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March 2005- Issue 43


Gentle Thoughts



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Welcome !

Hi Everyone!

I began working on this newsletter thinking I didn't have much to add, but that seemed to change as I started writing! Hope you enjoy it!
There seems to be lots of new products!

Here is what's in this months newsletter:

Quietfire Retreat
Suzanne's Calendar New byhand Products
What came in the Mail! | Valentine Mingle
New rubber preview | Stolen Moments
4th Anniversary Celebration


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Books to Inspire

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Making Pearls: Living the Creative Life by
Jeanne Carbonetti

Review by Cathy Highland

I just picked up Jeanne Carbonetti's book "Making Pearls: Living the Creative Life" I don't know if other's have this book but she uses reference of being creative by nature because we were created by God. And this leads to the process by which we create - similar in nature as to how an oyster creates a pearl. The stages it takes are much the same as an artist going through the creative process. It is an excellent read! Anyways, I think how each artist views their own creative process would make for a great topic and could be used on the pages of someone's journal, too. Just another idea...... Cathy

For customers
Making Pearls
For customers
Making Pearls

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In October, I was lucky enough to participate in an episode of Crash Test Mommy, a new reality series from the Life Network - you can see some of the photos I took in the November newsletter.

The latest update I have of the episode featuring Leanne Bishop from RubyDog's Arthouse and I is that it will air on the Life Network the week of March 12, 2005. Here are a list of times the episode will appear. Now there is no mention of us in the write-up, so you'll know at the same time as us if we hit the cutting room floor!

Our real mommy was Kim, here on the left and Leanne is on the right. We didn't meet Suzette, the Crash Test Mommy! Here is the schedule as printed on the Life Network website.

Suzette Laqua, Saturday March 12, 10:00 AM EST Suzette Laqua, Sunday March 13, 9:00 PM EST
Suzette Laqua, Tuesday March 15, 3:00 PM, 9:00 PM EST
Suzette Laqua, Wednesday March 16, 2:00 AM, 9:00 AM EST
Suzette Laqua, Friday March 18, 11:00 AM EST

Suzanne is a member of the



If you're Canadian (like me!) and you'd like to order byhand products in Canadian dollars but don't want to wait for the mail system to deliver your cheque, there are alternatives! You can read more details here or email me. I'll try to make it easy-peasy!

I can't tell you how pleased I am that you are offering product here on the island and it is available in Canada! I also appreciate how easy you make ordering, answering questions and shipping.

Nadine M. - Victoria, BC

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Don't forget if you'd like to share some artwork that you have stamped with a Quietfire Rubber Stamp, please send me a copy and I'll be delighted to put in the Stamping Gallery.

Don't be shy!

Quietfire Design's
byhand Products
on the Road in 2005


Calgary AB
April 1, 2 and 3, 2005

If you are a byhand subscriber (Regular or Premium), come visit the Quietfire Booth and we'll have a goody for you!
If you would like to pre-order any byhand products, I'm happy to bring it with me to avoid any "Sold Out" disappointments and save you shipping charges. Just email me your order!

Friday 3:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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Sunday 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Class times:

Friday 8 p.m.
Designing Decos for Divas

Saturday 8 a.m.
Mini Mica Memories - Sold Out!

will be unleashed at Stampers Celebration

Artwerx 2005 - Richmond, BC
August 12 -15, 2005

The Vendor evening is on
Friday August 12 from 7-10 p.m.


Site Siting

Somerset Studio
March/April 2005

Although at the time of writing this I have not seen the issue, I have it on good authority that my Stolen Moments journal has taken up four pages in the Lively Art of Lettering Section! Gee, thanks, Stampington!!

Suzanne's Schedule


April 1, 2, 3 Calgary AB Stampers Celebration Vendor and Instructor
Friday 7-9pm Calgary AB Designing Decos for Divas Stampers Celebration
Saturday 8-10am Calgary AB Mini Mica Memories Stampers Celebration
April 9 Sat Victoria BC Decorated Journal Stampers! to register email or (250) 384-6784
April 30 Surrey BC Journal in a Slipcase Bookmakers of Vancouver
April 30 Port Alberni BC A Day with the Arts Studio Tours Handbound books will be available at Lori Wilson's Glass Studio.
Sat May 14 Victoria BC Journal in a Slipcase Island Blue Print
Sun May 15 Victoria BC Altering On - Niches and Drawers Island Blue Print
Sun May 29 Calgary AB Awesome Altered Books for Select Imports at the Canadian Craft & Hobby Industry Show
Sat & Sun
June 11 & 12
Port Alberni BC Copper Book Retreat Contact for details
Friday Aug 12
7 - 10 pm
Richmond BC Artwerx Vendor Evening Artwerx
Best Western Richmond Hotel.
Sept 24,25 Red Deer AB The Altered Word

Lettering Arts Guild of Red Deer
To register, please contact Christine -

Oct 21 Abbotsford BC tba Endeavour Educational Services
Oct 22 Abbotsford BC tba Endeavour Educational Services
Nov 5 Edmonton AB tba Edmonton Calligraphic Society
Nov 6 Edmonton AB tba Edmonton Calligraphic Society

4th Anniversary Celebration!

Next month the byhand newsletter will celebrate its 4th anniversary!
And to think that before I started it I was worried that I wouldn't have enough to put in it to keep it going....
So many artists have contributed to this newsletter. I can't begin to thank you! I love the challenge of producing byhand and I hope you continue to enjoy it.

It's time for a draw!
Send me a hand-decorated postcard

This is Donna Knadle's 3rd Anniversary postcard -
Donna didn't have to use Quietfire Rubber - but, hey, I liked it!!

Send me a hand-decorated postcard which must arrive before April 1, 2005 and
your name will go in a draw for a fabulous prize!

$50 worth of Gentle Thoughts Rubber Stamps!

All the submissions will be displayed on the Subscriber's Gallery Page.
(We're way overdue for some more artwork on there!)
Here's the link to the postcard back with address or
You can print this out and use it if it makes life easier (and I'm all for that!) or create or alter your own!
Or here's the address:

Suzanne Cannon, Quietfire Design
byhand 4th Anniversary
Box 1231
Port Alberni, BC V9Y 7M1


Quietfire Retreat

June 11 & 12, 2005
in the beautiful Alberni Valley!

Have a fabulously relaxing weekend in the Alberni Valley, meet some new friends, pamper yourself, go shopping and make a copper covered book filled with inspiration!

This retreat is more than half full! Don't wait too long!

This weekend will include
Copper Book Workshop including book materials
A goodie bag
Catered breakfasts & lunches, all day coffee, tea and snackies on the days of the workshop
Spa evening
(oh, so relaxing and fun)
Field trips & Shopping Opportunities
(other than Quietfire Design!)
Fabulous Scenery
(if it doesn't rain...)
And you'll be just over an hour away from the incredible Long Beach on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

The Spa evening at the hotel will include facials, snacks and the possibility of libations! I am trying to arrange massages, as well, but move over, I'm first in line! (kidding!) I'm sure this will be a fun and relaxing evening!
Accommodation will be a the Coast Hospitality Inn in Port Alberni, only a few blocks from the workshop location. A block of rooms have been reserved for the Quietfire Retreat and the event price is $90CAD/room. Participants will be required to book their own rooms and make their way to Port Alberni. Let me know if you're planning to fly in - we will arrange a pick-up, if possible!
Approximate cost of the retreat
CAD/person (approx. $145USD).
Your $90 CAD ($72 USD) deposit holds your spot and becomes nonrefundable after May 1, 2005 (unless your spot can be filled). You may use your Visa, PayPal or cheque made out to Suzanne Cannon. Please email me if your cheque is on the way!

If you're interested in coming to play, please email me at and please put Retreat in your Subject Line! Thanks!
It's going to be a fabulous weekend!
Hope to see you in June 2005!

Here are some amazing examples of what students have created in the Copper Book class. You can see more in the Class Photos section of my website.


What Came in the Mail!

Once in a while I get something totally unexpected in the mail. Here are a few beauties that I'd like to share with you. Thank you so much to the artists!

In January I taught a day-long class in Parksville BC and one of my students was Susan Miller. Although we were doing Italic, she got all fired up (calligraphically speaking) and went home and practiced her lettering by making a collection of bookmarks. Thanks for sharing them Susan!


Well, I can't have the painting, but I can have the next best thing!
My friend Nancy Quinn recently participated in a watercolour swap in the Belle Papier Yahoo group and I received a copy of the postcards she made! Thank Nancy!



Calligrapher Susan Delorie-Cook of Wynndel, BC
sent me this delightful Valentine!

I was RAKed!

Thanks Sue!

A note about the byhand shopping cart....

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New Rubber on its way!

Here is a little sampling of what's coming soon!

There are 23 new images or sets of images! Come shopping at Stampers Celebration and get them hot off the press!!

Thanks to Cathy H. for this quote - she receives a free rubber stamp!

New Goodies!

approx. 6"x9" Cutting Mat
- these mats are perfect for taking to workshops and for using when working in Altered Books

3 x 18" O'Lipfa Ruler
I was so happy when I saw these! I've had a big one for many years, but this size is perfect for taking to workshops and doing those smaller jobs.

45mm Fiskars Rotary Cutter

This classic and easy-to-grip tool is perfect for cutting cloth, felt, paper, and bookboard. There are no small washers, so blade changing is easy. The gray, soft plastic handle is contoured for comfort and control.




What a fabulous tool! You have to have one in every size!

ahem, you can see I've used this one quite a bit! Some of the original lettering for my rubber stamps was done with the Parallel Pens.

The nib of the Parallel Pen consists of two parallel metal plates between which the ink flows smoothly and evenly with no gaps or skips even in the largest sizes. The hairlines are so fine! The basic pen comes complete with one nib, two long lasting ink cartridges, a convertor for flushing ink from the pen, and a nib cleaner.

You can also produce color-blended letters by touching ink from one pen to a second pen loaded with another color. You can refill the cartridges with your own ink using the byhand pipettes!

Available in four sizes


These are my favourite favourite markers! They don't chip or spread and if you're a good little calligrapher and keep them capped, they'll last for ages! Did I say they were my favourite markers???

Staedler Calligraph Duo, comes in red, violet, green and blue (black is on its way!)

One end is 3.5mm and the other is 2mm.

E-6000 glue

new buttons & charms

for waxing unwaxed thread. Pull the thread quickly through the slots, so the friction melts a thin layer of wax on the thread. It reduces tangling and the thread bites on itself preventing slipping.



Kai Scissors
Makes cutting rubber like butter- it's incredible! I've tried lots of scissors on rubber, but these beat them all. If you have unmounted rubber, you need these!

Black Chicago Screws
these aren't like enameled black, but a polished black metal. Nice!

Double Headed Rivets
- these puppies are easy to set! Use the rivet setting tool to hammer the two sides together. Each cap is 1/4"diameter and looks the same on both sides when set. When I gently assemble the two parts, the distance in between the heads is just over 1/8"

Rivet setter
has a cupped end so the rivet won't get flatted on top!!

Needle Grabbers
for getting hold of those needles that are hard to pull through! I used to bring rubber fingers to class, but these are much more portable!

1 1/2" long

Gold thread for machine embroidery

Three New Vintage Collage Sheets
Images for your Altered Book, ATCs and Slide Mounts!

Vintage Women 2

Vintage Children 1

Vintage Winged Things 1

Here are the other available collage sheets!

Fine Art Ladies

Vintage Women 1

Back in Stock!

Spatulas - I love these!

I use this spatula for so many things! I apply glue with it, I undo staples with it, I fish bits of paper out of my punches with it.... You get the idea! I'm lost without it. Now you have the opportunity to have one, too! It's a sturdy one, made of stainless steel. It's here at a new improved price, too!

Winter Challenge Swap!


Wow, what a thrill when I opened up these ATC packages! They were marvelous! A lot of the artists did more than one style and I've included several of their versions. Thank you all so much!
Click on each image to view it larger.

Anne Atkinson
Saanich BC

Donna Knadle
Chemainus BC

Elizabeth Egleston
London ON

Irene Bazell
Kamloops BC

Judy Lawton
Penticton BC

Linda Tanaka
Lethbridge AB

Lorna Long
Kamloops BC

Melanie Becker

Nadine Wong
Sunshine Coast BC

Patricia Cuttriss
Nanaimo BC

Shirl Van Eaton
Olds AB

Suzanne Cannon
Port Alberni BC

Therese Malak
Trenton ON

Joy Rothke
Costa Rica

Stolen Moments

Try decorating a T-Pin!
I looked at these T-Pins and knew they were waiting for something to happen to them! They just looked so naked!!

So, I grabbed some byhand buttons, cut the shanks off the back and used E-6000 glue to stick them to the T-Pin! Viola!

Cut the shank from the back of the button

Here I used the Spatula to transfer the E6000 glue to the head of the T-Pin, then I pressed the shankless button onto the T-Pin

It's probably a good idea to use waxed paper under your project in case the glue seeps onto your work surface!

It's a great way to add texture to an altered book or fabric book!
Try using charms that you have on hand or scraps of this and that.
Now any ideas what to put over the sharpy bit? We could make tons of pins for everyday wear!
There is no end to the fun you can have.

This is a page from the journal I'm using for the Journal Project. I used the Compass Button for the travel theme.

Ever had trouble cutting your bookboard straight?

Here's how I do it!

I use the O'lipfa Ruler and a Rotary cutter. The O'lipfa ruler has a lip on it which allows it to "hook" onto the edge of your cutting mat (or onto the edge of the bookboard) and makes it easy to cut a straight line at 90 degrees to the edge of the board or paper. It's a good idea to have 2 cutters - I have one that has an "F" (for Fabric) on. These blades just don't work very well on fabric after you've cut bookboard!

Valentine Mingle

On the spur of the moment, the byhandartists decided to have a Valentine Mingle! We made a list and the person on top sent one Valentine-themed ATC on to the next person on the list and that person made an ATC and sent it to the next person and so on. Each of us just had to make one ATC but if we just happened to have an ATC or two left over from our creative blitz, we could RAK other members of the list.

There are quite a few in last month's newsletter Here are some more of the wonderful results!


Kathy L.

Linda T.

Nadine's Envelope

Nadine W.

Therese M.

Therese's Envelope

Therese M.

Vicky M.


Wendy's open

If there is any information you would like to see in this newsletter, let me know. Each month I will email you to let you know the new issue is published. If you know someone who would like to receive notice of byhand, just have them email me and I will put them on the list. Bye for now and thanks for visiting!
(250) 723-0321 Quietfire Design

The original title lettering of byhand was done with a Mitchell's Roundhand Nib, size 0, and Higgins Eternal Ink. Quietfire Design Rubber stamps were used to create the other designs.

Artists whose work is shown in this newsletter retain the copyright on their own work.

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