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Accordion Heart Card

by Yogi Grunwald
©2007 Yogi Grunwald


What you will need:

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Score and fold first piece of cardstock at 4" intervals with first page folding to left and texture to outside. Score second piece of cardstock at approx 1/2" and glue to back of last page of first section, matching edge of page to fold of merging piece. Score another line at the 4" mark. Cut excess of cardstock away. (You should have 5 folded sections)
Design a heart or use a heart template to fit within the page size (mine is approx 3.75"w x 4"h). My bottom border is 1.75' h and my heart point falls to about the middle of that height. When you're happy with the design of your heart, lightly pencil it onto the first page of your folded cardstock. Add on little tab sections on either side of the heart (this will hold all your hearts together). Cut out the negative spaces from your heart (careful don't cut your tabs away or cut into your bottom border). When your negative sections are removed, open your cards and cut away the tab from the front page on the left side and the back page on the right side.

Rubber stamp your quote and gothic border using the copper Brilliance stamp pad and the gold embossing powder. Heat set.
Tip: Use a static removal pad prior stamping. I also stamp on a thin piece of foam rather than on a hard surface. Remember to remove the foam before heat setting or it will melt.

Note: For the Gothic border, I stamped it once, embossed and heat set, then stamped the next set, embossed and heat set etc. until I came to the end of the card. I eyeballed the border. You can use a stamp positioner if you are finicky.

Cut hearts from the decorative paper, the same size as your hearts on your card or a little larger and trim after gluing. For the heart on the front page I trimmed around the quote.

Punch out nibs using the gold metallic paper ( I liked this paper because of it's variations and it gave the nib some depth rather than just a plain paper or plain metallic paper). I also ran it through my Xyron before punching.

Glue nibs randomly.


To make decorative paper for hearts, place your glossy side of paper facing up on your work table. Put several drops of both the plum and denim Adirondack Alcohol Inks on your felt tool. Pounce your tool over your paper. Then put some Gold Mixatives and pounce, add Blender Solution and pounce, working your paper until you get the results you want.

Note: the more saturated the felt is and the quicker and surer you do your pouncing, you will get more of the beautiful blotch and spider patterns. (Just be careful not to overload your felt or you'll get puddles that will take a while to dry). Also pounce an area, let dry a few minutes before pouncing in it again, will give you nice variations in color and more of those dark edged areas When the felt is almost dry continue to pounce on your paper and you'll get little waves interspersed in your big splotches.

I colored the embossed heart with a krylon gold leafing pen, when dry used a Q-tip and some of the alcohol inks to lightly color the top surface.

Drew in the musical lines with a gold gel pen and wrote in the words and musical notes with the Stardust pen. Glued down the embossed heart. Added the faux stitching around the heart with the Stardust pen.

Lay your ribbon on your heart and place your letter charms in the approximate position you would like them. With the point of your pencil through the hole in the letter charms mark your ribbon. Split your DMC thread into 2 ply sections and start sewing little French Knots through each hole of charm onto ribbon. When done I used another small piece of ribbon and glued it to the back to hide my stitches and thread. I used my ribbon puncher to make slots near the edge of my heart on both sides and threaded my ribbon through it and glued the ends to the back.

I used the Clear Letters Earthy Buttons as a template to make the word "happy" on the same pink cardstock. Colored them in with the purple color brush, when dry, added a line in the center of each letter with the glue pen and dusted them with glitter. When that all dried, I cut out the outside portion of the letters (since it was done on the same color cardstock I didn't have to cut the little centers out). Doing the letters this way rather than straight onto the card gave a textured look.

I glued down the sticker and wrote in the words with the stardust pen. Added my musical words with a gold gel pen. words: There's a song in my (little heart brad for) heart.   Musical words: Crescendo; Largo; Vivace; Presto; Andante.

The decorative paper heart is the same as for the cover. I added the words both on the cover and this page with the Peel Off's black marker pen (alcohol based).


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