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Yogi Grunwald
Calgary, AB Canada

Born in Antwerp, Belgium; raised in Montreal and currently living in Calgary, Alberta. I'm a wonderer and love traveling.

I've been an artist from as far back as I can remember (and that's a ways back, shh, I won't tell you how long)... I've dabbled in many craft related fields, such as knitting, embroidery, pottery, ceramics, macrame, papier mache, etc., and the most recent before moving to Calgary, were stained glass and photography. Since moving to Calgary, I was introduced to calligraphy and from that evolved into various related paper arts, such as card making, rubber stamping, book binding. I love working in the mediums of colored pencils and watercolors, but also love to play and experiment with all mediums and new toys on the market.

My art work, especially macrame and stained glass, graces the homes all over the world. I've been published in several newspapers both English and foreign, and magazines. I had a one man (actually woman) show in the Confederation for the Arts Gallery in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Been involved in several other art related shows both juried and non juried. I've recently begun teaching again, now in the fields of book binding and lettering.

When I'm not working at my part time job in accounting and property management, I'm creating art in my studio, and that's probably every day of the week. I've never been married or have any children. Thought I'd leave that to everyone else.

Thanks Suzanne for including me in your Design Team

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