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May/June 2009 - Issue 72


Gentle Thoughts


Artwork by Yogi Grunwald
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There has been one happy winner!

Congratulations to Holly in Quebec!

who correctly identified which page my Quietfire Ad was placed in the
April/May 2009 Stampers' Sampler

You can see how Holly used the stamp she won in her artwork here and on her blog

Arts by Flowers

(April 13th entry!)

And no one has won the second prize - you'll have to search my blog....

Did you upload your artwork onto the
Flickr Quietfire Creations Pool
So far there have been 3 winners drawn!


won $60 worth of rubber!


and I can't remember how many $ worth I sent!! lol!


won $30 worth of rubber!

Congratulations to each of you!

Please note, these names were drawn - I hate judging artwork!! - I'm showing you these as examples of the winners' artwork! Pretty darn cool, eh?

You will have seen the card at the top of this page sent to me by Yogi in celebration of the 8th anniversary of this newsletter.... Well she was more on the ball than I was!

So better late than never -
we're having an
8th Anniversary

One of my first ways to celebrate is to announce the
Grand Opening
of the
Quietfire Creations Forum

you'll find some of the members are already there!

Come join us - it's a fabulous place to share your Quietfire Artwork! You can create your own page and add photos of your artwork. There are sub-groups you can join to ask your specific questions or start a conversation - choose one or all from the
and check the Swaps group to see what's happening there!
or you can just go watch the fabulous slide show on the home page
(but I hope you'll join us!).

And what are we going to do to celebrate?

We're going to have an

from Design Team Alumni Wanda Hentges

Gesso Pizzazz!
or how to take plain old white and make it exciting!

We'll be using the chat function on Quietfire Creations! Make sure you're signed up to receive the notices - on the .ca homepage (in the News department right-hand column)

for the Online Class:

Thursday, June 18th, 2009
at 6 pm Pacific time, 9 pm Eastern time

Meet us on Quietfire Creations and
click on the little green chat balloon on the bottom right,
then on the little person with the red button beside them
and you're in!


AND more give aways!

Every week for the next 4 weeks,
I'll draw a name from the Quietfire Creations members who have uploaded at least 1 piece of artwork on their profile and they will win a prize. (It might be rubber stamps.... or something else if you're not a stamper...!)
Don't forget rubber stamped artwork needs to include at least one Quietfire Rubber stamp, but Bookbinding or Calligraphy....well, I'll never know if you used QF products, will I? lol!!!

Good Luck!!



Site Siting and Books to Inspire

Recently Lizard and I were out browsing/shopping and went into a small gallery where they had these amazing books by Charles Van Sandwyk. You really have to see them. Some arm twisting persuaded Liz to write a little info about him. Thanks Lizard!

Charles Van Sandwyk
by Lizard

Charles Van Sandwyk is an amazing man, in my opinion, not bad on the eyes either. I adore his work. When I first discovered his cards I assumed he was an artist from the turn of the century. I was wrong. He is a young man very much alive spending half his time in Vancouver and half in Fiji. What more could one want?

Soon after discovering his cards I found a book he had written and illustrated. I don't remember which one this was but I now have about 9 or 10 of his books. Most of these were given to me by my husband. I believe VS is working on a fairy book at the moment. I can't wait for it to come out.


A few years ago a coworker brought in a book that her husband gave her for her December birthday. I fell in love with the book immediately. This was her first introduction to CVS. This book was Affairs of the Heart. I told this woman how lucky she was that her husband gave her a book like this, my husband would never think to give me a book like this. Well always trying to prove me wrong you would never guess what I got for Christmas not 3 week later. I started laughing when I opened up the gift and saw what it was. He wondered what was so funny. I told him what I said to my coworker. His comment was something to the effect that he too is a wonderful husband. As the day wore on I asked him who helped him pick out my Christmas present this year. You see I do know my husband very well and HE NEVER WOULD HAVE THOUGHT TO GIVE ME A BOOK LIKE THIS. Anyway it turns out that our dear friend Patti suggested this book so I owe her a huge thank you as now my husband always tries to get me a CVS book for my birthday or Christmas.

Anyone want to suggest to my husband to buy me an original CVS painting for Christmas????

ed. note: For more information on CVS visit these websites and even better: Joyce Williams Antique Maps and Prints

You really have to see these in real life. He usually has different paper within one book. Some have deckle edges. Some books have gold foiling and if he does the original lettering himself, then it's pretty darn interesting!! I couldn't decide on one book when so many had equally wonderful, but different, elements to fascinate me.

The Courtenay ATC group

is hosting a show and trade for the month of July. This event overlaps a community art event call
Local Colors July 16&17.

There are lots of different kinds of arts presentations around the town during these days. Our show will mesh well with this and offer another art expression.

The requirements are quite simple:

  • 1.submit your cards in a nine pocket trading card can submit 2 or 3 sleeves...these will hang in a large space in a very visible part of the building as well as a large street front window.
  • 2.At the end of the show you will receive 8 cards for every 9 submitted. The extra cards will be divided among the people in the Courtenay group who have worked putting the show together. You will also receive a small brochure or poster(still to be decided) with info about the show and those who participated.
  • 3.When you submit your cards please send a return addressed and postaged envelope. The group will cover postage for submissions outside of Canada .If you are a local artist you can drop off and pick up your cards at the shop. Anything you can do to help us ensure a smooth exchange of atc cards will be appreciated.
  • 4.On the back of your card please include your name and any info about the process...a contact address if you feel comfortable about it...
  • 5.The subject matter is up to the can work with the theme "Local Colors" and what it means to you or create for the sheer joy of creating...
  • 6.Please send your submissions to

Leapenhi* Paper Design
218 5th. Street,
Courtenay B.C. Canada...

  • 7.We would like the cards in by June30th. so we can record and organize all the sleeves.You can check out the show at as we will try to upload some pictures of the event.
  • 8.Any questions? you can get in touch with me at or 250-334-0221

Kind regards Penny

*want to know how to say it?? Lee - Pen - high

Some photos from the June 7, 2009 Home Sweet Home Journal class at Leapenhi

Penny from Leapenhi
(who probably won't be happy about this photo!!!)


Artwork by byhand subscribers!

Baby Shoes by Kathy O'Bryan, inspired by Kim Prince's Design Team Project

In the mail

From Tania T. in Australia!
a beautiful gate opening card with a pull out heart with a message on the back!

Sylvia Shauvin
Washington State
the thank you is cut paper!

Charmaine Stack
Victoria, BC

Yogi Grunwald
Calgary AB

Deborah March
Halifax NS


Judi Dampier
Vancouver BC

If you've sent me something and I haven't posted it, please feel free to email me and remind me!!

Inspiration and Projects for you from the
Quietfire Design Team!

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For even more inspiration, visit the new Quietfire Designers Blog!

Make sure you subscribe to the blog as well, so you don't miss any of their wonderful creations!

The Quietfire Design Team

We regretfully say goodbye to Kelly Burton and would like to take this opportunity to send her a HUGE thanks for valuable contributions to the Quietfire Design Team. Kelly initiated the
Tuesday Created byhand Challenge

which is enjoyed by artists all over the world - it's amazing!

Of course she hasn't given up art! You can continue to follow her blog.

Thank You Kelly!

Welcome Yogi!

The uber talented Yogi Grunwald, who has been a dedicated contributor to the newsletter and driving force on the byhandartists Yahoo group, is the new member on the Quietfire Design Team. Yogi has taken over Kelly's duties on the weekly challenge. We look forward to seeing her fabulous projects here soon!
Read more about Yogi here!


Yogi has created a project for your pleasure. Here is the
Design Team Project of the Week

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Also in print!

Laura Haviland in the April/May Stampers' Sampler.
And here is what she created with one of her publication rewards:

you can visit Laura's blog here!


byhandartists' Artwork
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Vicky M

May ATC Swap









Linda T









the schedule so far

Some of Suzanne's Class Samples

To register, please contact:
June 7 Courtenay, BC Home Sweet Home Journal Leapenhi
Sept 2009
Courtenay, BC Beginning Italic Calligraphy Courtenay Recreation
(after Aug 18)
Sept 19 Victoria, BC Lutradur Journal Island Blue Print
(registration begin in Aug)
Sept 20 Victoria, BC Italic Bootcamp Island Blue Print
(registration begin in Aug)
Oct 24 Winnipeg, MB tba Calligraphers Guild of Winnipeg
Oct 25 Winnipeg, MB Pipe Organ Binding Calligraphers Guild of Winnipeg


To register, please contact
April 8-9 Maple Ridge, BC Lutradur Journal Vancouver Guild of Fibre Arts
Fibre in the Forest Retreat


To see a complete list (more or less!) of the classes Suzanne teaches, click here!

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  • Qualifying Publications:
    Just Cards (have you seen the Quietfire ad?)
    Rubberstamp Madness (have you seen the Quietfire ad?)
    Somerset Studio
    Scrap and Stamp(have you seen the Quietfire ad?)
    Stampers Sampler (have you seen the Quietfire ad?)
    Take 10 (or other Stampington publications)

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