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Marbling with Ecoline Watercolour Inks*
©2008 Deborah March

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1. Fill your container (I use a cookie sheet) with shaving foam (not gel) and use a wooden stick to smooth it out.

2. Add several drops of each of the Ecoline Watercolour Inks you want to use, dropping them in a random pattern over the shaving cream. I use the pipettes from the shop to do this.

3. Swirl the inks into the shaving cream, until you like the designs you see.

4. Press your cardstock into the shaving cream. Make sure the card front is completely coated.

5. Pull cardstock out of the shaving cream.

6. Lay another piece of cardstock on top of the one you pulled out of the pan. Press together gently, then pull apart. This gives you two shaving cream coated pieces of cardstock.

7. Scrape off the shaving cream with a spatula, and wipe off any extra with paper towel.


8. Repeat with more cardstock. I usually dye eight pieces of cardstock with each tray of shaving foam, with each sheet progressively lighter and more subtle.

9. Let dry. Press with a dry iron to flatten, or leave overnight between heavy books.


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