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July/August 2004 - Issue 36


Gentle Thoughts




Hi everyone!

Welcome to the summer issue of byhand. I've already gone into summer snooze mode, that's why this is so late arriving in your mailboxes!

I am finding time to be creative - probably more at this time of year than others. I've brought in some more goodies for your creative pleasures and have tried to give you examples of artwork using them. I hope that helps jumpstart your creative juices (just in case you needed a jumpstart!).

Enjoy your summer and have a happy, relaxing and creative time!

New Summer Challenge!
with prizes!

and there's always more that I can't categorize!!

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Site Siting

At long last byhandartist
Patti Sandham
has created her own website!
You can see lots of her work on this website - even some farther down in this newsletter in
Challenging Patti

But now you can see even more of Patti's fabulous creations!

Click here to go to Patti's site! Welcome.htm

Congratulations Patti!

Important links at your fingertips!

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Books to Inspire

Back next month

Don't forget if you'd like to share some artwork that you have stamped with a Quietfire Rubber Stamp, please send me a copy and I'll be delighted to put in the Stamping Gallery.

Don't be shy!

Please drop into my other website and see how the challenge is going!

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Favourite things

Cotton Twill!

Quietfire Design now carries cotton twill in a variety of widths. Here are some samples of the white twill which I have dyed using Procion MX dyes (except for two which have been dyed with walnut ink).

The cotton twill on the left is undyed and following to the right, the twill has been coloured by the following methods: Walnut Ink soaked and rinsed;
Procion Dyes MX in the following colours: Olive, Antique Gold, Burgundy, Medium Blue, Bronze, Golden Yellow and Rust Orange.
I particularly like the Olive and Bronze! The wide strip along the bottom was painted in a variety of strengths of Walnut Ink and not rinsed.

To dye the strips I used about 1/4 tsp of dye in 50ml (about 1.5 oz) of water and allowed them to soak in the dye for several hours then rinsed them.T
Below are 3 examples of where I have used twill tape...o

Although you can't see it well, this piece of twill was put through the inkjet printer. First I chose the text I wanted on the twill and made sure it was not too large a point size for the tape. I rotated the text so that it ran down the length of the letter size paper and printed it. I cut a piece of twill the appropriate length for the quote and placed it over top of the text I had just printed out on the paper. A piece of tape was used to anchor the leading edge of the twill tape so it would not catch in the printer. I also used double-sided tape to hold the tape over the previously printed text and sent it off through the printer.

And there is another suggestion for using cotton twill tape in the Stolen Moments section of this newsletter....

Send me your "Favourite Things" suggestions and you might see it here!

Suzanne's Schedule 2004 and 2005

Fri Aug 13 Richmond BC Vendor Evening (see below) Artwerx
Sat Aug 14 Richmond BC The Altered Word Artwerx
Aug 19-21 Lethbridge AB The Altered Word Kalligraphia (see below for details)

Fall 2004

Sept 11 Victoria BC Belgian Eyelet Island Blue Print
Sept 12 Victoria BC Continuing The Altered Book Project Island Blue Print
Oct 16,17 Surrey, BC The Copper book Bookmakers of Vancouver
Oct 22    Bookbinding School District Professional Day
Oct 23    Bookbinding  
Nov 6 Burnaby BC Belgian Eyelet Burnaby Community Education
Nov 7 Vancouver BC Star Book Westcoast Calligraphy Society


Jan 15 Parksville BC Beginning Calligraphy Malaspina University College, Parksville
Feb 18    Bookbinding School District Professional Day


Vancouver British Columbia

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday,
August 13-15, 2004

Quietfire Design is a Sponsor,
and Instructor
at this wonderful 3 day event, with instructors such as Claudine Hellmuth, Karen Michel, Lynne Perella, Michelle Ward and more!

On Friday the 13th, I'll be part of an amazing group of vendors at the
Vendor's Market

from 7 to 10 p.m.

Don't miss it if you're in the Vancouver area - it's the shopping event of the year!

On Saturday the 14th, I'll be teaching a evening class
The Altered Word. Sorry, this class is sold out!


Kalligraphia '04

Lethbridge Community College

Sunday, August 15 to Saturday, August 21 2004

Kalligraphia is a Calligraphy Conference being held in Lethbridge, Alberta
Each class is 2 1/2 days long. Don't miss it!

Instructors and Classes:
Suzanne Cannon: "The Altered Word"
Ewan Clayton: "A Study Workshop of the ALAettering and Working Methods of David Jones" and "Working With the Imagination:
Lorraine Douglas: "The Ruling Pen" and "Cut Paper Letters"
Jean Formo "Walnut Ink Meets the Book" and "Alphabet Inventions"
Kathy Guthrie: "Back in the Day"
Eliza Holliday: "Pointed Brush...The Dancing Hand" and "Graphite Techniques"
Martin Jackson: Uncials" and "Design and Layout"
Betty Locke: "Evoking the Muse"
Gaye Mackie: "Copperplate"
Cherryl Moote: "Sleight of Binding" and "The Journal: Form and Content
Peter Thornton: "The Creative and Expressive Potential of Italic" and "White on White"

Dates: Arrive in Lethbridge Sunday, Aug 15. Classes begin Monday Aug. 16 and end at noon on Saturday Aug. 21. Departure Sunday Aug 22. Cost: Approx $550 CAD. Full details in registration packet.

For registration spot contact:
Connie Furgason
5105-24 Ave South

Lethbridge, Alberta
T1K 7C2

Fabulous Summer Challenge!

Windows of Life Challenge


There will be a pile of prizes! The winners names will be drawn from a hat.

First Prize
$30 of Gentle Thoughts Rubber
Second Prize
$20 of Gentle Thoughts Rubber
Third Prize
A Handbound book
Fourth Prize
A Starter Kit of the new crack-resistant Grow More Wheat Rubber Stamp Acrylic Mounts

All you have to do is decorate a slide mount or coin mount and send it in! It can be mounted on a post card, ATC or other piece of art. It can be art all by itself! Just send it in. You can enter as many times as you wish - but each one has to be different! Your entry(s) will appear in the September newsletter in all its glory!

Window of Life must be received by July 30, 2004 and the draw will take place shortly afterwards. If you don't know where to get your "Windows", I have them here!

Slide Mounts, cardboard - package of 20
Coin Mounts, round, with a mylar window - package of 20
Coin Mounts, oval, with a mylar window - package of 20

Need some inspiration?
Patti Sandham has give us lots in the April byhand newsletter - scroll near the bottom!

Send you entry(s) to Quietfire Design, Box 1231, Port Alberni, BC   V9Y 7M1   Canada

Stolen Moments

Making your own closures

Try using a 1/2" circle punch (but a 3/4" might look better) on black or manilla cardstock and add either eyelets or brads to hold the circles on an envelope or book.

It is sometimes a bit tricky setting eyelets inside an envelope, so you you might choose to go for the brad look. And if you choose the eyelet look, you may want to insert the eyelet from the back and set it outside the envelope - for this I prefer the Quietfire eyelet setter as it creates the same look on both sides of the eyelet, not the split look that some setters give.

Use an awl to pierce the holes for the brads as using a punch will make the hole too large and the brads might fall through (how annoying!). I used a long eyelet for the side that secured the thread and that worked well.

I used waxed linen thread for the string, but any string will do. I wound the thread around the stem of one of the brads or eyelets, behind the cardstock circle before I set it. This step required some, ahem, finesse! You might want to add a dab of glue to secure the string if your closure will be seeing a lot of "action"!

!Create without limits!

Ideas for Creating Interesting Index Tabs in your Decos or Journals

Here is the Letter Deco I did for a byhandartists round robin. Each of the tabs were tags which were coloured and simply glued onto each page.

This is a metals deco I did for a round robin on the CST list and hosted by Linda Cameron. I cut off the ends of copper and aluminum metal tags and used eyelets to attach them to the page. Each person embossed their initials into the tab. What a great bunch!

And yet another method of adding tabs to your pages! This is white 1" twill stamped and 1" black twill stamped with Memories white ink - it's actually brighter in real life.

Oh, and, silly me, I almost forgot.... the Stencil tabs!

(and don't even ASK about the order these are in..... sigh.)

Happy creating!

Fairy Wands

byhandartist, Kathy Leggett, who lives waaaay over on the other side of the continent from me, came up with this wonderful idea for a magic/fairy wand swap. I thought the results were fabulous! Here are a few of them.... Thank you to Kathy, for organizing this very creative swap!

Amber F.


Amber F.

Amber F.

Beth Ann

Elaine M.

Message in Beth Ann's scroll.

Cathy H.

In this delightful collection, Kathy's wands are the star person (#3 from the left)
and the pinwheel wand (#5).

Julie K.

Vickie E.

Challenging Patti

In April, just before Stampers Celebration, I challenged Patti Sandham to create using byhand Products - in particular the Gentle Thoughts rubber stamps. Here are just some of the amazing things she produced! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Patti!

This is continued from last month - if you missed it, check back to June's newsletter to see more amazing artwork!

AndPatti completed this lovely small accordion book shown here. The Paris stamp on spread #4 is from a rubber stamp sheet she designed for Non Sequitar Rubber Stamps.
Don't forget to visit
Patti's new site!


Background Swap Challenge

There were 6 players in this challenge hosted by Leanne Harrison on the byhandartists Yahoo group.

Leanne writes: Background/Foreground ATC Swap Partners signed up to exchange Artists Trading Cards (ATC) backgrounds. The foreground was completed, sent to the partner who completed the ATC and returned the cards to the originator of the background. Lots of fun to see how others interpreted the background. Results were quite stunning. S'more playful "art in your pocket" for the players!

Here are some of the before and afters!

Leanne created these backgrounds.....

This is how Anne completed them!

These are Anne's backgrounds...

And this is how Leanne completed them!

These are Patti's backgrounds...

And this is how Rose completed them!

These are Rose's backgrounds....

And this is how Patti completed them!

These are Mary's backgrounds....

And this is how Leanne completed them.

These are Leanne's backgrounds for Mary....


And this is how Mary completed them.

What's New!
Recent additons to the byhand Products family!

I've scoured the universe to bring you these useful and fun items! For more information about each product, just click on the link.

Upholstery Tacks
on the OCS page

Here is what I did with the upholstery tacks on the cover of this AB. (The small metal frame is also available on the Metalworks page)

Player Piano Paper
on the OCS page

Stencils!! A full set of letters in each package, plus number and symbols -
on the Paper Joys page

Yummy dark Size 5 (2 3/8" x 4 3/4")
Kraft Tags
in Paper Joys

Cotton Twill in a variety of widths
on the OCS page

Gang Tags
in Paper Joys

4 - #7* Tags still attached together. Add them to an Altered Book or add some covers and you have a premade accordion book!

*5 3/4" tall x 2 7/8" per tag

Scrabble Tile Grab Bags!
on the OCS page

Slide Mounts
in Paper Joys

Library Pockets in two sizes
in Paper Joys

Coin Mounts - Round
in Paper Joys

Coin Mounts - Oval
in Paper Joys

Mini Bingo Cards - Perfect ATC size!

in Paper Joys

Vintage Military Laundry Pins!

in Metal Works

Puffy little stars
on the OCS page

Puffy little hearts
on the OCS page

Larger burgundy hearts
on the OCS page
Samples of some of the full sheets of paper I have in stock - oh, yum!!
See them on the OCS page

The Copper Skeleton Leaf
in Metal Works

This scan is enlarged to help show the incredible detail that is visible in this small piece of copper. Overall approximate size of each copper plate is 1 3/4" x 3". Each one is an individual as each leaf is different.

$4.00 USD each.

Original Vintage Ledger Pages
on the OCS page

What an amazing collage item. Each page is dated at the top with 1894 or 1895. Very cool!
Pages measure 8" x 12.5".

Black Mini-Brads

in Metal Works


Microscope Slides!
on the OCS page

If there is any information you would like to see in this newsletter, let me know. Each month I will email you to let you know the new issue is published. If you know someone who would like to receive notice of byhand, just have them email me and I will put them on the list. Bye for now and thanks for visiting!
(250) 723-0321 Quietfire Design

The original title lettering of byhand was done with a Mitchell's Roundhand Nib, size 0, and Higgins Eternal Ink. Quietfire Design Rubber stamps were used to create the other designs.

Artists whose work is shown in this newsletter retain the copyright on their own work.

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