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January 2007 - Issue 60


Gentle Thoughts




Artwork by Monica Black (aka BlackCats)


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What's New

Quietfire Design (that'd be me)
is delighted to be the art supplier to
Island Magic,
the 27the International Conference for Calligraphers
Shawnigan Lake, BC July 21-28, 2007
Hosted by the
Warmland Calligraphers of the Cowichan Valley.

There will be lots of new products available for calligraphers (and everyone else!) over the next few months. Stay tuned!

If you are planning on attending Island Magic and would like to be notified of product updates and class supplies, go back to the email notifying you of this newsletter and click on the link that says Click Here to Remove or Change your Subscription. Tick off the box on the bottom left which asks the appropriate questions!

See you there!

Daily Journal Prompts for January 2007

I hope those of you who have been receiving the Daily Journal Prompts have been enjoying them. Have a look below at some of the artwork that has been posted to the byhandartists Yahoo website. It's amazing! and so fun to see how people have interpreted the prompt.

A Card a Week

For the month of January, I have been uploading a Card A Week to inspire your creative spirit.

I will be adding these projects to the Projects Gallery. You can sign up to receive notice of the project, just as you did for the Journal Prompts

I just wanted to let you know that I am constantly working to add useful information and inspiration to this website. The buttons below can be found in the byhand product pages with certain items and alert you that "thar be treasure!".

This is the Inspiration Button. Click on this and you'll find examples of the artwork using the product you are viewing

This is the Insight Button. Click on it and you will get additional information about the product and ways you can use it.

This is the Project Button. Click it and you will be taken to a project which uses this product!

Many of you attended the Cyberstampers Convention this past weekend.
Thanks to those who attended the social and class Monica taught for me.
And a big thanks to Monica for hostessing!
She is sharing the instructions for the card used in Gentle Thoughts later in this newsletter!

Next Saturday, February 3, 2007, Yogi Grunwald will step into the spotlight and teach her Heart Booklet.

Heart Booklet by Yogi Grunwald

10 p.m. Eastern Time
(7 p.m. on the Westcoast)

Come and welcome Yogi into the talented group of instructors on Cyberstampers.

To get to the class, go to this page:
and click on the link for the Quietfire Design class.
This will take you to the chatroom where we will be waiting for you!

If you don't have the chat software, the info is here:

Quietfire Design is the maker of the February
Cyberstampers Mystery Stamp

Click on the link to find out more! I can hardly wait to see what everyone does with their rubber stamp!

Check out my Cyberstampers Winter Sale Page
The February 2007 Cyberstampers Mystery Stamp

Happy Valentine's and Happy Stamping!

stamping by Yogi using the Italic Rubber stamps

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Thanks very much for your continued support!

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The byhandartists is a Yahoo group where we discuss all sorts of things related to paper arts! Get to know your fellow artists from all over the world!
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While you nourish your creative spirit by reading this newsletter, don't forget your creative body needs nourishment inside and out!

Stolen Moments

Here we have a very special treat! Monica Black (aka BlackCats) and Yogi Grunwald have been designing for me with Quietfire Products. Amazing stuff! Click on the photos to access the instructions for each card!

Let the Beauty
Yogi Grunwald


Some things are felt
Monica Black (aka BlackCats)

To see the Monica's Valentine themed creations from her recent online class, Words of Love, click here!
(if you would like a complete transcript of this class, you may write Ask for Words of Love with BlackCats, Jan 28, 2007.)

Accordion Heart Card
Yogi Grunwald

Fuzzy Heart Card
Suzanne Cannon

Flip Flop Heart Card
Suzanne Cannon



Quietfire Products for your Valentine creations:

Rubber Stamps;
Flourished Heart
Together Forever
I love you not Only
If I had a Star
Love does not consist
Some things are Felt
I write you Letters
Gothic Border

Life Journey Words
Italic Alphabet

The stamp in Bold above can be found on sale for a few more days! Click here!


Dew Drops Ink Pads: Brilliance and VersaMagic

Distress Ink Pads: Worn Lipstick and Tattered Rose

Unryu Collage Packs: Every package ordered over the next few weeks will receive a free sheet of RED!

Puffy Heart Embellishments

Red and Purple Bazzill Paper

Brads, Heart shaped

Little Heart Charms

Padlock Charm
Key Charm

Alphabet Letter Charms - spell out your loved one's name!

Petite Pewter Charms - two hearts

Pewter Heart - self-adhesive embellishment

Red/Pink/Purple Pentel Color Brushes

Country Red/Fushia Waxed Linen Thread

Silk Ribbon coloured with Ink Pads

Using the Letter Charms - Yogi Grunwald


Suzanne's Schedule


February 24 Victoria BC The Altered Book Project - Backgrounds Island Blue Print
February 25 Victoria BC Pipe Organ Binding Island Blue Print
April 14 Saltspring Island BC Artist's Journal in a Day Stitches Quilt Shop
April 15 Saltspring Island BC Fabric Ribbon Journal Stitches Quilt Shop
end of May Victoria BC Text & Texture Journal Island Blue Print
end of May Victoria BC Journal in a Slipcase Island Blue Print
July 21-28 Shawnigan Lake BC The Altered Word Island Magic - The 27th International Conference for Calligraphers


To see a complete list (more or less!) of the classes Suzanne teaches, click here!

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January Journaling

Throughout January I have been sending out daily Journal Prompts. Some of the journalers have been posting their pages to the byhandartists website and we are lucky enough that they are willing to share their pages below!

I've received quite a few email from those who have enjoyed the prompts and I'd like to thank you for your positive feedback. I am limited by the number of emails I can send out per year, or I might be inclined to continue.

Here are some of the very touching emails I've received. I had no idea these prompts would create the feelings they have. It's really lovely.

From Jaen

...your jounaling prompts have been a great inspiration to me and though I have 'gone off the track' in a few recent posts, I still like the idea of the inspir-kicks those daily emails give me!

Jaen has used her Blog for her journaling and I'm delighted that she'll share it with us!


And from Mary-Jane, who has found the journal prompts make her Scrapbooking easier!

Signed up for your journal prompts - just wanted to thank you for this. Started my simply saving them on word document. Now I when I add another to the list of your prompts, I have a look at all the topics and have actually started journalling, This is exactly what I needed to get me started. Thank you so much for this wonderful "push" - I am enjoying it so much and I know this is going make my scrapbooking so much easier. I am also hoping that one day my children will enjoy reading my stories. Mary-Jane

Cheryl shares her thoughts...

I've been getting your journal prompts newsletter. I don't keep a journal but since I'm disabled, these prompts are a good wake-me-up for my brain. I got a good laugh from the prompt this morning about the last movie I've seen. I'm not much of a movie or TV watcher. I'm more of a reader. I realized that the last movie I watched was Carz. I've seen it at least 15 times because my great nephew (3) watches it almost everytime he comes over. The only other movie that I'm interested in seeing when it comes out on DVD (I don't like crowds so don't go out to theaters) is Eragon. I guess I'm just a 50-year-old child at heart. *L*

From Anne G.

I just wanted to take a moment after reading today's Journal Prompt to thank you so much for these prompts. (I haven't started my journal yet and have been saving the prompts in a word document for later use.) I'm 62 years old and the prompts have brought back so many many memories. I'm now bursting at the seams with things to write about.
Throughout the day my thoughts have often turned to the journal prompts, remembering happy moments. I've not journaled since high school when my mother found my diary. Obviously I'm not a child any more but I'm still reluctant to put my thoughts to paper. Your daily prompts are edging me closer and closer to starting my journal. And even if I never do it, I wanted to thank you for filling my days with so many wonderful memories.

Yogi is not journaling at the moment, but has used the prompts as a springboard to create her ATCs.


Click on each image to see it larger!
Those of you who have received the prompts will recognize the artwork inspired by each prompt. Three artists are represented here: Beth, Joanne and Marg - a HUGE round of applause to them for sharing! I think this is up to about the middle of the month. Weren't they diligent journalers?

Artists whose work is shown in this newsletter retain the copyright on their own work.

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