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August 2009 - Issue 74


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Lettering by Suzanne Cannon
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Summer Excitement!

On Thursday August 20, 2009
we're having another
online class:

Quietfire Surprise

Monica Black (aka Blackcats) taught the most wonderful classes for me on the former Cyberstampers site.
And Yay! She's back - coerced out of "retirement"!

For this class she will be playing with some new things and reminding how effective some of the older techniques are!
(why Quietfire Surprise? - because even I'm not exactly sure what she'll pull out of her tophat!)

We'll have prizes and a class special.

Make sure you mark it on your calendar
and you are a member of the Quietfire Creations Forum.

Be in the chatroom at
7 p.m. Mountain Time
- that'd be 6 pm on the North American west coast and
9 pm on the East Coast

See you there!

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This month's (our first!) Quietfire Creations Featured Artist is

Sandi Brooks

I live in the Lexington, KY area and as you know this is 'horse' country. It's very beautiful here, lush, blue green grass, miles and miles of pristine white fences and some of the most beautiful horse farms one could ever see.

I'm a daughter, sister, wife, mother and grandmother. I have a cat "Maggie" [a Maine Coon] who rules the house. My husband is my biggest fan and is always there supporting me in whatever I do. I love to work in the yard, have numerous flower gardens, a pond and I LOVE to cook!

I am now retired, but during the entire time of my working career, I had a 'side' business of wallpapering. I LOVED what it could do to a room, it was like having a HUGE coloring book and freedom to change the entire look of a room. At that time I lived in the Charleston, SC area and many homes down that way are Victorian. People would allow me the freedom to 'pick' their paper so it would be consistent with the time period of their home. What an honor for me, such trust!!


I lost my younger daughter just 10 months ago, she was only 32 years old. I would love to send you a copy of a letter I wrote about her at her service, if you'd like to read it. I love and need to tell people about her and 'who' she was. She was such a 'special' daughter, in that she too was very spiritual and highly evolved. We shared so many things in life and it is those things that have helped me through my own grief and allowed me to move forward in my life. I know she is still with me, I feel her every day.

I'm such an intense and deep being and your stamps have found that far away place inside me that needed words to speak. I know I've told you many times just how much I love your stamps and I sincerely do. They hit a cord with me that is vital in allowing my creativeness to come out once again. I went through a long 'slump' shortly after Heather's passing. I couldn't work on cards or anything, I felt as though I was frozen in place if that makes sense. It was around that time that I found your stamps and web site ~ it truly got me moving again and I wanted to share that with you.

Thank you so much for sharing with us Sandi
Keep creating your beautiful cards!
You may see more of Sandi's cards on her Quietfire Creations page where you may also contact her

Know one of the Quietfire Creations artists who you would like to see featured?
Go ahead and nominate them!
I'm taking names - go ahead nominate yourself!!


Books to Inspire

Book + Art
Handcrafting Artists' Books
by Dorothy Krause Simpson

byhandartist Linda Tanaka ordered this book from John Neal Bookseller and it briefly passed through my hands.... Darn!
It was so yummy I had to have my own copy!

If you're an altered artist, you're going to love this book. It's wonderful to flip through the pages - warm and inviting with lots of eye candy. And tons of creative ideas.

There is some instruction for making books, but I kept getting distracted by the wonderful photos of the beautiful creations. So I think this means if you have experience in bookbinding, you're not going to find anything new here for bindings, but almost certainly you will find something you've never thought of creating with those binding before.

Dorothy Simpson Krause will have you snooping in second hand shops, dying to travel to new places to find treasures to incorporate in your books and looking at your studio (and kitchen) supplies in a new light. Her work reflects her training as a painter and her intellect pushes her to experiment in the most interesting ways.

Thanks Linda! for alerting me to this treasure of a book!!




In the mail


Thank you pears
by Jean McC.

Thanks Jean!

If you've sent me something and I haven't posted it, please feel free to email me and remind me!!

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Some of Suzanne's Class Samples

To register, please contact:
Sept 2009
Courtenay, BC Beginning Italic Calligraphy Courtenay Recreation
(after Aug 18)
Sept 19 Victoria, BC Lutradur Journal Island Blue Print
(registration begin in Aug)
Sept 20 Victoria, BC Italic Bootcamp Island Blue Print
(registration begin in Aug)
Oct 24 Winnipeg, MB Adding Funk to your Foundational Calligraphers Guild of Winnipeg (please contact me for registration info)
Oct 25 Winnipeg, MB Pipe Organ Binding Calligraphers Guild of Winnipeg (please contact me for registration info)


To register, please contact
April 8-9 Maple Ridge, BC Lutradur Journal Vancouver Guild of Fibre Arts
Fibre in the Forest Retreat


To see a complete list (more or less!) of the classes Suzanne teaches, click here!

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  • Qualifying Publications:
    Just Cards (have you seen the Quietfire ad?)
    Rubberstamp Madness (have you seen the Quietfire ad?)
    Somerset Studio
    Scrap and Stamp
    Stampers Sampler
    Take 10 (or other Stampington publications)

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