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The Sky's the Limit Tip-In Swap

Hosted by Jeri Aaron

July 2006


for: Sylvia Luna
Theme: Heaven

When my husband and I lived in England for a year, we tried to hire cars every weekend so we could explore the countryside. One of the gems we found one winters' day in Yorkshire was Riveaulx Abbey. Nestled in this small valley was the remains of a once magestic structure. Still majestic. Magical.

Copy transfer onto Arches HP 140lb watercolour paper. Lettered with Dr. Martin's Bleedproof White using a EF66 nib.

Quote: The angels keep their ancient places, turn but a stone and start a wing!



for: Penny Stuart
Theme: Explosion of Color

Lettering done with Magic colors with a bit of colour blending using a Qualley Quill on Arches 140lb CP Watercolour paper. Oranges and yellows and reds spritzed using Adirondack Color Washes. Quote in black using a 08 Pigma Pen. Tiny Envelope stamped into Color Washed paper. Fibres attached using Double-sided Tape. Line of gold using Krylon Gold Leafing Pen, then lettered on using Gel Extremes Blue.

Quote in Black: Color possesses me. There is no need to seize it. It possesses me. I know. Here is the meaning of the happy moment: colour and I are one. I am a painter. Paul Klee

Quote in Blue: Some of us come on earth seeing. Some of us come on earth seeing color. Louise Nevelson



for: Diann Scholl
Theme: Blossoms

Watercolours on Arches 140lb HP watercolour paper. Lettering done with a Mitchell's Roundhand nib using Indigo Gouache. "blooming" lettered with Prismacolor Art Stix and enhanceed with Prismacolor pencil crayons.

Quote: Everything is blooming most recklessly: if it were voices instread of colors, there would be an unbelievable shrieking into the heart of the night. Rainer Maria Rilke



for: Cher
Theme: Sunsets

I wish you could see this in person, it glows!

Lettering with an embossing pen (double ended), with Pearlex dusted on black paper. I tried to edge the torn paper with silver Pearlex to imitate phosphorescence.....

Quote: I long for the solitude
of a sunset at sea
and the chill of the breeze
coming in with the eve.

R.G. Gibbons


for: Patty
Theme: Superstitions: An Encyclopedia of Bizzare Customs and Beliefs

This was one of a list of superstitions that were found online by byhandartist Nikki.

Masking fluid was used to make the stars, then when dry, I used a watercolour? wash to create the blue. I thought it was pure Indigo gouache, but it was definitely a mixture of colours.... oops. The large star is rusted tin and the words were printed on my laser printer and coloured with Distress Inks.

for: Pilar Pollock
Theme: Surrealism


enough said!

for: Susan Tidwell
Theme: Paris

I used a copy of an original French manuscript and a real vintage envelope. The Eiffel Tower was made with a Pentel Color Brush (Sepia). The lower half of the piece was coloured with Portfolio Pastels which were blended with warm fingers giving a Monet-look and the letters were scraped away with a Mitchell Roundhand Nib.

for: Jeri Aaron
Theme: Cowgirls of the Old West

Well, Jeri almost got real denim as her page, but it was way too bulky! So I scanned the jeans and used the print out as the page. The leather is real, the concho is left over from a bookbinding job. The heart was dyed with Cranberry Adirondack Color Wash, the twill dyed with walnut ink and held on by french knots. Tenderhearted was stamped on the twill using a Brilliance Graphic Black stamp pad.

for: Gloria
Theme: Coffee

I printed the chemical name for caffeine and the alternative names as well as a bit of the history of caffeine on the cardstock with my laser printer. I handdrew the chemical structure of caffeine. I made a very dark wash of walnut ink and put it onto the cardstock. I spritzed it while it was damp and sprinkled whole crystals on the page. The little coffee filter pockets were cut from real coffee filters and stained with walnut ink. There is an irreverent quote about coffee on each of the cut down tags. Oh, and the rings were from a jar I had handy - NOT my coffee mug!

for: Kris Hankins
Theme: The Royal Family

Rather looks like a scrapbook page! Guess that'd be appropriate enough!!

You'll be glad to know I straightened the list of his names....

for Linda Findley
Theme: The House of the Rising sun

Digital Collage with some additions!




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