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Heart Booklet

by Yogi Grunwald
©2007 Yogi Grunwald


What you will need:

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INSTRUCTIONS: I highly suggest trying this booklet on scrap paper or cardstock to get used to how to put it together before trying on good paper. This booklet needs to be cut, scored and folded accurately to get the best results.

Booklet Dimensions: Closed: 1.75"w x 3.5"h Open: 3.5"w x 3.5"h

Punch out 4 pink hearts. Score and fold in middle textured side to the inside.

Cut very little triangle notches in bottom and top of heart on fold line. (approx 1/4"h by 1/32" w)

The top is just a sliver of a notch that goes below the normal heart's indentation






Score and fold your 3 pieces of purple cardstock in the middle, textured side to the outside.

1st image is a slit with an x-acto blade 2nd image: shows detail of over hang edge on fold 3rd image shows over hang cut away 4th image shows the open view of over hang cut away.



Cut slits in purple cardstock right on the fold line (same size as the space between the tips of the notches on the heart) and placing the slit so the heart will fall in the center of the page. (THINK TWICE BEFORE CUTTING) Fold purple cardstock closed, and with a sharp blade trim a sliver off of the nub on the edge of the fold the length of where you made your slit cut. This will give you a little more room to squeeze your heart through and decrease the thickness and inaccuracy caused by the fold lines.

If you keep your signatures in the right order you can do the rubber stamping prior assembly, otherwise do it after assembly. I did mine after assembly.

Assembling the book:

  • From inside of purple cardstock, slip half the heart through the slit, rolling the tip of the heart to squeeze through the slit. Settle the purple card into the heart slits. Put this aside and do the same thing with the other 2 pieces of purple cardstock. You know have 3 signatures.
  • Put one purple page next to a heart from the next purple signature. Squeeze that heart through the slit, rolling the tip to get it through. PATIENCE, BE CALM, DON'T GET FRUSTRATED. You now should have 2 half hearts in the first signature and 1 half heart in the 2nd signature. Put the purple page of the 2nd signature next to the heart of the 3rd signature, squeeze heart through slot. With the final heart, squeeze half of it through the slot in the 3rd signature. Now all the signatures should have 2 half hearts in them, as well as 2 half hearts on the outside.
  • Only on the outside half hearts, cut a little slit in the fold area to slip your ribbon through.

Decorating the pages:

Edge each full heart shape with a piece of the copper metallic border, cutting your border near the folds of the half hearts.

Note: if you are going to do heat embossing you may want to put the border on after the embossing so you don't accidentally melt your border. Just lightly pencil in where the border will be, so you don't infringe in that area.

On the front heart

Glue 4 gold puffy hearts on the left side of the page and place a rhinestone in the center of them (or a brad or some glitter glue). With the pink Souffle pen write in your words "Just 4 U", let dry completely, then lightly shadow outline the letters with the micron pen. Note: when writing with the Souffle pen, go very slowly so you get a really juicy flow.

On the front purple pages

Stamp "Some things are felt" with the castaway stamp pad, masking or moving the heart out of the way. Heat set until you get the bleached look effect.


Heart in 1st signature

Tie a key charm to the upper right side of the heart with the purple waxed linen thread. Write your words with the micron pen "Your love is the key to my" and the "Heart" word with the Stardust pen.

Spread between 1st & 2nd signature

Stamp with silver dew drops pad "Some things are felt", emboss with silver and heat set. Use the glue pen to fill in the heart and sprinkle with the gold glitter.

Inside 2nd signature.

Cut out a heart in the gold metallic paper that is about 1/4' wider all around than the pink heart. Cut it in half and glue down the halves under the pink heart with double sided tape. Print in the text with a pink Souffle pen and shadow outline with a black micron pen. "When I think of you, it's so easy to smile".

Spread between 2nd & 3rd signature

Stamp with silver dew drops pad "The only true gift" rubber stamp, emboss with silver and heat set. Punch a small hole in an area that will be hidden on the back by the next pink heart half. Tie a little heart charm with some purple waxed linen thread.

Inside 3rd signature.

Print the word "Friends" with a "purple" souffle pen and shadow outline with a micron pen.
With your rubber stamp "A word lovingly written", carefully ink only the word "forever" with silver dew drop pad, emboss with silver and heat set.
Glue down your gold sticker. If you haven't put your borders on yet, you can do that now.



When tying the booklet closed, tie it loosely so the pages can stand on their own and the heart stays open on the front.



I found the basic structure in "Creating Handmade Books" by Alisa Golden and made a few rectangular ones. I then came up with my own design to create this Heart Booklet. It uses the Tab & Slot method for a no sewing or gluing booklet. PS: (you can find other basic instructions to rectangular booklets on line) I also found one in "The Art & Craft of handmade Books" by Shereen LaPlantz which was called a "Slip & Slide" book and had different slit cutouts. Really worked well with the larger cutouts and using 2 colors of paper, nice contrasts.


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