine and incorporates rivets into the structure.

Another new workshop this fall is:

Defining and Refining Your Italic OR Italic Boot Camp

Looking for that next step with your Italic? Wish you could tweak it so that it's just a little bit better? It's time for some re-training!

This workshop is for the calligrapher with some experience with the Italic Hand. We will review the basics of Italic miniscules then look at what makes a fine and elegant letter. We'll examine pen angle, proportions and the technical aspects of lettering and how these influence and change your letterforms. We'll examine your Italic, look at its strengths and weaknesses, identify personal quirks and in doing so, work on defining your Italic style! 1 or 2 day workshop

The supply list for this class can be seen here.

Sept 24, 25

Red Deer AB
The Altered Word

Lettering Arts Guild of Red Deer
Please contact me, and I wll send you to the registrar for this class!

Oct 13 Protection Island Coptic Stitched Journal Protection Island Artists
Oct 15
Victoria, BC
Harlequin Stitched Spine Island Blue Print
Oct 16
Victoria, BC
Charmers Island Blue Print
Oct 17
Gabriola Island
Star Book Gabriola Spinners & Weavers
Oct 21
Abbotsford BC
tba Endeavour Educational Services
Oct 22
Abbotsford BC
tba Endeavour Educational Services
Nov 4
Edmonton AB
Mini Mica Memories Edmonton Calligraphic Society
Nov 5
Edmonton AB
Italic Bootcamp Edmonton Calligraphic Society
Nov 6
Edmonton AB
Versed in Versals Edmonton Calligraphic Society
Nov 19
Burnaby BC
Harlequin Stitched Spine Burnaby Continuing Ed - registration will begin at the end of August for this class
Nov 20
Surrey BC
Harlequin Stitched Spine Bookmakers of Vancouver
Nov 21
North Vancouver, BC
Introduction to Calligraphy Private Group - please contact for more details


January 28 Parksville BC Introduction to Calligraphy Malaspina University College
April Portland OR The Copper Book  


To see a complete list (more or less!) of the classes Suzanne teaches, click here!

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The Joy of Danglies

by Lelainia Lloyd
Thanks to Donna Knadle for the scans!!
Please click on each image for a larger view.

Charmaine Stack

Chris Sawrenko

Donna Knadle

Judi Delgado

Lelainia Lloyd

Nancy Quinn

Suzanne Cannon

Donna's collection

Part of the fun of attending an art weekend is the swapping that goes on between the artists attending the event. Artfest's swaps are legendary and when I signed up to go to Artwerx in August, I knew I wanted to get in on the fun. What better way than to host a swap myself? But what kind of swap? ATCs are usually what people want to swap. It's understandable-they are small, fairly quick to make and easily transportable. But I thought that was a bit old hat. I wanted to swap something that would be really fun.

Somewhere along the way, I saw a swap Melissa McCobb-Hubble posted on her website Art Erratica. She asked people to make danglies-any altered art style thing that would dangle, basically. The art she posted was interesting and I thought that would be the perfect swap.

Well!! There were 7 of us who signed up for the swap which was held on the Saturday of Artwerx in the Thirsty Turtle pub at a reception for the by handers hosted by Suzanne. The danglies people made far exceeded my expectations!

Everyone did such wonderful work and each piece was entirely unique to each artist. No two items were even slightly alike. The best part was that so many of us were already wearing lengths of chain around our necks with various art related jewellery hanging from it so we just strung our danglies on too! People kept coming up to us and asking about all the pretty things we were wearing. Donna K. Made hers into a pin and had each person's initial on theirs. Very cool!

There's nothing I like better than handmade jewellery and even more so when you know it was made just for you. Thank you to everyone who took part in the swap. Your work was amazing and I think this is the most fun I ever had hosting a swap. I think this will be my "official" Artwerx swap-I am already planning what I will make for 2007!! Who's in?!? *grins*


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Decorated Slide Mailers


The outside of this slide mailer was covered in the self-adhesive copper foil and then treated with Sophisticated Finishes Patina Green. Pretty amazing, huh? The heart is the large Rusty Tin heart and the collage photo is inside a flip-top frame. Each corner has a plain brass book corner, and there is a keyhole through to the inside.



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Beeswax art supplies

New "Suzanne's Favourites" Paper packages

New Vintage Collage Sheets

Perfect for collage, ATCs, Altered Books or anywhere you need that warm vintage look!
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Stolen Moments

Laminate Chip Designs

by Christi Conley

The Laminate Chips are exactly the same ones you get when you go to any large home improvement store, like Home Depot or Lowe's in the kitchen department - they are examples of countertops and they are free. It is amazing the variety you can find - I have even found some with raised patterns!

I love decorating these chips! Especially 'cause they come in SO many colors and you can use 'em for so many things like they can become pendants, pins, & embellishments. I made a bunch of especially sparkly ones last year & used them on my Christmas tree as ornaments!

I usually glue two together, back-to-back. That way if the chip flips around it won't matter. In this case, I am only using one side of the chip because I don't want to weight the paper down too much. First, pick out the color chip you want. Depending on your design you may be able to see some of the chip color. If you don't have the color you want, you can always paint the chips, or cover them with fabric or paper.

Now start going through all your stuff and figure out what you want to use on your chip. I have put everything on these chips, as long as you have glue to hold it on, and then go for it! Some of my favorite things to embellish the chips with are little torn papers, small, very small beads, buttons, puzzle pieces, tiny pictures, acrylic gems, jewelry, confetti, small punchies, dominoes and basically anything else that felt like it looked good! That's why I think these are so fun, working in that mini environment - and there is no fear of messing up 'cause you can always get more!

I often put a little glitter on my chips at the end. It really seems to pull all the embellishments together. I have found using glitter glue is MUCH easier to use on these than regular glitter and glue, mostly because I do it last and when I try to get the excess glitter off the piece, it gets stuck behind and on all the embellishments. Once it gets in the nooks & crannies, it is almost impossible to get off - Trust me!

I have strung them with ribbon, yarn, and fiber, anything that completes the look of the chip. I have also been thinking of edging them in copper tape, like you can do with the microscope slides. That might look cool! I dunno - I definitely get more ideas the more of these I make. I hope you enjoy the samples!


Art Journal Idea Round Robin

by Susanna Maunula

and a big thanks to Yogi Gunwald (Calgary) for selecting and photoediting these pages! Isn't the internet wonderful???!

It was very shortly after I joined the byhand group we had some chatting around and about of inspirational things. At the same time I had started a kind of Art Journal for myself. While reading about everyone's sources of inspirations (etc) in groupmail, it popped up to my mind that it would be lovely to have an Art Idea Journal composed of different person's works.

A Journal I had started to myself (it is a kind of altered book) began to fill with different ideas I had, but had no time to try right in the very moment. I found it a nice project for further references to myself, in a case I ran into an "artistic block".

Another thing which turned me into suggesting this kind of Art Idea Journal Round Robin was: I was wondering what kind of "things" other people find inspiring? We, humans, are quite different anyway, and some of us may find quotations, literature and written things inspiring; some may find doing and experience, examining different mediums inspiring; some get inspired by music, nature, dreams, thinking and so on. This all led me to think: wouldn't it be great to *share* these sources of inspiration (and joy) with others? Maybe adding examples and hints/tips, recommends and all which affect ones creativity. (Yes yes, I could have bought some kind of book from a (imaginary) series: How to be creative, or find your secret sources of creativity....;-)
(actually I have more ideas than I ever have time to make happen due the lack of "Art Time", I am afraid...).

Also, I found the idea to receive a bunch of *ByHand made* pages very fascinating - made by different artzy people and showing different pages, styles, techniques, mediums, papers, ideas, tips, "things" IN REAL. It is much more personal to handle pages made for me than just to read a book written by a foreign person and watch prints of art pieces on pages of a book. I guess this was my main point for Art Idea Journal project. RR is great way (despite of high postal overseas :-) to see tons of gorgeous pages and get inspired by those in a meanwhile waiting for my pages to come back home. This has been a very lovely and delightful project, I may say. ( And still IS!! :)

Susanna (in Finland)

Suzanne's note: Thanks to Susanna for writing this - so brave when English isn't her first language - and for continuing to be such an enthusiastic participant. This round robin became 2 groups, one which passed lightweight journals and one which passed unbound pages. Some participants are in both groups (like me!), and that is why you see more than one sample of their work below. There are 10 people doing the lightweight journal rr and 17 in the page only rr. That's a lot of organizing, requiring a special Yahoo group and databases for tracking journals and pages. And on that note....

A special thanks should go to Anne Atkinson who has been the caretaker of this Round Robin. Thanks Anne! A round of applause to you for keeping us all straight!!
When we first set out, we projected the round robin would take 9 months to complete. Kinda like giving birth.....

Stay tuned! More Art Inspiration from the journals and pages next month!
Please click on each image to see it larger











Linda C.




Pat G.

Pat G.

Patti S.





Vicky M.

Vicky M.



There are a couple of people whose pages we missed - we'll get them next month!

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The Crown Decos!

What a great idea for a round robin! Whose idea was this?!
Recently, the byhandartists finished their Crown Deco Round Robin - there were lots of participants! And there was LOTS of eye candy in the photos that were posted to the byhandartists files and it just HAS to be in the newsletter! So here we have the scans that were collected from Group 1. More Crown Decos next month! Enjoy!! I certainly did!

A big thank you to Kathy Leggett for organizing and keeping us on track!
(I need all the help I can get these days!)
Click on each image to see it larger.

Beth for Nancy

Beth's sign-in

Beth's deco

Beth in Kay's

Beth in Leanne's

Dee in Beth's

Kaye in Beth's

Kaye in Beth's

Last page of Beth's deco

Leanne in Beth's

Leanne's tag

Linda in Beth's

Nancy's sign-in

Beth in Linda's

Beth's sign-in in Linda's deco

Linda's deco

Dee in Linda's

Dee in Linda's

Kaye in Linda's

Kaye in Linda's

Leanne in Linda's

Linda's deco

Nancy in Linda's

Linda's sign-in page

Nancy in Beth's

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The original title lettering of byhand was done with a Mitchell's Roundhand Nib, size 0, and Higgins Eternal Ink. Quietfire Design Rubber stamps were used to create the other designs.

Artists whose work is shown in this newsletter retain the copyright on their own work.

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