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November/December 2005- Issue 50


Gentle Thoughts


Suminagashi by Barbara Pankratz
Lettering by Suzanne Cannon


No Suminagashi was harmed in the making of this artwork!




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Hi there, Artlings

Thanks for dropping in to another issue of byhand!

We have lots of new subscribers that I'm delighted to welcome and I'm sure there'll be something in here to pique your creative interests.

Time has gotten away from me this fall, so I have decided to combine the November and December newsletters.

I am so happy to say that you can now search the Quietfire Design and byhand pages using Google!
Even I can't remember which newsletter I've put some articles in. This is Issue Number 50! (And to think at the beginning, I worried I wouldn't have enough to put into a newsletter on a regular basis.....)

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish each of you a special holidays season, whatever you celebrate. I hope it's very happy and safe - and you manage to squeak in some time for creativity! Once again, thanks to all the artists who have contributed to this issue and all the other issues. You are what makes this newsletter what it is - fabulous!!!

Create without Limits!

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Books to Inspire

Paper Metal & Stitch

by Maggie Grey and Jane Wild

Maggie Grey is a very well-known British textile artist and author of a variety of books on surface design. She'll try anything - and make it look fabulous! This book is a wealth of ideas. All you have to do is study details in the beautiful photographs and you'll have a great new idea for your next card, ATC or altered book. I intend to spend a lot of time with this book!

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Nadine M. - Victoria, BC

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Donna Clement

This month I'm pleased to introduce you to Donna Clement. I first met Donna as a member of the Bow Valley Calligraphy Guild in Calgary AB a few years ago. I soon learned that she was a student in the City and Guilds of London four year program in embroidery and design. The students from this program are the type who will try anything! (just like author Maggie Grey - featured this month in Books to Inspire) And Donna fits right in!

Enjoy a tour through Donna's Gallery - aren't those keepsake pouches to die for?

If you go to the Links page, you will find the Copper book she began at the Quietfire Retreat in June of this year. Donna worked and reworked her copper. The photos just don't do it justice.

When I was in Alberta earlier this year, I was lucky enough to get to the Articulation exhibition where I took particular interest in Donna's piece Circle of the Sun. She had really fun ways of attaching buttons to the piece. I coerced her into writing about those attachments and you can read about it immediately below in Stolen Moments.
Thanks so much Donna! Create without Limits!

You can see more of her work on the Focus on Fibre Art Association Website

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Stolen Moments

How To Add Interest With Button Attachments

By Donna Clement

One of the pieces I created using textures and colours of the Alberta Badlands featured a small yellow flower I found clinging onto tiny crevices of soil in amongst the hoodoos. After making three sizes of stamps of this flower's image I proceeded to stamp over hand dyed fabrics and then, using various embroidery techniques, embellished the motifs. The brown border stamped area shows the flower as it appears in nature; with all of its petals falling downward. In this piece, Circle Of The Sun, I attached buttons into the center of each green flower using various techniques.

Working with a four hole button.
(1) Do a cross stitch to make an 'x' on the front. (button #2)
(2) If one cross stitch is good, more is better! I have three but you could go to up to five by going sideways. (button #10)
(3) Add beads across two parallel bars. (button #6)

Working with a two hole button:
(1) Do your stitch over the outside of the button instead of just between the two holes. This can be extended to as many stitches as you would like. (button #1)
(2) Variation on this is to add stitches on the background cloth to join up various lines. (button #5)
(3) Add beads to the center stitch to add dimension. (button #3)
(4) Do two parallel lines across the center, then densely buttonhole along that bar to "bulk it up." (button #7)
(5) Same as above but go from center to the outside so you have two lines of buttonhole. (button #4)
(6) Do a long buttonhole stitch from the center to the outside. Repeat as many times as you like. This gives a ruffled lip to the edge of the button. This could be repeated all the way around the button to fill in the entire face. (button #8)

These techniques, and any others you can invent, can be applied to paper or fabric, into cards and books. Also remember that you can start with any button and change original colours by spray painting (I recommend the Design Master Color Tool brand, available at Michael's) or oil sticks or gilding or metallic rubs.

Hope you have fun playing with this technique and can incorporate it into your art.

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Stolen Moments 2

Fun with Gel Extremes

Gel Extremes are the best gel pens I've tried. The metallic ones are the ones I carry on this website. They are so rich, don't skip and are bright and juicy. The lettering below was done with a Parallel Pen and then, when the ink was dry, I went over the letters with Gel Extremes making funky little doodles. The larger versions of the words are scans, which really didn't show up the Gel Extreme decoration. So I photographed the same word on an angle which allowed the gels to really shine.

scanned lettering with Gel Extreme diamonds made inside the letters and lines and hearts outside.

photograph of the lettering above showing how the gel extremes glow in the right light


scanned lettering with Gel Extremes used to make the hearts inside the letters.

Photograph of the same lettering (done at an angle, that's why the letters look wonky!). Pink hearts were made on top of the letters then a gold dot was placed in the middle of the heart, then the hearts were outlined with the blue Gel Extreme.

It's hard to know when to stop when you are having so much fun! You may find the Gel Extremes in the byhand Products Calligraphy Section. They may be purchased individually or in sets.


Stolen Moments 3

Colouring Silk Ribbon

Earlier this year, I loved using hand-dyed silk ribbon in the Altoid tin I made for the swap hosted by Nancy Quinn.

I don't always have access to this hand-dyed ribbon, but I picked up some white silk ribbon at my supplier's thinking I would dye it with Procion dyes.

4mm white silk ribbon is now available on the byhandproducts OCS page!

Well, sometimes I just can't wait for something to dry, so I grabbed a Memories Stamp Pad (which are dye inks) and ran the silk ribbon across the surface. Well, lo and behold, it worked just fine. I held the ribbon against the stamp pad using that all purpose tool, the spatula, to keep my fingers clean.

And by pressing the ribbon into another colour in just a few places, I could get the varigated look I was after. Good thing it won't be getting wet! Ah, what we alterlings and book artists can get away with...... Happy dying!


Suzanne's Schedule


Stay tuned for photo of the Text & Texture Journal.

Nov 4
Edmonton AB
Mini Mica Memories Edmonton Calligraphic Society
Nov 5
Edmonton AB
Italic Bootcamp Edmonton Calligraphic Society
Nov 6
Edmonton AB
Versed in Versals Edmonton Calligraphic Society
Nov 19
Burnaby BC
Harlequin Stitched Spine Burnaby Continuing Ed - This class is overfull!
Nov 20
Surrey BC
Harlequin Stitched Spine Bookmakers of Vancouver - This class is full
Nov 21
North Vancouver, BC
Introduction to Calligraphy Private Group
This class is full


January 28 Parksville BC Introduction to Calligraphy Malaspina University College
Feb 18 Victoria BC The Text & Texture Journal Island Blue Print
Feb 19 Victoria BC Over & Under the Covers Island Blue Print
Feb 25 Burnaby BC The Text & Texture Journal Burnaby Continuing Ed
March 7-18   Quietfire is on holiday!  
April Portland OR The Copper Book  


To see a complete list (more or less!) of the classes Suzanne teaches, click here!

Edmonton Class Photos

I had a wonderful time in Edmonton recently. And I'm happy to report that it wasn't -22 degrees like the last time I was there! We did Mini Mica Memories on Friday night then swung into a full weekend of calligraphic bliss.

Many thanks to Barb Pankratz, my hostess, who kept me going with great coffee and meals and inspiration throughout her home. I was wined and dined and Potlucked. I thought it might be nice to stay forever - and it occured to me that I might just have to stay when it snowed the night before my flight left!!

Many thanks to all the students who really seemed to be having a good time and put up with my odd humour!! (and I won't even mention some of their odd humour! You know who you are!)

Ink Alert! I usually use Higgins Eternal Ink and during the Italic Bootcamp, I couldn't figure out why one of my students was having so much difficulty with her ink. I knew she had Higgins Ink. But. When we turned the bottle around, the ink was Higgins Calligraphy Ink which is a permanent ink and really clogged the nib and gave poor thicks and thins...... Always learning! I'm just sorry it took me so long that day to notice it wasn't the Eternal Black Ink!



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Red ATC swap

Beth Ann once again has stepped up to hostess a 3 for 3 swap of Artist's Trading Cards! Our first challenge was RED. Beth Ann says she is going to put us through the whole rainbow of colours and judging by this collection, I don't plan to miss any!

Thanks Beth Ann - and thanks to everyone who played.

(ATCs are Artist's Trading Cards which measure 3 1/2" x 2 1/2")

Anne A.

Beth Ann

Donna K.

Irene B.


Kathy L.

Linda T.

Mary Beth

Nancy Q.

Pat G.







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