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Heart Weave Card

by Yogi Grunwald
©2007 Yogi Grunwald


What you will need:

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  • Score and fold cardstock (with patterned weave to outside) to get the front at 3.5" and the back piece at 5" w.
  • Cut strips of the 4 other colors approx 3/4" x a touch more than 7"
  • Space strips evenly and glue one to the other and to the back of the front of the card. (last strip should be level to edge of back page)
  • With a knife or rotary cutter trim card neatly.


  • To make decorative paper for heart, lay the disposable palette paper glossy side up on your work surface. Using the applicators in the bottles, dribble in a zig zag pattern with the blue and red Magic Colors (leave white spaces). Note these are liquid inks so you don't need a lot on your paper. Splatter dots of Lumiere gold. Mist very lightly with water. Lay another piece of disposable paper on top and mush your colors around to almost cover the whole page. Separate your papers by pulling the papers apart with a flicking motion (the faster you do this the nicer the streaks and variations are) - just don't spray yourself with paint. Lay glossy side of paper over one of the flicked disposable pages and press down, mushing a little. Let dry. (you can do another piece of glossy paper on the other disposable page and store for another use). Cut out a nice shaped heart from the decorative paper that's approx 4 5/8"w x 3 3/4"h
  • On graph paper draw another nice sized heart that fits inside the shape of your decorative paper heart. (Mine was 11 squares wide by 11 squares high on 1/4" graph paper) I placed my graph heart on the back of my decorative heart and cut my slits for weaving at 1/4" apart (11 slits across widest point) Note: Since you are not able to butt your weaving strips right up against each other you may have to extend your cut lines a bit to incorporate the discrepancies. I cut strips from my pearlized and metallic papers, just a touch shy of 1/4" and started weaving them through my slits.
  • For the rose buds (use a slightly thicker paper that will hold its shape), come out from a slit, loop your strip of paper around once or twice (try it to see what happens) then enter the next slit, gently holding your loop in place while you're pulling the strip of paper. Depending on which way you loop your strip of paper, the rosebud will either face up or down (experiment). In my card the top row is a double loop and the bottom ones are single loops. You can see in the top row I alternated the direction of my loops, so the first on the left goes down and the second goes up and so forth. Cut the ends of your strips on the back and glue down to heart.
  • Glue your heart to a piece of dark purple cardstock, pencil in a 1/4" border all around and then cut out. I used the point of my awl to make the holes for my mini eyelets (you want to keep these holes small), spacing them approx 1/2" apart and right at the edge of the decorative paper.
  • TIP: for placing an eyelet into the hole, pick it up with the tip of your awl right from the bag or container, extend your index finger to hold it in place, place the tip of the awl into the hole in your heart (keep heart in a more upright position rather than flat on table), and with the thumb of your other hand push the eyelet into the hole (if hole is the right size, eyelet will be snug in hole). Turn card over and set (I also gently hammer flat to avoid any bulk).
  • Split purple thread into 2 ply sections,
  • thread needle. Place a small piece of tape on back of card to hold down end. Come up one hole, go around edge, and come out the next hole. Do this till you get to the last hole. Reverse directions, which will create the "x" or "v" type stitches on edge. Remove the tape attaching the first thread and glue down both threads with tacky glue (hold in place until glue starts to set) Attach heart to card with double sided tape.


Align your rubber stamp quote "Let the beauty of what" either by eye or with a stamp positioner so that the quote falls in the middle of the card. Stamp with a mix of Midnight black and Pearlescent Lavender, and Amethyst embossing powder, heat set.


Trim a piece of the Black Ink decorative paper to fit the inside of half your card which will allow a touch of the card back showing (note: the back of the front page if done neatly is a very decorative element on the inside and doesn't need to be covered).

Rubber stamp your "Flourish Hearts" with "Moonlight White" stamp pad on the left side of the page, alternating the embossing powder, first the "Peridot" then the "Silver". Emboss & heat set each heart individually. Attach page to card with double sided tape on the top edge only


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