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September/October 2006 - Issue 57


Gentle Thoughts



Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In Canada: Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
In the US: Race for the Cure


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Books to Inspire

By the Batch - Creative Cards, Postcards, Envelopes & More

by Judy Kauffman

I'm delighted to introduce you to Judi Kauffman's latest book! Judi has written absolutely delightful reviews of the Quietfire Rubber, so it is my pleasure to review her book here. If you're not familiar with Judi Kauffman, watch for her name from now on in just about any magazine you read. Sooner or later, you'll see it on a review or article.

In By the Batch, Judi shows us 25 "batches" of quick and classy techniques. What is a batch? Well, since you have all those art supplies out to make one card, why not just keep going and prepare a whole bunch!
In the techniques section, Judi covers topics such as Wet Stamping, Masking, Embossing (in a variety of ways) and Doodles - turning your doodles into cards. There is a wonderful section on collaging; starting out and altering and decorating collage papers. But there is lots more!

The thing I *really* love about this book is Judi's section on layout. These are brilliant! Each page tells you about a layout style, such as the Chopstick Layout and then shows you examples. There are 13 different layouts, plus a section on combining layouts.
If you're stumped for layout inspiration, just open up this chapter and you'll be on your way in a jiffy! Fabulous tips from a professional designer!

Have By the Batch as a handy reference close to your creative space and you'll never be short of ideas! Well done, Judi!

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Late addition to the Products list...

Peerless Water Colors!

The Altered Book Project on Denman Island

I was lucky enough to be asked to teach at the brand new Denman Island Arts Centre in late August. We had a spectacularly warm, clear weekend and I applaud the participants for staying inside to play! Here are some of the photos from that weekend. Click on each one to see it larger.

If you're looking for a weekend artistic getaway - check out the Denman Island Arts Centre - it's a brand new facility!

I stayed at a really lovely B&B - Hilltop Magic B&B. Unfortunately, I didn't get to meet the owners - they were doing a Magic Show on Pender Island, I was told! Check out their photo gallery - now isn't that to die for?


Suzanne's Schedule

2006 Current Schedule

To Register:
October 13 North Vancouver BC Designing Decos for Divas This is a private class, but if you're interested, please contact me, and I will send you in the right direction!
October 14 Burnaby BC The Unfolding Adventures Book Burnaby Community Ed.
October 15 North Vancouver BC Continuing Italic - Coercing Caps! This is a private class, but if you're interested, please contact me, and I will send you in the right direction!
October 28 Surrey BC Over and Under the Covers & Mini Mica Memories Bookmakers of Vancouver
October 29 Surrey BC The Unfolding Adventures Book Bookmakers of Vancouver
November 4 Port Alberni BC Artisan's Craft Fair Hansen Hall, Port Alberni
November 18 Victoria BC The Unfolding Adventures Book Island Blue Print
November 19 Victoria BC Belgian Eyelet Journal Island Blue Print


February 24 Victoria BC tba Island Blue Print
February 25 Victoria BC tba Island Blue Print
April 14 Saltspring Island BC Artist's Journal in a Day Stitches Quilt Shop
April 15 Saltspring Island BC Fabric Ribbon Journal Stitches Quilt Shop
July 21-28 Shawnigan Lake BC The Altered Word Island Magic - The 27th International Conference for Calligraphers



To see a complete list (more or less!) of the classes Suzanne teaches, click here!

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Stolen Moments

All of the links in these articles should open a new browser window. When you are finished viewing the new page, just close the window and you'll be right back here!

Charming Options

You have a whole world of possibilities for creating charms for your jewellery, altered books, cards and more. Here are a few of them!

Option 1

The classic method for making a charm is by sandwiching a collage or image between glass, wrapping the "sandwich" together with copper tape, and then using stained glass solder to finish. Don't forget to solder in a jump ring for hanging.
This technique is perfected by Sally Jean Alexander, so I won't even show you mine. I made one before I took a class with Sally Jean and, well, it's just too embarrassing to bring it out in public! If you ever get to take a class with Sally Jean, run to sign up.
Here is her new book, Pretty Little Things, which is now available. I don't know if she tells you her soldering methods, as my copy is still on its way! Here are the Amazon links.

If you can't get to one of Sally Jean's classes, I highly recommend you take a class with someone who knows how to solder. It'll save you a lot of time and aggravation!

Option 2

Here is the Easy Peasey version of a charm. Take two Microscope Slides and sandwich a transparency or other artwork between the slides. Edge the charm with 3/8" Copper Tape. To add a hanger to the charm, use a Leaf Bail bent over the top and glue it on with E6000 (which will make a neater job than the one I did on the charm above!!). I always apply my E6000 with my handy dandy Spatula, which wipes clean after gluing!

Option 3

I just love this charm and wear it a lot. (It's my Mom as a little girl in the photo) This is one of the smaller Flip Top Frames onto which I have jewellery-soldered a pair of the Wing Charms. Using E6000 glue, I glued the frame shut and added the "A" Alphabet Charm. There is a loop at the tops of these frames, but it wasn't large enough for the Chain to pass through, so I used a Brass Split Ring to attach the charm to the chain.
(Previously I had used a brass jump ring for this job, but the jump ring opened up and the charm fell off - not great! The Jump Rings I carry now seem to be more tempered and not so susceptible to opening under pressure - but since I didn't want to lose my charm, I've opted for a Split Ring! Beware of jump rings that are very soft! They might be easy to work with, but don't put them on anything that needs strength!)

You can have different artwork in each side of these Flip Top Frames. They have a bit of depth, so you can use 3D elements inside the frame. I use small pieces of Mica for the "glass" and a small piece of bookboard to fill the space in the middle, if necessary. (There is photo of my Dad as a little boy on the back side of this charm.)

If you don't have any Mica to use as "glass" for your frame, you can use Transparencies.

Here is one of the large Flip Top Frames in action.

There is a real little tiny starfish mounted between two pieces of Mica. The back piece of Mica was stamped on with StazOn ink and the the starfish was held in place with Perfect Paper Adhesive Gloss (recommended for use with Mica).

Option 4

Okay, so you have a bunch of these Microscope slides and you don't know what to do with them? Ranger is now producing their Memory Frames which are little metal frames which open easily and allow you to pop in a transparency or flat piece of artwork. There is already a jump ring attached so you don't even need to think about that! What could be easier? Just note that you can't have a lot of thick embellishments on your artwork, as you can with the Flip Top Frames. You can substitute Mica, which is thinner than glass. This will allow you a bit more room for bulkier artwork. If you don't have Mica, try using Transparencies as glass.

Since you can't fit a lot on the artwork, add the embellishments to the frame!

Option 5

Well, if you're like me, you just can't resist the classic square. This is another of Ranger's Memory Frames - except they're square. They work just like the rectangular, but you need the square glass, too.




I first learned this foil and gluestick technique from Rose Davidson. Love it! For a really wonderful background (I especially like it in altered books) try the following:
(my apologies - foil is so hard to photograph or scan!)

  • Brush a medium concentration of Walnut Ink onto your page and allow it to dry.
  • Take your gluestick and randomly spread glue over the surface of the page.
  • Take a piece of Transfer Foil* and lay it over the area where you applied the glue and rub.
  • In order for the foil to transfer, the glue will have to be tacky enough, but not dry. Peel back the corner of the foil and check your progress. If the foil is not pulling off the mylar, put it back down and burnish some more. Pull the foil off the page when you you have enough to please you.
  • It's fun now to place a different foil over the page - if there is still active glue present, it will pick up the new colour of foil! For this sample, I actually added some more glue.
  • Now decorate your page!
  • I lettered the word Foil with a Staedtler Calligraph Duo.

* Transfer foil is a metallic foil adhered to mylar or clear plastic. The mylar side is the shiny metallic side. The back side is not metallic - this is the side that is glued down. When gluing down your foil, place the shiny side face up on the glue and rub.

Another fun tip:
Once the foil is laid on the page, you can letter or draw into it with an awl or X-acto. I did that on this page, it just doesn't show up on the web!

Working with Alcohol Inks

A lot of you have been playing with Alcohol Inks for forever, but I'm new to them. And I haven't had so much fun since the pigs ate Grandma!

Essentially, you take glossy white cardstock, drop a few different colours of Adirondack Alcohol Inks onto the page and smoosh! The great thing about these colours is that any combination seems to work!
I tried a variety of methods when I was playing with the colours. But the most important thing I found was that using the Felt Applicator Tool helped immensely.

Dropping the colour randomly on the surface of the paper and allowing the inks to blend by tipping the paper is one method, but here are a few more ideas:

  • spread the Alcohol Blending Solution on the paper first and then drop the inks into the Blending solution
  • spread the Alcohol Blending Solution on the paper and drop the colours along the top edge of the Alcohol Blending puddle and let them flow down the page.
  • Use the Krylon Metallic Pens by pumping the tip into the Alcohol Inks on the page, then tip your page. The metal floats on the surface of the Alcohol Ink and adds fabulous glitz. Move it around with the Applicator Tool.
  • Blend some Alcohol Inks on the glossy cardstock, then drop the Alcohol Blending Solution on a "finished background". Allow it to dry, then stamp into the cleared area. You just need one drop! (That is what I did on the bottom right sample above, and used As You Dream inked with StazOn Black.)
  • After your background is dry, letter onto your project with the Staedtler Calligraph Duo marker. (This is what I did with the samples above which say Happy Birthday)
  • Use the Alcohol Inks to add colour to your metal items. At the top of this newsletter, the Journey of a Thousand Miles card had a Silver Bail and Silver Brads which were coloured with the Alcohol Inks in a complimentary colour! Gotta love it! I've also coloured Aluminum Tags (and Copper Tags!) as well as the Silver Tape with these inks.

Once you've created your background, you may stamp or letter on it. Or leave it alone, it's a piece of artwork all by itself! Cut out pieces of your Alcohol Inked backgrounds and mount them on cardstock ( I love putting them on Black Cardstock). Then I use Gel Extremes to write on the inside. Yummy!

Then, of course, you can play with the Metallic Mixatives on Black Glossy Cardstock....

Before you get started with these, make sure you have lots of glossy cardstock -

Once you start playing with these things, you won't be able to stop
- the magic just keeps happening!

Larger version of the inspiration button
The capital I was PhotoShopped in place.



It's the End of the Rainbow Metallics ATC swap

Beth Ann concludes her ongoing 3 for 3 swap of Artist Trading Cards! Our recent challenges were Red, Orange and Yellow, Green, Blue and Indigo and Violet (and you can see those ATCs in the previous issues of byhand).
This month shows you the Pot of Gold (or metal of your choice) ATCs at the End of the Rainbow

Thanks Beth Ann for being a wonderful hostess - and thanks to everyone who played.

(ATCs are Artist Trading Cards which measure 3 1/2" x 2 1/2")

Click on each on to see the larger version.

Anne A.

Anne A.

Donna C






Linda T.




Pat G.





Next month you can see Past the Rainbow as Yogi hosts a Black and White ATC swap!


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Hand Swap

We loved the results of the Hand Mingle so much (see byhand Newsletter May 2006) that we wanted to do this as a "Fat Book" Swap. We adjusted the "rules" for a fat book swap to accommodate fewer players! But we have just as many doodads and embellishments!

A huge thanks to Mary-Beth for hostessing - or should I say a round of applause!

Click on each hand below to see it larger!

Donna K.

Donna K.


Joanne R

Julie B

Linda T

Linda T



Nancy C.

Nancy C.




Ruth C

Ruth C

Susan M


Vicky M

Vicky M

Here are my hands which I bound with my Rubicoil!
Cool, eh?!


Artists whose work is shown in this newsletter retain the copyright on their own work.

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