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March 2007 - Issue 61


Gentle Thoughts





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What's New

!6th! Anniversary Challenge

Wow, it's that time again! This will be the 6th Anniversary of the byhand Newsletter. How time flies.....

So your challenge is to
create a decorated postcard or card or ATC and send it to me for a chance to win one of three prizes.

Here is a link to the postcard template which you can use if you wish. But you don't have to! You can enter as many times as you wish. The prizes will be drawn before the next newsletter, so you better have your creations in the mail by March 25, 2007 to be safe.

And those prizes I mentioned?
Instead of just having one prize this year, I decided to have three.....

3rd Prize - $15 to spend on byhand Products

2nd Prize - $20 to spend on byhand Products

1st Prize - $25 to spend on byhand Products

So get working on your creations, pop them in the mail to
Quietfire Design, Box 1231, Port Alberni, BC Canada V9Y 7M1

The Pipe Organ Journal Bookbinding Kit is now available.


Portfolio Pastels Playtime

Tuesday March 13, 2007

10p.m Eastern
(that'd be 7 p.m. on the Westcoast)

Portfolio Pastels are water soluble oil pastels. Come see what Suzanne, Monica and Yogi have come up with for creating with this versatile medium.

Don't miss it!

To get to the class, go to this page:
and click on the link for the Quietfire Design class.
This will take you to the chatroom where we will be waiting for you!

If you don't have the chat software, the info is here:

Hope you can make it!

Quietfire Design (that'd be me)
is delighted to be the art supplier to
Island Magic,
the 27the International Conference for Calligraphers
Shawnigan Lake, BC July 21-28, 2007
Hosted by the
Warmland Calligraphers of the Cowichan Valley.

There will be lots of new products available for calligraphers (and everyone else!) over the next few months. Stay tuned!

If you are planning on attending Island Magic and would like to be notified of product updates and class supplies, go back to the email notifying you of this newsletter and click on the link that says Click Here to Remove or Change your Subscription. Tick off the box on the bottom left which asks the appropriate questions!

See you there!

Weekly Journal Prompts 2007

The Daily Journal Prompts have morphed into weekly journal prompts. If you were signed up for the Daily Prompts you will automatically received the prompt. If you'd like to receive this kickstart to your creativity, click on the email you received announcing this newsletter and tick off the appropriate box in the left column!

Happy Journaling!

I just wanted to let you know that I am constantly working to add useful information and inspiration to this website. The buttons below can be found in the byhand product pages with certain items and alert you that "thar be treasure!".

This is the Inspiration Button. Click on this and you'll find examples of the artwork using the product you are viewing

This is the Insight Button. Click on it and you will get additional information about the product and ways you can use it.

This is the Project Button. Click it and you will be taken to a project which uses this product!

This month's Gentle Thoughts was done with the VersaMarker Pen, Chalks applied with Chalk Applicators and the blue Staedtler Calligraph Duo on plain white cardstock.

Books to Inspire and Site Siting

Inner Outings
by Charlene Geiss and Claudia Jessup

In January I sent out Journal Prompts every day and the response I received was wonderful! You can read more about that in the last newsletter.

I was alerted to Inner Outings when Nancy D. emailed to tell me about it. I decided I should order the book and I am delighted I did!

Inner Outings is more than a list of journal prompts. It comes with a deck of 33 cards (so for the Canadians who order from be aware I was charged by Canada Border Service - about $6) which I wasn't too sure about at first.... But all becomes clear as you read on in the book. There is much more depth than just simple journal prompts. The cards are springboards for journaling, falling into the general categories of Introspection, Investigation and Purification. Sound interesting?

Here is an excerpt from the Prologue
"Are you ready to embark on a journey? I'm inviting you on expeditions -"inner outings" - into your own interior landscape where your emotions, desires, thoughts, fears, and motivations live and thrive. The Inner Outings experience is going to be heady, and full of heart, and completely different for each every person reading this book."

For the newbie Journaler, this book is an excellent starting point, and for the experienced Journaler, you may be taken in entirely new directions that you've never expected.

You can visit Charlene Geiss' website:

There you can read more about Inner Outings, Resources and how to start your own group. If anyone wants to start a group, I'd sure be interested in playing!

While I was cruising through Charlene's site I became aware that both she and I appear in the same publications! Signatures - The Art Journal Collection and the 2004 Art Journal Calendar published by Stampington. Small world!


(note the site says it takes 1-3 months to ship - I got mine from!)

Enter recipient's e-mail:


This is a great place to look for articles (or your favourite artist!) in past issues of byhand.

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Some changes in the sign-up for the newsletter!

Now you will have control over subscribing and un-subscribing. And with the double opt-in format (you are sent an email confirming that you really do want to subscribe), you know that no one has signed up for you.

Thanks very much for your continued support!

P.S. I do not share my mailing list.

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While you nourish your creative spirit by reading this newsletter, don't forget your creative body needs nourishment inside and out!

Stolen Moments

Double-Sided Challenges

Once you begin experimenting with our Double-Sided Tape, you won't be able to stop!

A lot of these photos are taken at an angle to reduce the reflection and glare from the camera's flash. Scanning is even worse! Sorry!

Items you will need to make this card:



Stamp Wheresoever onto a darker brown Bazzill Cardstock using the VersaMark Stamp Pad. Sprinkle with Gold Super Fine Detail Embossing Powder and heat emboss with a Heat Gun. Cut a piece of #4 Double sided tape and lay it on the cardstock

Remove the release paper.

Lay a piece of #1 Double Sided Tape on the sticky side of the #4 Double Sided Tape (do not remove the release paper from this smaller piece).

Lay the Jones Tones Copper Transfer Foil (with the copper coloured side up!) over the strip of sticky tape and rub with a bone folder or fingers. Make sure you run your fingernail along the very edge of the #1 tape so the Copper foil sticks right to the edge of the smaller tape.
Pull up the corner to check to see if the foil adhered to your satisfaction. Wow, magic!

Now remove the release tape from the narrower #1 Double Sided Tape.

Lay the Gold coloured Jones Tones Transfer Foil over the narrow strip of exposed sticky tape. Burnish and check for adhesion.

Fast and easy card! Very Classy!

Here is another variation on the Double-Sided Tape Challenge.... Do you start to see the amazing possibilities??

Items you'll need to make this card:



Stamp If I Had a Star on the darkest colour of Bazzill Monochrome Blue and emboss with Gold Super Fine Embossing Powder. Add a piece of #4 Double-Sided Tape across the card below the quote.

Remove the release paper and use a paper punch to create holes in the release paper.

Carefully reposition the release paper back on the Double-Sided Tape and burnish down.

Dust with Gold Super Fine Embossing Powder and brush off the excess. Heat emboss with a Heat Gun.

Remove the release paper from the Double-Sided Tape. Nice stars, eh?

Use the 6 Line Post-It Tape to protect the paper beside the Double-Sided Tape.

Dust the Double-Sided Tape with Forever Blue Perfect Pearls using the larger brush in the kit.

Remove the 6 Line Post-It Tape and there you have a very cool card!

What can *You* create with this tape??

You can find another project using this tape here

Suzanne's Schedule


to register contact:
April 14 Saltspring Island BC Fabric Ribbon Journal
April 15 Saltspring Island BC Artist's Journal in a Day
April 21/22 Port Alberni BC A Day with the Arts Studio Tours
10a.m. - 4p.m.
end of May Victoria BC Text & Texture Journal
end of May Victoria BC Journal in a Slipcase
July 21-28 Shawnigan Lake BC The Altered Word
Island Magic - The 27th International Conference for Calligraphers


To see a complete list (more or less!) of the classes Suzanne teaches, click here!

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2007 Valentine Mingle

The Valentine Mingle is turning into an annual event.
What is a mingle?
There is a Mingle Mom who makes a Master List of the artists who want to play. Each artist makes one item and sends it to the person below them on the Master List. Each artist will receive an item made by a different artist from above them on the Master List.

Here are some of this year's Mingle art! Thanks to everyone who played - it's always so much fun to see what's been created!

Beth to Brenda

Beth to Brenda

Chris to Jacey

Chris to Jacey

Diane to Irene (and Suzanne!)

Diane to Irene

Diane to Irene

Jacey to Wanda

Jacey to Wanda

Joanne to Beth

Joanne to Beth

Joanne to Suzanne

Judy L to Sandie (and Suzanne!)

Lani to Chris S.

Lani to Chris S.

Lani to Chris S.

Mary-Beth to Joanne

Mary-Beth to Joanne

Mary-Beth to Joanne

Mary-Beth to Joanne

Sandie to Wendy

Suzanne to Mary-Beth

Suzanne to Mary-Beth

Wanda to Suzanne

Wendy to Yogi

Yogi to Cindy

Yogi to Cindy


What came in the mail

Oh I had a good Valentine's Day! I received unexpected Mingles from Diane, Judy L and Joanne which you can see above in the Valentine Mingle photos. Thanks so much!

Here's a decorated envelope from Yogi celebrating the Chinese New Year!

Thanks Yogi!

Artists whose work is shown in this newsletter retain the copyright on their own work.

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© 2007 Suzanne Cannon
This newsletter is for the personal use of the subscriber and may not be reproduced without written permission from Suzanne. You are welcome to email or print it in its entirety to share with friends, but ask that you include this copyright. Thank you for your help and your understanding