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June/July 2008 - Issue 70


Gentle Thoughts



attributed to Edward Teller

artwork by Suzanne Cannon


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Shaving Cream Marbling with Ecoline


Check out the new artwork submitted by very talented artists, using the following products:
There are 2 things
I am the connections
Keep your faith

Artwork by
Connie Piotter
Jacqueline de Groot
Karen Steadman
Kersten Christianson
Kristy Christopherson
Wanda Hentges

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Site Siting

Recently I had the pleasure of taking a workshop taught by
Georgia Angelopoulos
in Victoria, BC.

Georgia's calligraphic passion is Gold and Gilding. She knows a lot about it and is constantly adding to her knowledge. Have a look at her site - once I start looking at it, I'm lost in the eye candy until someone needs something!!
Even if you're not a calligrapher, her exquisite works will make you want to pick up a pen and create!

You can read more about the workshop I attended on my blog here and the artwork I started in the workshop can be seen in its completed form at the top of this page.

A little diversion from the Paper Arts....

Artist Shannon Dooling answered the Journal Prompt in May with a most interesting reply and photo!

The prompt was:
If you *had* to have a tattoo, what would it be? Where would this tattoo be on your body? Would you design the tattoo yourself?

Here is Shannon's tattoo

The arrow points to her heart.

Aren't you dying to know more???
With wording requested by Shannon, this tattoo was lettered and designed by a calligrapher (a very good one), inked by someone not a calligrapher (darn!) and was prompted by a number of life experiences.

By the way, Shannon is just fine, although still recovering from a serious car accident. She found the MVA was a catalyst for the spiritual/creative journey she is now on.
Enjoy the journey Shannon!
Thanks for sharing!

The Scor-it website now puts out a newsletter! Sign up for it on the site. There's lots to see on their revamped website including projects and videos!
The Scor-it Board is *such* a great tool!


You'll find a project there this month from someone you know.....
(I'm their Project & Designer of the Month)

Click on the photo to go directly to the current Scor-it Newsletter

I'm celebrating another
Scor-it Project
with a SALE on the Scor-it Mini Board!

$25.00 CAD
(regular $29.95) You won't see the sale price till it's in your shopping cart!

Sale goes to the end of July - or until I run out!

Some of Suzanne's other Scor-it Projects
- click on the image to open the project in a new window.

Books to Inspire



Jaen's Opinionated Book Review:
Title: Colour - A Natural History of the Palette
Author: Victoria Finlay
Publisher: Random House Trade Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-8129-7142-2
cover photo: Bernard Schmid (c) Photonica

If you had to pick your favourite colour, what would it be?
Did you know that your choice probably involves
Retired Pirates,
or ALL of the above?

For example, my beloved Cobalt Blue is named after a German gremlin Kobald for a very good reason. …
‘Kobald was the name of a vicious sprite who lived in the earth and resented intruders. It is a decent metal on its own, but it attracts a nasty companion in the form of arsenic. So the European silver miners who often came across it hated it, gave it the name of the gremlin and for centuries they threw it away before it ate their feet and attacked their lungs. It was not simply the arsenic which made it seem a mysterious force; in the 17th Century people discovered its propensity to change colour on heating and used it in invisible inks; when the plain paper was held over a fire, it would magically turn green where the secret messages had been traced.’ - excerpt from page 296 –

And it was the Blue in the stained glass window of Chartres Cathedral that caused the 8 year old Victoria to ask the eternal question 'why?' when told by her father that 'we don't know how to make that colour of stained glass anymore.'

That Question led Victoria to investigate the palette and as she writes in her Acknowledgements, ‘ I had thought, when I set out on my travels – when I first tumbled through that paint box, that I would somehow find, in the original stories of colours, something pure. It was a naïve Garden of Eden moment, and of course I forgot the Rainbow Serpent that had to be there in order to make it a real Paradise. In the historical and chemical paint box I have found more corruption, poisonings, wars and politics than even the Medicis could have appreciated.’

The chapters are arranged by Colour beginning with Ochre and ending with Violet, with side trips to Brown, Black and White, making it easy to jump right in to the paint pot of your favourite color, explore its somewhat murky or mysterious heritage and then continue on your journey.

I guarantee that after reading this book, you will not be able to look at your favourite colour without thinking, …’gee, that’s a glorious shade of red, I wonder if …’

Even the simple pencil has its chance to intrigue – ever wonder why pencils are yellow?

And how about the colour of the Universe?

It’s all in here.

Grab a copy, your favourite brew and enjoy a 'Colour'full Summer!

Instructors Supply Lists

(find them on the website under Categories- Instructor Supply Lists)

Going to a calligraphic workshop soon?
These instructors have graciously allowed me to post their supply lists on my site! Thanks!

Judy Melvin

Jacqueline Sullivan

If you are attending these workshop, click on the photos above to see the supply list . Links to their websites are included, if possible.


Guest Designer Project

Wedding Monograms
from Holly Craft

Holly Craft has always enjoyed papercrafting.

As a small child, she loved art and cardmaking and those loves just increased, with others such as photography, scrapbooking and watercoloring being added along the way.

She began using stamps in her creations in 1999 and that really opened up the possibilities. Holly teaches classes, demos for several companies, has served on several design teams and has been published in many magazines, including Take Ten, Legacy, Memory Makers, and Rubber Stamper Magazine.
She also enjoys playing with calligraphy and loves beautiful quotes, so when she found Quietfire Design, she was very excited!

Holly and her husband live in Atlanta, Ga and though their two children are both married and she did the papercrafting for their weddings, she still "adopts" brides and grooms and does papercrafting for them also.

You can find Holly on the web at Today's Creations

Inspiration and Projects for you from the
Quietfire Design Team!

Catch the Weekly Design Team Project!
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For even more inspiration, visit the new Quietfire Designers Blog!

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In Print this Month

Have you seen the Fabulous Design Team's artwork in print????
The artwork of Wanda Hentges can be seen in the June issue of Just Cards and the July issue of Vamp Stamp News.
Deborah March has 6(!) cards stamped with Quietfire Design Rubber in the Summer Issue of Just Cards!

Perhaps they are not Stars Card

is by Marg Oberg in Alberta and can be seen in the June issue of Vamp Stamp News.

In this issue of VSN Marg writes how she created the face from a mold.


Monica Black's Love card is published in the
Summer issue of Just Cards - On newstands now!!

Marg and Monica won $25 worth of free Quietfire Rubber for her published card! Thanks ladies!

The Summer 2008 Issue of Just Cards was a bumper issue for Quietfire Design!
Thank you all sooooo much!

Meet the Quietfire Design Team for June-December 2008

I'd like to introuce the Quietfire Design Team - click on their photos to read more about each member and see some of their artwork.
I'm so lucky to be able to work with these wonderful and talented ladies! Each of them has their own unique style and I love them all.
Lucky me to be able to rub elbows (in cyber-fashion) with them!


byhandartists Monthly ATC swap

Each month, byhandartist Yogi Grunwald hosts the ATC swap. No pressure, make as many as you want (even none!), sometimes there is a theme, sometimes not.

Here are some of the ATCs from the May swap!

Thanks for letting us take a peek!
Click on each set to see it larger.

Anne A.

Carmen G.

Dennis G.

Irene B.

Joanne R.

Judy L.

Nadia M.

Wanda H.

Wanda H.

Wanda H.

Yogi G.




Dates Location Workshop To register, please contact:
Nov 8 Victoria BC Home Sweet Home Island Blue Print
Nov 9 Victoria BC Harlequin Stitched Journal Island Blue Print

To see a complete list (more or less!) of the classes Suzanne teaches, click here!

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Have you had your artwork published in a magazine?
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If so, then you are eligible to receive a reward of free rubber stamps!
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  • Qualifying Publications:
    Just Cards (have you seen the Quietfire ad?)
    Rubberstamp Madness (have you seen the Quietfire ad?)
    Somerset Studio
    Scrap and Stamp(have you seen the Quietfire ad?)
    Stampers Sampler (have you seen the Quietfire ad?)
    Take 10 (or other Stampington publications)

Just check with me for other publications that may qualify.

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