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Inspirational ATC
©2006 Suzanne Cannon

from the September/October 2006 byhand Newsletter

Supplies you will need:
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Stamp A Journey of a Thousand Miles using your Pearlescent Orchid Dew Drop onto the smaller piece of cream cardstock.
Use your Awl to pierce holes near the corners of the cream cardstock
Push your four silver brads into a piece of corrugated cardboard to hold them upright, and squeeze the Wild Plum Alcohol ink from the Nature's Walk Alcohol Ink set onto the heads of each of the silver brads. Drop more of the Wild Plum onto a Silver Bail.
Use UHU Glue stick on the back of the strip of pink paper and position it across the middle of the black ATC as shown in the photo.
When the brads are dry, insert them in the holes you made with the Awl and spread the prongs.
Glue the back of the stamped cream cardstock and position it on the ATC, so that the right side of the stamped image is approximately 1/4" from the right edge of the card.
Loop the ribbon and stick it down with a Glue Dot.
Place Glue Dots both leaves of the bail and place it over the crossed ribbon. Voila! Great card!


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