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December 2004 - Issue 40



I wish you a very happy holiday season and everything good for 2005.


In a bit of departure from the usual newsletter format, I thought it might be fun to give you a wee giftie as a Thank You for being such loyal friends and customers of Quietfire Design.
Here are 4 projects for your creative pleasures. I hope you will try them or use them as a creative springboard for your next Stolen Moments.
Have a very Happy and Creative New Year!

The Holiday Challenge may be see here. Suzanne's Schedule can be seen here. New products may be previewed here.
Books to Inspire can be seen here.


Mica Wings

Perhaps it was the nature of the mineral that gave me the idea to do this.... Mica is formed in the earth in sheets and is translucent. The more layers, the darker it is. I thought it might be fun to try showing the different layers of wings by cutting mica into "wing" layers. Here is how I did it....

The first step was to stamp the wing on a piece of paper. This is Vickie Enkoff's rubber stamp #V153 wing.

Next I chose a piece of mica that was large enough to cover the stamp.

Mica is multilayered and the layers are easily separated. The idea with this project is to have additional layers show up darker, so you should remove about 3 layers to work on.


Holding the mica in place (and the camera!), I scratched outline of the wing in the mica.I also scratched the detail lines in the lower part of the wing.


I cut the wing out using scissors as it is much easier than using an exacto.

I chose another smaller piece of mica for the next layer of the wing and again scratched the outline and the details using an exacto.

Here are the two pieces of mica and the original image. I used a very small bit of glue to hold the layers of mica together. Because the mica isn't porous, it takes forever for glue to dry between layers!

Here are the layers together. Depending on the wing stamp decide to use, a third layer might also be interesting.


I added a bow to the top of the wing with a glue dot and then held the wing to the photo with another glue dot. I believe this woman is my grandmother's sister! (Have to check with Dad about that....)

Create without Limits!


Mica is available for purchase on the OCS page.


Tearing Unryu

Unryu is one of the delightful mulberry papers sometimes referred to as "Cloud Dragon Paper". It is made by adding long swirling fibers to a basic kozo pulp. These lightweight papers are translucent and very strong and are a favorite among collage artists. It is excellent for gift wrapping, embellishing cards, scrapbooking and more!

If you have stamped an image on unryu and you don't need a specific shape, just tear around the image. Make sure you protect the piece by holding your thumb firmly over the image. The tearing can be quite unpredictable! If you want to tear a certain shape, then it's a good idea to wet the edges where you wish to tear. Wetting the edges makes tearing easier but if it gets out of control, your stamped image might be compromised. Here is how I did the decoration for the watermelon journal.

Draw your design out on a piece of acetate or a transparency. Cut out the transparency.

Place the transparency under the unryu, preferably on a light table, or a white sheet of paper, so that you can see the shape of your pattern.

Use a pointed brush that holds a fair bit of water and draw the outline of your shape. Make sure you don't soak the whole area!

Place your hands on both sides of the wet line and pull gently. The paper will come apart leaving a lovely fibery edge. Different handmade papers will leave different edges. It's the long fibres in the paper that make this one special.

Wet and tear out all the pieces you need for your design and check they will fit where you want them.

This watermelon just needed some seeds which I drew in with a felt marker.


This technique works well if you want a straight edge. Just line your ruler up and run your brush full of water along the edge of the ruler. Not enough water and the paper won't tear where you want it to and too much water will produce the same results!

Practice makes perfect!

Glue the unryu pieces in place with a gluestick. Try not to get any of those fabulous fibres curled under (unless you want them that way!).

Place a guard sheet over top of the glued down unryu and run a brayer over the top to insure a good bond.


Visit the Paper Joys Paper Sheets page to see the new Unryu Collage packages.


Colouring Tyvek

I was introduced to Tyvek many years ago and have used it extensively for book hinges.

But what is Tyvek?

It's a tough, durable sheet product, stronger than paper and more versatile than fabrics. It's made from high-density polyethylene fibers which combine some of the properties of paper, film and cloth. It is rip and water-resistant. And it looks amazing when you add colour to it. The colour enhances the fibres in the sheet. Here is how I did this fishy. It'll go on the front of a card....

Make sure your Tyvek is laying on something that won't mind getting coloured! Slather the surface with clean water. Drop one drop of FW acrylic Ink on the surface of the paper.

Spread it with a brush (not one of your good watercolour brushes! Don't forget this is acrylic!).

Add another colour of acrylic ink. I used Indigo blue, Prussian Blue and Purple Lake for this sheet. Spread the ink and mix it in some places with the other colour.

Repeat with the Violet ink - one drop is plenty of colour - this stuff is intense!

Spread to your content! Try not to mix the colours completely, you want patches of true colour here and there.

Just in case you believe Tyvek is waterproof - this is the surface of my glass covered drafting table after I remove the Tyvek sheet!

Allow the sheet to dry.

A warning about Tyvek.
I have used Tyvek to wrap the cover boards of books - if the book gets warm, the Tyvek will begin to melt and the cover will be ruined!

I used Colorbox Crafters Ink to stamp the Fred Mullet fish. The colour was Midnight. Don't heat set or emboss the design!! The Tyvek will melt (which is another fun project itself!).

The ink will take a while to dry....

Cut your artwork to size and use double sided tape to adhere it to a card!


Easy Card design

There is nothing quite as delightful as receiving a handmade card. Except maybe creating one!

Here is an easy, clean design that can be made in minutes. All you need is a card, a slide mount, some decorative paper and an embellishment to put in the centre of the frame.

I chose to use a slide mount to create a little frame and focal point of the card. I could have cut the slide in half, but decided to make a deeper frame and folded the frame and covered it with decorative paper.

There are an amazing number of ways to decorate slide mounts. (You can see a wonderful collection of them created by Patti Sandham in the April 2004 issue of byhand - scroll to near the bottom.)

A simple wrapping with decorative paper is fast and effective!

Cut a piece of decorative gold foiled star paper no larger than 3" x 3". Cover the back of the decorative paper with glue. I ran mine through my Xyron, but I could just as easily have used a glue stick (if my children hadn't helped themselves to mine!).

Mitre the corners like a good little bookbinder, as shown on the right, then cut an X from corner to corner inside the window of the slide mount.

Fold back the flaps you've created inside the window, then fold in the sides.

To adhere the slide mount to the front of the card I used double-sided tape.

Once you have made a frame, it's a good idea to put something in it! On the card to the left, I used a puffy star adhered with a glue dot. The card on the right took a little more time, as I punched a hole, set an eyelet and used a jump ring to hang a stretched star inside the frame.

The cards I used were 5x7" and I positioned the frame so the centre was 2 1/2" from the top edge of the card.

Simply done - and delightfully handmade!

New in the Zoo!

Stay tuned for the Premium Subscriber January sale. In order to take advantage of the sale prices you must be a 2005 Premium Subscriber!
The 2005 Premium Subscriber Rubber will be on its way to you very soon!


The Long Neck Eyelets and Washers are back in Stock!!

If you've been visiting the byhand products pages recently, you may have to refresh your browser to see the new products.


On the OCS page

On the OCS page

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On the Metalworks Charms Page

On the Metalworks Charms Page

On the Metalworks Charms Page

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Mini Eyelets Regular and Long
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On the Metalworks Page

Update on plans for a retreat in the Alberni Valley!

This will be a 2-day workshop retreat to do the
Copper Book!

June 2005 - date to be set shortly

Although all the logistics have not been worked out, I will start serious organizing after the holidays.

This weekend will include
Copper Book Workshop including book materials
A goodie bag
Catered lunches, all day coffee, tea and snackies
Field trips
Spa evening
(I hope!)
Shopping Opportunities
(other than Quietfire Design!)
Fabulous Scenery
(if it doesn't rain...)

And you'll be just over an hour away from the incredible Long Beach on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

I am looking into accommodation options, but the final choice and bookings will be up to each individual as will the transportation costs to get to the workshop. For those who have already signed up you'll hear from me very soon in the new year.
If you're interested in coming to play (you don't have to commit yet!), please email me at and please put Retreat in your Subject Line! Thanks!

I've had emails from Oregon, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg and of course, Vancouver Island!
We're gonna have a fabulous weekend!

Hope to see you in June 2005!

Books to Inspire

I was immediately drawn to this book when I saw it!
What a fun read - excellent eye candy - and for those of you who want to make a shrine and can never find a box, Carol Owens provides instructions for making 6 different shrines with foamcore and mat board! What a great idea!
This book includes shrines made by artists such as Judi Riesch, Beth Cote, Karen Michel and Lynne Perrella to name just a few. I'm dying to make a shrine!!

Link for customers
Crafting Personal Shrines

Link for customers
Crafting Personal Shrines
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Holiday Collage Challenge

At long last, it's time to award the winner of the draw for the Holiday Challenge!
Thanks very much to those who took the time to play! Well done!

The winner is Anne Atkinson of Saanich, BC

Anne wins a $20 USD shopping spree amongst the byhandproducts goodies! Congratulations Anne!

This collage was created with the new Mini-Alters, stencils, the open-star charm and a sprig of holly from my tiny holly tree - poor thing, it finally has berries and I nicked them in the name of ART!

Here were the rules....
Assemble 3 or 4 elements to create a collage with a decidedly holiday bent
The seasonal holiday is one of your choosing: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa...
It can be 3D or flat. (you could colour copy your creation and glue those on the front of a card, et voila, your Christmas card is designed!) Put out all your toys and rubber stamps and see what you can come up with! Here are some samples of what I had in mind, but it's up to your creative inclinations! Create without Limits!


2 cards by Anne Atkinson


card with slide mount and Gentle Thoughts rubber by
Julie Kosolofski


2 cards by Kathy Mostardi


2 cards by Rose Davidson


2 more cards by Rose Davidson


card with Gentle Thoughts Rubber stamp and star brads by
Sherry Springall


Suzanne's Schedule


Jan 15 Parksville BC Beginning Calligraphy Malaspina University College, Parksville
Jan 29 Victoria BC Pipe Organ Binding Island Blue Print
Jan 30 Victoria BC Altered Books Island Blue Print
Feb 18
Abbotsford BC
Endeavour Educational Services
School District Professional Day
Feb 19 Burnaby BC Altering On - Niches and Drawers Burnaby Community Education
Feb 20 Vancouver Versed in Versals Westcoast Calligraphy Society
April 1, 2, 3 Calgary AB Stampers Celebration Vendor and Instructor
April 30 Port Alberni, BC A Day with the Arts Studio Tours   
June Port Alberni BC Copper Book Retreat Contact for details
The Journal Project

A few months ago, byhandartist Ellen Harper posted scans of a wonderful journal she had made. On each page of collages she had a single word which was the focus. I thought this was such a great idea that I challenged the byhandartists to make their own. Each week I assign a word and the artists create around that word. We've only just begun!

The above artwork is a digital collage by Therese in Trenton. Nice, eh?

Please come and join us!

If there is any information you would like to see in this newsletter, let me know. Each month I will email you to let you know the new issue is published. If you know someone who would like to receive notice of byhand, just have them email me and I will put them on the list. Bye for now and thanks for visiting!
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The original title lettering of byhand was done with a Mitchell's Roundhand Nib, size 0, and Higgins Eternal Ink. Quietfire Design Rubber stamps were used to create the other designs.

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