April 2002 - Issue 12


Happy April Fool's Day!

Those of you who receive Somerset Studio may have noticed this grumpy fellow on page 103 of the current issue. He was from a Belle Papier swap I did a year ago, hosted by Kelley Dunwoody in Florida. The grumpy poisson is a Fred Mullett stamp and the quotes were inspired by calligrapher Martin Jackson of Vancouver, Canada.

The original artwork was done with Mitchell Roundhand nibs using Higgins Eternal ink, except for "and they swam.." which was done with a pigma pen. The background is FW acrylic inks on Tyvek . All images were scanned into the computer and arranged in a digital collage.

Welcome to all the new subscribers!
And thanks again to all the students in my recent classes. I'm usually whining because I've forgotten to bring my camera, but one day I managed to get these shots: Click here for some class photos.
Wonderful books!

This month I'm celebrating the 12th issue of byhand!

So, to celebrate, I thought I would give something away! How about
a grab bag of my new rubber stamps!
Not only that, you will receive a
set of acrylic mounts

compliments of Susan Ewart!
Now to enter this draw, you will have to send me a hand decorated postcard. This is a little tougher than the last time, when I said any postcard would do. So I am going to be looking in my post office box from now till April 30, 2002 for cool postcards! If you'd like to use a template, here is one. Otherwise, please include your "vital" information mail it to:

Suzanne Cannon
P.O. Box 1231
Port Alberni, B.C.
V9Y 6Y7

Please mark it as the "Anniversary Draw".
The winner will be drawn out of a paper bag by my 8-year old (just like last time!) on April 30, so have those little puppies in my mailbox by then!

Speaking of Rubber...

I've added some new images to the Rubber Bank:

Click here to check them out!

Alphabet Tag Swap

This month I have included a few more tags from the infamous Alphabet Tag Swap. I think the reason tags have become so popular to decorate is that they are a small, non-threatening (except to calligraphers) canvas. They come in different sizes and colours and shapes and they're easy to find in office supply stores. The reason they are threatening to calligraphers is that they are made with the lousiest paper around! Several people in the group asked if they could make their own tags - gee, I wonder why....? Should you want to make your own tags, should check out the Red Castle site. They have a downloadable program for making tags - pretty darn handy!

In February I showed you Christiane's tag. Now, I don't know if she used the Red Castle program, but I know she made her own tags. Here is her tag again and here's what she wrote...

Christiane Lenz

I made my tags using mostly acrylic ink. As I worked through making the tags I was continually coming up with new ideas. My design remained the same, however my method and media changed. At first I wanted to emboss the "B". I found a recipe for embossing fluid which includes water, glycerin and gum arabic. For this method I used a pointed brush. Then I thought it would be interesting to try masking fluid, however I didn't want to ruin my brush so I switched to an edged pen. Changing my mind once again, I did the remaining tags using a color blending technique where you drop a different color ink into the letter while it is still wet. The lower case letters were all done in the same acrylics as the wash.

Here are the two sides of Lizard's tag and here's what she wrote me about it!

Hmmmmmmm. The thought process in making my tag. Being one of the world's best procrastinators my thought process went something like this. Damn what am I going to do on those darn tags and why did I ever say I was going to do this? There really was not a lot of the "thought" process involved because I never would have finished them if I had to think about them. I can be a little anal at times. As you can tell from my "horribly horrific haiku" I am no good at writing and not much better at collage. There you have it Suzanne. Sorry I couldn't have told you something a little more artistically motivated. Lizard

I chuckle every time I read this - I'm sure a lot of the participants went through these thoughts - I think it's a wonderful tag and I advise us all to start bopping that Inner Critic on the nose!

Don't Forget!

will run September 13-15, 2002, in Richmond, B.C., featuring artists like Nina Bagley, Karen Michel, Claudine Hellmuth and Mary Jo McGraw just to name a few. Registration is continuing.
For more information about ARTwerx, click on the logo above to go to the website.


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Studio Tips

Fuzzy Bunny Card

Well, seeing it's Easter, and at the risk of being too cutesy, I thought I'd share a little card that I used to make in a class. I couldn't find a bunny shape that I liked out in the real world, so I drew (!) this outline - yes, hard to believe folks, but I did it! Feel free to print out the little fellow at this link on white card stock. Grab yourself a used dryer sheet (like Bounce) and glue it (or use fusible web) on what will be the front side of the card and trim the dryer sheet. Add a little rouge to his (her) cheek, a little bow at the neck and a tiny eye, et voila! I used to glue all around the edges of the inside and make him into a pocket card, placing one of those tiny children's Golden books in the pocket.

So what was the tip this month, you ask? Try using used dryer sheets for texture and interest on your projects! Recycle, recycle!

I'd be delighted to receive your favourite tips for inclusion here - we can all learn from them and probably save someone - like me - frustrations!

Books to Inspire
many thanks to Christiane Lenz for writing this book review!

Do you ever have the desire to write your own poems but donít know where to start? I think many of us would like to be able to write but, like anything else in the world it takes time and practise. The book Poemcrazy: freeing your life with words by Susan Goldsmith Wooldridge is a great place to start. The chapters in the book are short and usually deal with one story or exercise. It is easy to read and has a unique approach to writing poems.

The author shows you how to create opportunities to experience special moments from what you may ordinarily consider mundane and write about your experience. There are numerous stories, meditations and exercises to get the creative juices flowing. These exercises are fun and uncomplicated. For example, she introduces the concept of "word tickets" this involves writing words on tickets. Gathering the words is motivating and they can be used for creating poems, lists, labelling things, creating collages to name a few. Wooldridge gives you the confidence to write your own words which you may or may not want to share with others. She encourages you to allow yourself to be silly, outlandish and even a bit crazy.

Wooldridge tells us that when someone writes a poem they are revealing a secret about themselves, about who they really are. In the many stories, anecdotes and exercises, not only is it fun, but she shows you how to connect with your inner poet.

More Alphabet Tags

A D-lightful Tag by Charmaine Hamilton

Teaching Schedule
Winter and Spring

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April 6  Victoria  Artistís Journal in a Day  Fairbank Callig Soc   - full
April 7 Victoria Over and Under the Covers The PaperWorks    Gallery - full

April 13  Courtenay  Instant Letters  North Island College

April 20 Victoria Instant Letters Shoreline Community School
April 21 Victoria Over and Under the Covers The PaperWorks    Gallery - full

May 4  Port Alberni Spring Craft Fair  P.A. Athletic Hall

May 11,12  Calgary  Artistís Journal in a Day  Bow Valley    Calligraphy Guild
May 13 Calgary   Coptic Stitched Journal   Bow Valley    Calligraphy Guild

May 25  Kelowna  Focus on Foundational  Kelowna    Calligraphers Guild
May 26  Kelowna  Artistís Journal in a Day  Kelowna     Calligraphers Guild

June 1  Vancouver Adding Funk to Your Foundational
   Westcoast Calligraphy Society
June 2  Vancouver Artistís Journal in a Day    Westcoast Calligraphy Society

I have put together some sewing cradles for sale as some of you have been asking for them. They are not things of great beauty, but really, really handy for when you have a lot of holes to pierce. They are large enough for an 8.5" spine length and are $20Cdn (or $15US - to the States) shipping included. Email me if you can't live without one! I will try to bring these to classes so you can see them in person!

Here is my nasty little illustration of one!

For those of you who have taken the Coptic Stitched Class, you may still acquire waxed linen thread from me. It is $0.50/yard Cdn ($0.30/yard U.S. funds plus $2 for postage).
If you send me a SASE* with your cheque (made out to me, Suzanne Cannon) that makes life a lot easier for both of us! Please email me before to check for availability. Thanks!

Here is a list of the colours I currently have in stock:

walnut brown black
olive drab maroon
dark forest green rust
Victorian rose plum
navy blue sage

It takes two yards of thread to complete the book as we made it.

*Quietfire Design, Box 1231, Port Alberni, B.C. V9Y 7M1 Canada

As well as the waxed linen, I now have some brass corners (the 3rd one down is Nickel or silver coloured) which are 50 cents Canadian (or U$0.35) each. They fit nicely on a bookboard of about 1.0mm thickness covered with decorative paper. Email me if you are interested - I don't think shipping will be too much, but that depends on the quantity!

Gentle Thoughts

This quote is taken from the wonderful book Love You Forever by children's author Robert Munsch.

This piece was done with a Mitchell's Roundhand nib, Higgins Eternal Ink and a pigma pen, scanned and then digitally coloured.

This year I am offering Adding Funk to your Foundational. In this one or two day class we will review the classic Foundational minuscules, and then the fun begins. Weíll take these letters, compress them, expand them, bounce them and accessorize them!


"Beware of practising with a fine nib, which tends to the substitution of prettiness for character."
Edward Johnston

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(250) 723-0321 Quietfire Design

The original title lettering of byhand was done with a Mitchell's Roundhand Nib, size 0, and Higgins Eternal Ink.


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