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The Scored Accordion card
©2008 Suzanne Cannon

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from the February/March 2006 byhand Newsletter

Supplies you will need:

click on each image to see it larger.

Stamp the Tiles using the Coffee Bean Brilliance ink on the writing weight paper and carefully cut out the little squares.
  Cut your long piece of cardstock to 4" x 20"

Set the Stop Guide on your Scor-it Board to 4" as each of the panels in this project is a 4" square. Align the long side of your cardstock against the centering ruler at the top of the board and butt the end of the paper against the Stop Guide and score. Use your non-scoring hand to hold the paper from twisting.(I had to hold my camera upside down and take the photo with my left hand - so that hand was otherwise engaged!)

If you're a lefty, you'll probably want to put the Stop Guide on the other side of center.

Flip the cardstock over and again align the long side against the centering ruler. Butt the folded edge of the card against the Stop Guide and score.
Once again flip the cardstock over and butt the latest fold against the Stop Guide. Score.
Repeat the flip and score one more time.
  Download the template pdf here!
Cut out the templates,
and cut the center out of Panel 1.
Place this template over each of the panels one at a time and use a pencil to mark the square in the center. This is where you will glue your stamped Tile.
Using Removable Tape to hold the template for Panel 1 on the first panel (this will be the one furthest to the left!), use your free hand to hold the paper in place (I had to hold the camera!) and score where indicated on the template. Be careful you don't overscore, or make the score too long. With a little practice you will get to know your Scoring Tool really well!
There will be two score lines at 90 degrees to the length of the paper. Line the easy one up at the head by the centering ruler. Score where indicated again being careful not to overscore.
The other line that must be scored cannot be lined up so you can see the notch in the centering ruler. Darn. Time for a little finesse! By running your finger along the surface of the Scor-it Board, you can feel the ridge of the scoring rail. Position the card and template over top and position your Scoring Tool carefully on the rail. It will feel like you're working blindfolded, but it works! Again, with a little practice, you'll have no problems with this technique.
Remove the Panel 1 Template so you can see your handy work! Next place the Panel 2 Template over the second panel and score where indicated. Use Panel 3 and Panel 4 templates the same way. I didn't score the last panel of the card.
Glue the backs of your stamped Tiles and place them in the penciled square you made earlier.
Sometimes finesse is again required if you didn't quite get the scores right! It's probably better to center the Tile between the scores than to stick to the pencil mark! Erase the pencil mark if this happens. Only you will know!
Write a nice comment or saying around the Tile on the last panel. Voila! Beautiful and simple!


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