General Student Supply List for Bookbinding Classes


for classes taught by Suzanne Cannon
specific classes may have additional supplies, but you should bring these items
to all classes

  • Ruler with metal edge - at least 12"
  • Exacto-type craft knife with extra blades
  • Self-healing cutting mat or other table guard
  • pencil for notetaking and marking
  • scissors
  • bone folder* - or embossing tool or plastic crochet hook
  • gluestick such as Pritt or UHU
  • scraps of paper to use as a guard sheet
  • a piece of old credit card
  • a few paper towels
  • and if you have them
  • a few scraps of decorative paper
  • possibly a small supply of odd buttons, beads,charms, twigs, raffia
  • book cradle*
  • a bookbinding awl* (not your Daddy's awl - unless he's a bookbinder!)

(*I usually have these for sale at classes)