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August 2006 - Issue 56


Gentle Thoughts
for all the parents!


It's almost Back to School time!



Lettered on Black cardstock with Prismacolor Art Stix and highlighted with pencil crayons and Gold Gel Extreme.


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Jonathan Mahood has been drawing and writing cartoons since his brilliant sixth grade breakthrough "An Ant Alphabet".....

Jonathan uses and loves the Quietfire
Brause Steno nibs

for his comic strip
Hoover the Rechargeable Dog.

Great illustrations! Check it out!

I think all us calligraphers would like to see that Ant Alphabet!

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Quietfire 2006 Retreat

Westcoast Whisperings

Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday, July 21-23, 2006

Book spread by Maureen Dyson-Berris

Thanks to everyone who came out to the 2006 Quietfire Retreat! Here are a selection of photos from the weekend. Boy, it was hot! In spite of the heat, the artwork was spectacular! It was just amazing to see things go together to make very unique books and boxes.

Click on each photo to see it larger!

We visited the glass studio of Lori and Jim Wilson on Friday evening. You can see what they have to offer on their site:
Off-Tangent Artworks

It was so HOT! So needless to say Lori didn't demonstrate for long! We went outside and enjoyed iced tea made by her daughter.

Back at the hotel the next morning.... This is our high tech spray booth. We went outside to spray the Adirondack Color Washes!

Some of the fabulous sheets layed out drying before moving inside and being torn down to book size.

Instead of spraying the Color Wash, Susan decided to brush it onto the paper.

Lori ingeniously used whatever was available for quick drying! Did I mention it was hot???

Our room was an old cabaret space which was perfect. We had so much room! The decor was rather interesting...

Deep concentration!

Hard at work!

Bit by bit, the projects took shape. This is Maureen's book.

Decorated pages - sorry I don't know exactly whose books are which!

Decorated pages

Decorated Box

Box and Book

Now I know this is Carole's box, because she put the handle on the "side" and made it like a purse!

Decorated pages

Box and Book

Nettonya's Box and Book

Lori planned to finish her box at home with some treasures she knew she had there.

The Happy Retreaters!

Due to the extreme heat over the weekend of the Retreat, we didn't do the beach and forest walks to collect treasures! My husband and I had done a forest walk the night before battling bugs to collect up branches for the box handles and Leslie, my assistant collected up beach goodies on a trip to Parksville.

The massages were replaced with pedicures and the spa night with a BBQ at our place. Thanks to all the participants for being such delightful guests!

A huge thank you to the following people and businesses for contributing to the Goody Bags!

Anne Atkinson, Saanich BC : folded paper wallets
Nadia Munorolo-Kurjata and Laurie Pawlick, Edmonton AB : microscope slide pins
Judy Lawton, Penticton BC : necklace pocket
Rose Davidson, Victoria BC : handmade petal paper & book corners
Donna Knadle, Chemainus BC : Bingo cards and letter cards
Ruth Cooper, Norman OK: slide mailers
Susan Ewart - Grow More Wheat Designs, Vernon BC : lampwork beads
Lori Peterson, Victoria, BC: Gift bag of fun embellishments
Vickie Enkoff rubber stamps, game pieces
Vickie Rinehart embossing powder
Leanne Bishop & RubyDog's Arthouse: Gift bag of fun embellishments
Quietfire Design: quill rubber stamp, fuzzy stamp cleaner, Lokta paper, wash water collapsible jugs, Life's Journey Idea Book
Port Alberni Chamber of Commerce : Alberni Valley info package
Suzanne Cannon, Usana Heath Sciences: info pamphlet


Close-up of Judy Lawton's goody


Suzanne's Schedule

2006 Current Schedule

To Register:
August 26/27 Denman Island BC The Altered Book Denman Island Arts Centre
Sept 20 North Vancouver BC Calligraphy Then and Now Art in Living Memory - see below
Sept 27 North Vancouver BC Showing Off: Designing the Exhibition and the Memory Book Art in Living Memory - see below
Sept 30 -
October 1
North Vancouver BC The Copper Book This is a private class, but if you're interested, please contact me, and I will send you in the right direction!
October 13 North Vancouver BC Designing Decos for Divas This is a private class, but if you're interested, please contact me, and I will send you in the right direction!
October 14 Burnaby BC The Unfolding Adventures Book Burnaby Community Ed.
October 15 North Vancouver BC Continuing Italic - Coercing Caps! This is a private class, but if you're interested, please contact me, and I will send you in the right direction!
October 28 Surrey BC Over and Under the Covers & Mini Mica Memories Bookmakers of Vancouver
October 29 Surrey BC The Unfolding Adventures Book Bookmakers of Vancouver
November 4 Port Alberni BC Artisan's Craft Fair Hansen Hall, Port Alberni
November 18 Victoria BC The Unfolding Adventures Book Island Blue Print
November 19 Victoria BC Belgian Eyelet Journal Island Blue Print


To see a complete list (more or less!) of the classes Suzanne teaches, click here!

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The Altered Book Project

On beautiful Denman Island - Register Now for this weekend!

There is still room in this class the last time I checked. Treat yourself to a weekend get away and make art all weekend!!


Art in Living Memory: Creative Workshops for Seniors

A Free Memory-based workshop program for seniors
led by Professional artists.
Refreshments are included
16 workshops July 5- October 27
Location: North Shore Neighbourhood House/John Braithwaite Community Centre
145 West 1st St, North Vancouver, BC

Drop-ins are welcome at every workshop
Registered participants are guaranteed a place when space is limited.
To Register or to receive a series brochure call

Here are the classes I will be teaching:

Calligraphy Then and Now. Bring your favourite text with you to this workshop and our guest artists will show you how to celebrate your text in beautiful or captivating text. The variety of techniques taught means there’s a way for anyone to make text come alive. Workshop participants will choose some of the works created to include in the Art in Living Memory Book and exhibition. GUEST ARTIST: SUZANNE CANNON Wednesday, September 20th Noon - 3:00pm JWorkshop#163820 BCC Artist Studio

Showing Off: Designing the Exhibition and the Memory Book This workshop involves the design and creation of the Art in Living Memory exhibition. Workshop participants and guest artists will create a dynamic and compelling exhibition from the work done by the participants of all the workshops in this series. The exhibition will be in the John Braithwaite Community Centre. GUEST ARTISTS: DWIGHT KOSS, SUZANNE CANNON Wednesday, September 27th Noon - 3:00pm Workshop#163823 JBCC Artist Studio

The Great Rolodex Swap

Now why is this called the Great Rolodex Swap? Good question. I was in a mood....

It's all Darla's fault! She suggested it and I thought it sounded like a really fun idea. So 13 of us daring souls decided to venture into the artistic unknown and try something new.

You know what a Rolodex is - one of those twirly things for your desk full of boring contact information.... Well, we put the fun into a Rolodex! My intention is to have continuing rounds of The Great Rolodex Swap, in the hopes that one of these days I'll have a Rolodex filled with incredible art. I've got a fabulous start!

Thanks to everyone who played! Click on the thumbnails below to see each card larger.









Nancy C.

Pat G







Violet ATC swap

Beth Ann continues to hostess a 3 for 3 swap of Artist Trading Cards! Our recent challenges were Red, Orange and Yellow, Green, Blue and Indigo (and you can see those ATCs in the previous issues of byhand). Beth Ann says she is going to put us through the whole rainbow of colours!

Thanks Beth Ann for being a wonderful hostess - and thanks to everyone who played.

(ATCs are Artist Trading Cards which measure 3 1/2" x 2 1/2")

Click on each on to see the larger version.



Beth Ann


Donna K

Donna C

Donna C





Judy B

Kathy L

Linda T



Pat G






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Artists whose work is shown in this newsletter retain the copyright on their own work.

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