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Fuzzy Bunny Card

©2002-2006 Suzanne Cannon

from the April 2002 byhand newsletter

Well, seeing it's Easter, and at the risk of being too cutesy, I thought I'd share a little card that I used to make in a class. I couldn't find a bunny shape that I liked out in the real world, so I drew (!) this outline - yes, hard to believe folks, but I did it!

Feel free to print out the little fellow at this link on white card stock.

Grab yourself a used dryer sheet (like Bounce) and glue it (or use fusible web) on what will be the front side of the card and trim the dryer sheet.

Add a little rouge to his (her) cheek, a little bow at the neck and a tiny eye, et voila!

I used to glue all around the edges of the inside and make him into a pocket card, placing one of those tiny children's Golden books in the pocket.

Try using used dryer sheets for texture and interest on your projects! Recycle, recycle!

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