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September 2003 - Issue 27

Wow, it's the fall!
What happened to the summer? - it was going along just fine and then August came along and it's over!

I hope you had a fun and creative summer! And if you didn't have time for art, maybe the cooler weather and winter routines will allow you to have some
Creativity Time!

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Favourite things

Well, Martha has her section and Oprah has hers, so move over ladies, here is mine!

artwork byPatti Grazma

I have to tell you about this new collage CD produced by
Melanie Sage
Below is a bit of information from her site, but you can click here to go to her website to read all the details. As well as being able to order the CD on her site, Melanie is uploading a free high-quality sample image each month. Check it out.
I think this is a fabulous idea!

This unique collection of 434 full color images offers something for every swap theme or card. Instead of buying your vintage clip art photos by the sheet, and hanging on to your favorite image for a special project, you can print out as many of each image as you would like. Tint the photos in your photo editing program if you need it to match a special color theme, or print the images several to a page to complete multiples of a card. Size them to best fit your individual project. Print on the paper that best suits your project, or make custom stationary. With the CD format, there are no limits to how you can use the images! Purchase of the cd grants you full rights to edit and crop the images for your own personal use or to sell the completed projects.

There are quotes about art, children, dance, dreams, books, wings and inspiration. Change the fonts on the quotes and print them out together to insert in collage and other work. This CD also contains tips and tricks for printing multiple images to a page and information on how to get ideal printing output.

Send me your "Favourite Things" suggestions and you might see it here!


Gentle Thoughts


In memory of Kim Sickler.

Summer Challenge

Here are the fabulous results of the Summer Challenge!

Participants were asked to create a tag using a colour scheme chosen from the list below and to mail in it.
To read more about the challenge, click here

Thanks to everyone who participated!! Many of the envelopes were decorated to match the tag colour. And many were wonderful on both sides. And the winners are.....(drum roll, please!)
Everyone who sent a tag in!
I just couldn't do a draw, they were all so wonderful!


Anne Atkinson, BC



Patti Sandham, BC



Nadia Munarolo- Kurjata, AB


Nancy Quinn, BC


Debbie Gray, TX


Kathy O'Bryan, WA

Tracey Guillemaud. BC


Evie Zaccardelli, Scotland


Evie Zaccardelli, Scotland

Kathy O'Bryan, WA


Anne Atkinson, BC

Evie Zaccardelli, Scotland


Sharon McGreevey, NC




Donna Knadle, BC

Donna had so much stuff it wouldn't all fit on the tag! Not to mention her envelope decorated back and front shown below:

Kathy O'Bryan, WA

Holly Eastabrook, BC



Anne Atkinson, BC

Barbara Simpson, CA


Kathy Mostardi, ON

Kathy O'Bryan, WA


Anne Atkinson, BC


Kathy O'Bryan, WA


Ellen Harper, OR

Ellen really got on a roll with this series of tags. Her envelope had the following words written on it!

molasses, earth, almond, wood, sand, sienna, taupe, mocha, walnut, tan, nutmeg, sepia, manilla, chocolate, seal, myrtle, caramel, oak, coffee, toffee, latte, biege, cinnamon, pecan, vanilla, ocher, bark and a couple more under the stamp that I couldn't read!


Anne Atkinson, BC

Anne Atkinson, BC


Patti Sandham, BC

ARTwerx 2003

Artwerx 2003 was a wonderful success! On their arrival each of the participants was treated to a goody bag, filled with gifts from the sponsors, and an Artwerx t-shirt (not to mention hand-lettered name tags supplied by Quietfire Design)!

The only "casualty" of the event was the non-arrival of Karen Michel, who fell victim to the huge power outage on the east coast and was unable to fly out of New York.

The vendor market on the Friday evening seemed to be a raging success. There were lots of people in the room and it was so wonderful to have all those vendors with all their cool stuff in Vancouver at the same time! I was too busy to get away till the very end, darn it! A special thanks to Nancy Q., co-hostess of my B&B in the Lower Mainland and my assistant at the Vendor Market. I don't know what I would have done without her. She measured out many yards of waxed linen thread. Thanks to everyone who came by to say Hi!

I got to meet some fabulous artists who I had only corresponded by email with before - like Lenna Andrews Foster and Cindy Pestka. My only regret is that I didn't get to spend more time with them!

I was in Nina Bagley's class for all three days, so I don't have a lot of pictures of different instructors and their classes this year, but I hope you can get a feel for the event with the few pictures below. I checked and no one said they were in the witness protection program, so here they are!

Nina at work inspiring us to think a little differently!

Christina, left (our Artwerx hostess), dropped in to see what we were up to. Gretchen and Angela are hard at work! You should have seen their books! Yum!

An almost complete class photo of Nina's Artwerx 2003 class!

Some of were interested in the details of the book I made in Nina's class... (and this is nothing compared with other books made in that class - they were fabulous)

We were all given the same basic supplies to create our books, vintage copper necklaces, sheets of copper, eyelets, bezels, and other toys. We began the first day by constructing a necklace - a most unusual necklace, guided and encouraged by Nina. The second day, we began to construct our books....

Here is the cover, made of solid copper. The photo is a transparency of my grandmother. There is a sheet of mica and an optical lens over top of the photo. The word "family" is metal stamped on a copper tag and attached to the cover with eyelets and eyelet washers.

Here is the back cover which has the first two lines of Thomas Hardy's poem The Family Face which has been metal stamped into the copper sheet. Unfortunately, this doesn't show up very well! All the copper was antiqued with a solution of Liver of Sulphur.

I really didn't know what I was going to do when I began this whole process and it seemed like I spent a lot of time sitting in a daze....
All the panels in our books were originally white mat board, which we brought to class precut and antiqued with tea or coffee. I used walnut ink. Each of the panels were attached with strips of fabric which were held in place by eyelets.
The left panel above is a transparency of my Grandfather, E.D. (Elmer Daniel) as a young man. (it's a bit dark in the scan). The background lettering is the Thomas Hardy poem. On the right the words "the time had come for him to marry".

On the left panel, a locket is wired on and the words "and he found his love". On the right "but time was not his" with the hand of a clock and the word "time" stamped on with Ma Vinci rubber letters. Also I used metal stamps to add "I am the Family Face" stamped right into the bookboard.

On the left panel, "and she was lost". She died quite young. I don't know the circumstances, but I think I'd like to find out! And the words "Flesh Perishes" metal stamped to the board. The image is an inkjet photo that Nina gave me. The beak scene was perfect for this book, and the we all transferred our photos using Nina's technique - it worked!
The right side was very dark and I used that particular panel to letter "out of the darkness came Hilda", who was my grandmother.

On the left is a photo of my grandmother in a bezel with the words describing her. Each of the words is separated by a copper brad inserted through a brass eyelet.
On the right is the organza bag that Nina gave each of us at the beginning of the class with our goodies in it. Now it hold the necklace which we spent the entire first day working on. I learned so much! Like how easy it was drill copper, what a bezel was, life with a Dremel and why I need one(!), and how much I really need a Rio Grande catalogue!

Thanks to Nina for a wonderful class that was over far too soon!

I am the Family Face
Flesh perishes I live on
Projecting trait and trace
From time to times anon.

- Thomas Hardy

The byhand Artists Get-Together at Artwerx 2003

When the byhand artists met for a get-together during Artwerx, we were a small but cheery crowd - although I think Charmaine here on the left was gritting her teeth at bit as she humoured me taking her picture! (That's not really a new type of earring by her ear, it's the TV in the background at the Thirsty Turtle Pub!)

Thanks to everyone who came!

We were still there when the Artwerx get-together began at 7 p.m., so of course, most of us had to stay for that, too!

Nacho Time!
l to r: Mary Anne, Lizard, Donna, Janice, half of Nancy.
Everyone won something: bubbles, rubber, handbound book, collapsible water jugs, multicoloured pencils, acrylic mounts from Gow More Wheat.... You can tell we were real partiers - not an alcoholic drink among us!
Hope to see you next year!

Suzanne's Schedule 2003

Sept 18
Calgary AB

Fabric covered Ribbon Journal

Sept 19 Calgary AB
Fabric covered Album
Out of Hand
Sept 20,21 Calgary AB Adding Funk to Your Foundational Bow Valley Calligraphy Guild
Sept 22 Calgary AB Hardcover Journal in a Slipcase Bow Valley Calligraphy Guild
Oct 14
Port Alberni BC Altered Book Project Port Alberni Park and Recreation. Four Tuesday evening classes.
Oct 4,5 Duncan BC Artist's Journal Warmlands Calligraphers
Oct 18,19 Parksville BC Introduction to Calligraphy Malaspina
Oct 25 Burnaby BC Star Book Burnaby Community Education
Oct 26 Surrey BC Star Book Private Class
Nov 1 Port Alberni BC Artisan's Craft Show Hansen Hall, Port Alberni
Nov 7,8,9 Port Alberni BC Giant Christmas Craft Fair tba
Nov 15 Victoria, BC tba Island Blue Print
Nov 16 Victoria, BC tba Island Blue Print
Nov 22 North Vancouver, BC Star Book Centennial Bookbinding
Nov 23 Surrey BC Heritage Album Private Class


April 23,24,25 Calgary AB Stampers Celebration Best Western Port O'Call Inn


Blowing my own Horn...
Somehow I've managed to get into a few publications lately. Here's where the artwork is....

Stamper's Sampler Magazine
August September 2003, page 6

Somerset Studio's
2004 Art Journal Calendar

and the third place: Stay tuned for the November December issue of Somerset Studio. Artbras in Melange....

Copper Mini Book Swap

In this swap, participants were to make small books, not larger than 3x3" and no thicker than 1/4" and use copper as some form of embellishment.

Here are the final six books (the first six are in the July/August issue of byhand). They are lovely and imaginative and so varied! Enjoy the results!

The Players in this swap were:

Lynese Nowak
Jackie Doll
Suzanne Cannon
Mieke Mulder
Anne Atkinson
Shirl Van Eaton
Glendale, WI
Edmonton, AB
Port Alberni, BC
The Netherlands
Saanich, BC
Olds, AB
Sandy Sommerfeld
Pam Stevens
Kari Bennett
Marilyn Smitshoek
Barb Pankratz
Kathy Mostardi
Kelowna, BC
Westbank, BC
Appling, GA
Vancouver, BC
Edmonton, AB
New Hamburg, ON

Jackie Doll
Edmonton, AB

For my book, I used Arches Text Wove for the signatures. I painted the pages with Pelikan Plaka paint and wrote with Pearl-ex pigments mixed with gum arabic. For the inside I used vellum paper. I decorated the cover with copper tape for stained glass. The decoration in the centre is a copper plant label. To make the covers, I covered 2 pieces of 6 in. by 3 in. pieces of Bristol board. I then folded them in half. Using an 8 in piece of Vellum, I make 1/4 in fan fold in the centre and sewed the signatures and covers into it with embroidery floss. I then glued the covers.

Anne Atkinson
Saanich, BC

Anne used a depth chart to create a text block and the origami folded cover is embellished with a copper tag secured by brass brads. And then there is that froggy(!), only revealed when the cover is unwrapped....

Pam Stevens
Westbank, BC

I started my project several times and finally ended up using smaller matt boards than planned. I found some embossing copper in our only craft store and thought it would be a piece of cake. I had to use my husband's tin snips to cut the stuff and also to cut off the excess to fold over the covers. Some were definitely better than others but I tried to match them as best as possible. Now the challenge of what to put inside? I found some beautiful copper marbles paper in my stack and cut it to create an accordion fold with a pocket on the bottom. I used black canson paper to cut little tags for each pocket, punched a hole in each top and tied little copper organza ribbon to each. Being a calligrapher I find it very difficult to just send it off without any lettering. I used the words from James Taylor "Copperline" for my quotes. On the cover I cut out small black squares and put a small piece of embossed copper. To close the little book, I used your idea of colouring the thin strips using a candle and joined the ends but punching a hole and used a small black brad. This allowed it to slide over the book. It was a challenge but I was most pleased with the result.

Kari Bennett
Appling, GA

....was done with copper foil. I had some scrap that I used my butterfly punch on. I then punched some mesh with the same. The inside was accordion fold with rubber stamping and a mesh pocket with another butterfly punch. Stamps are "Stamps by Judith", butterfly and dots, and the verse is "Stamp of Excellence, Inc."

Marilyn Smitshoek
Vancouver, BC

I had a hard time finding any kind of copper stuff at the craft stores - really disappointing. Mainly they just had copper foil kits and a few copper charms like pots and pans. I finally decided on the copper paper and copper wire. I already had the embossing powder. My first idea was to hold the books together with the wire, but I decided against that (might be too sharp and pointy). When I found the paper with the musical notes, I decied to make a staff out of the wire. The writing came from a creative writing class I did recently at Langara. Someone made the comment about "dancing like no one is watching" and it went from there. So I chose a selection to use in the books. It's fun to find out which ones people have actually done, but no one, so far, had admitted to dying their rottweiller pink. Maybe I will inspire someone to try it. Well, have a great summer. Poor me. I have to go to Europe and paint. Sorry. I do like to rub it in. (ed. note - I offered to go in her luggage, but she said a bunch of other people were already in there....)

Suzanne Cannon
Port Alberni, BC

I went through a variety of designs and sort of fell into this one after messing around for a while. I used copper mesh coloured with Liver of Sulphur for the covers. The signatures are stitched over copper tape which is anchored to the covers around 20g. copper wire. The copper wire is threaded through the copper mesh. The rubber stamped inside the front cover is a Hero Arts stamp and the very centre of the design, revealed by a cut out square in the mesh, is embossed with verdi gris embossing powder.

A Passion for Copper - Part IX

Parts I through VIII are available in previous issues of byhand

Salt and Water

For this experiment I cut angel wings (for one of the spreads in the Altered Book Project) and placed them on a wet paper towel. I spread salt all over them and the paper towel and placed the whole thing into a ziplock bag. Then I waited. The effect is quite similar to that of the bleach/vinegar treatment discussed in another issue of byhand, except it takes longer. (But it smells a whole lot better!) It took several days for the full effect seen below. And I'm not sure I like the black.... But the great thing about this technique - everyone has salt and water!


wwith salt added on a wet paper towel

after one day you can see a little tarnishing (left) and after three days, one side turned more black than the other

Stolen Moments

This tip comes to us courtesy of Charmaine Stack, who gave me a personal demonstration when a group of us met for tea in Victoria a few months ago! (I needed that personal demo before I "got it"!) Here is what she wrote me:

I have a really cool tip for you.... It is one of those tips that makes you go "Aha!" It is actually something I learned in dressmaking when sizing UP patterns, and I keep meaning to pass it along to bookartist types like yourself.

Let's say you have made a smaller book (4X6) and you like the scale of the holes in proportion to the length of the spine. Now you want to make a larger book with a longer spine (eg. 6X9), with the same pleasing proportions.

An easy way to size up is to use a length of elastic; the kind sewers put in waistbands. I use clear elastic but any elastic will do. Cut a length about two inches longer than your original, smaller book's spine. Lay it along the spine of the smaller book. With a pen, mark directly on the elastic the location of the head and tail and each hole. (see photo at left)





Now take that elastic and match up the head and tail of your new spine. The elastic will stretch evenly and you can mark the new hole locations for the larger book. Remove the elastic and look at the book.

If it is a LOT larger than your original, you may want to add extra hole marks situated evenly between the marks you made previously. Try this - you'll like it!


In the bottom photo, the elastic is stretched and the cover of the new book will have the stitching holes marked beside the elastic.

Thanks Charmaine for a great "cross-over" technique!

Site Siting

Byhand artist Vickie Rinehart has created her own website featuring things she loves to use.

Along with torso tags templates (those are her marvelous creations above), Vickie sells a delightful collection of fibre packs, collage packs and ultra fine embossing powder. Check out her site at:

Vickie recently introduced the byhandartists to Torso Tags.
A few of the group members merely needed to glimpse Vickie's inspiring torsos to spark a creative challenge and an avalanche of decorated torso tags. You can see their contributions below! Enjoy - and thanks to all the artists! (I really don't know where you get your wonderful ideas!)

And a special thanks to Vickie for starting us on this creative journey!

Vickies's Retro chic

Patti accepts the challenge to create!

Patti is on a roll!

Tracey joins in!

Patti just loves these things!

Tracey jumps back in!

Now it's Donna's turn

Donna adds to the challenge

Patti's Madonna torso

Vickie's The Woman Within

Vickie's Wild Woman within

Vickie's Inner Cat Spirit

The words within...
(or Suzanne finally get one done!)

Patti uses Quietfire rubber!

And from the lady who started it all.... Vickie's Blue Green Torso

New Quietfire Rubber for the Altered Book Artists!

byhand Altered Book Project

In late April, after some discussion on the byhandartists list, I thought the thing many of us needed was a step-by-step project to get started on our altered books. It's fine to have all these techniques thrown at you, but unless you have a lot of drive, it's easy to wallow in the information.
After forming the group, we had some discussion on background techniques, themes and a basic outline for the project was formed. Then we began.
We have approached this project by doing spreads where each spread is focused on using a particular element.

This month we present to you our vellum spreads. Each person used vellum in some way to decorate their pages.

We hope you enjoy them!

Please click here or on any of the images below to take you to the complete page of Vellum Spreads!

Below are just a few of the byhand products! To check out the complete selection, click here!

Waxed Linen Thread

Samples from Left to Right: Black, Rust, Slate Grey (looks pink to me!), Sage, Royal Blue, Denim
Sorry but it's almost impossible for me to get true colour on the web!

4-ply Waxed Linen Thread

Please see the byhand Products page for the complete list of colours!

The eyelets!

These are weeny cute little guys. They are 1/8" eyelets. There are regular and long neck eyelets. The long neck eyelets will go through a regular thickness of bookboard.
100 eyelets per package.

(the long and short Copper are real copper and the long neck brass are real brass)

The Envelopes
These cool fellas are perfect for altered books, journals and cards! They come in 4x4" and 2x2" in packages of 10.

This is just the best little eyelet setter! It's hard to mess up, in fact, since I began using this setter, I haven't messed up!


Subtle, but they make a statement!

These are washers for your 1/8" eyelets. What will they think of next???100/package

available in:


Anywhere punch with 6 bits This wonderful punch has 6 different bits allowing you to punch holes in the following sizes: 5/64, 3/32, 1/8, 9/64, 5/32 and 11/64 (or 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4 and 5 mm)

I have put together some Book Cradles for sale as some of you have been asking for them. They are not things of great beauty, but really, really handy for when you have a lot of holes to pierce. The legs come off so they're perfect for going to classes. They are large enough for an 8.5" spine length and are $18Cdn (or $12US - to the States). I will try to bring these to classes so you can see them in person!
There is an additional $2.00 shipping charge for this item

Book Corners
Jazz up your book covers with metal corners!
I use them on the foredges of books, by applying a little glue and then crimping them, ever so lightly with a pair of pliers.They are all brass except the 3rd one down is Nickel or silver coloured.

Brass slotted $0.50 Cnd each $0.35 USD each
Brass regular $0.50 Cnd each $0.35 USD each
Nickel regular $0.50 Cnd each $0.35 USD each
Brass scalloped $0.50 Cnd each $0.35 USD each

They fit nicely on a bookboard of about 2.2mm thickness covered with decorative paper.

Bone Folders

Chicago Screws, brass, post and screw,

Collage Packs - 40 different collage paper treasures - colour-coordinated Japanese papers. There is one colour scheme on the front and a different one on the back. For invitations, name tags, collage, card-making, bookmarks, drawing, painting, poetry, rubber-stamping, photo mats, calligraphy, place cards, book covers, gift wrapping. . .    Assorted colours

Book Boards - precut 9" x 6", perfect for Coptic Bound, Criss-Cross Coptic and Pipe Organ Bindings.

Give yourself a break!
(there is an additional $0.50/pair charge for shipping this item)

To order any of the above items and the rubber stamps go to:
Printable byhand Products Order Form OR the PayPal shopping cart.

If there is any information you would like to see in this newsletter, let me know. Each month I will email you to let you know the new issue is published. If you know someone who would like to receive notice of byhand, just have them email me and I will put them on the list. Bye for now and thanks for visiting!
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The original title lettering of byhand was done with a Mitchell's Roundhand Nib, size 0, and Higgins Eternal Ink. Quietfire Design Rubber stamps were used to create the other designs.

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