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September, October & November 2007 - Issue 64



Artwork by Thomas Hoyer


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In Memory of Vickie Enkoff

It was with a very heavy heart that I learned of the passing of Vickie Enkoff this fall.

I didn't have the pleasure of meeting her in person, but I did meet her lovely and talented daughters in Vancouver several years ago.

Vickie was, without doubt, a wonderful person. She encouraged many in countless ways. Although she suffered from debilitating illnesses, you would not have known unless she told you. Vickie accomplished so much and interacted with so many artists in the online communities, you never knew where she would pop up! Always with cheerful and supporting words.

It was Vickie who pressed my rubber stamp line for years (okay, Jennifer, it was probably you doing the physical work! Thanks!) and really encouraged me to continue. It was Vickie who placed the first order when I set up my PayPal shopping cart and I needed someone to test drive it. I will miss hearing her "voice" online.


We've lost one of this world's lovely people. It was my honour to have been able to know her.

The photo of Vickie is a family photo from a beautiful memorial booklet created by her family.

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While you nourish your creative spirit by reading this newsletter, don't forget your creative body needs nourishment inside and out!

The Quietfire Design Team have been busy little beavers creating stunning artwork using Quietfire Design Products. It's amazing!

If you haven't met them yet, click here! You can visit their wonderful galleries.

As well as numerous submissions, they have created some projects with instructions for you to try. You can find them as the most recent entries in the Project Gallery or use the direct links below.

Colorwash Diptych
by Wanda Hentges

Altered Library Card
by Kelly Burton

Perfect Pearls Butterfly Card
by Monica Black

If you'd like to be part of the 2008 Quietfire Design Team, click here for more information.

Join the fun!

The Tuesday Created byhand Challenge is happening in your neighbourhood! Each week you will be challenged to create a piece of art. This week it's using vintage colours with burgundy.

Use stamps, ink, paints, collage images, lettering, embellishments - whatever you fancy to create an item!
Add your art to your blog, picture trail or photo sharing site, then post a direct link to your challenge art under the comments section to share with others! Have fun and make art!!!

Last week we had 32 contribution! Wow!

Each week we have a draw for a Quietfire prize! Get those art supplies out!

ATC above by Kelly Burton

Congrats to Design Team Members!!

Deborah March, who had a 4 page spread in Australian Stamp & Papercrafts magazine (one card is shown on the left below) and several cards published in the current (and final!) issue of Rubberstamper magazine (below, right)

Card by Deborah March

Card by Deborah March

and to Kelly Burton for her ATC in the ATC Quarterly


Island Magic

the 27th International Conference for Calligraphers hosted by the Warmland Calligraphers of the Cowichan Valley
July 21 - 28


At long last, I'm writing about Island Magic!

Sorry for the delay - since the conference, we've moved to a new city, so there's been lots to do - ahem, there still *is* lots to do! And the thought of writing about an event that was so overwhelming was, well, overwhelming!

I'd like to send out a wonderful thanks to all those participants at Island Magic who used my little store and were so patient in the lineups. It was a huge undertaking for me and I spent many nights into the wee hours making sure you had what you needed for classes.

Congratulations to the Warmland Calligraphers and particularly Barb Qualley and Eleanor Harris for keeping us all with our feet on the ground going in the right direction! I hope you enjoyed putting your feet up and congratulating yourselves after that week!

Thank you to the Ladies from Chicago who were so helpful setting up the Conference Store. You know who you are and we couldn't have done it without you!

Thanks to the contingent of Westcoast Calligraphy Society members who helped with the pre-orders. Whew! I'm so thankful you were there!

Thanks to my buddies Elizabeth (Lizard - that raised some eyebrows!) and Lori for making the trek from Victoria to help with the set up. Thanks for the snackies Liz!

Thanks to my family, who put up with months of pre-occupied Mom/Wife!

I got her with her eyes closed and her hot feet hanging out the window at about 11:30 p.m. - and she was still smiling!!

And last, but absolutely not least, a humungous thanks to my friend
Susan Ewart

for work above and beyond the call of duty, for keeping her sense of humour and sanity while working many days from 7 a.m. to midnight.
We done it, girlfriend!

I knew I could do it when you said you'd help.

Where to start in remembering Island Magic? Well, I didn't get out much, so this is an odd perspective!

When I knew I was going to be the store at Island Magic, some of the byhandartists made atcs to decorate the "store". If you missed them in the line up for the cash register, here are some of their wonderful creations! Thanks so much for your contributions! (and if I missed adding your atcs here, please let me know so I can include them with the next issue of the newsletter, my brain is still addled from moving!)
Click on each one to see it larger.

Joanne Ross

Joanne Ross

Marg Hubbard

Yogi Grunwald

Marg Hubbard

Marg Hubbard

Yogi Grunwald

These ATC's were held up by little plastic stands. Cool, eh? They're now available on this website!
(ATC by Wanda H!)


I'd like to send out a huge thanks to those instructors who did demonstrations for me. I'm afraid I don't have photos of them all, but here is what I do have!


Thomas Hoyer - Colour Blending with Ecoline Watercolour Inks.

I had no knowledge of Ecoline inks until Thomas contacted me. So I began the search. I found that the rubber stampers have discovered the brilliant blending power of Ecoline and that it is made in Europe, so those of us in North America must wait for the boats to arrive.

This sample is from Thomas demonstration where he used a ruling pen and the Ecoline. Lucky me!

Thomas' favourite Ecoline Colours:
Ultramarine deep No. 506
Forest green No. 656
Carmine No. 318
Light yellow No. 201

(Quietfire Design stocks over 30 colours of Ecoline Inks!)

Thomas Hoyer

photo by Susan Ewart

To see more of Thomas' artwork or to book him for a workshop contact him at
Schriftatelier Hoyer

These pens make great larger letters! Letters can be manipulated with ease and colour blending is just too much fun!
Qualley Quill Automatic Pen


Betty Locke - demonstrated both the versatility of the Qualley Quills and the Automatic Pens as well as her own versatility! She lettered, manipulated and drew amazing things!


Qualley Quills come in sets of 3 pens at a very reasonable price! Handmade on Vancouver Island!

Betty used one of the 2-line Automatic pens for this envelope

Marilyn Reaves, co-author of Brush Lettering - demonstrated brush lettering!

I first met Marilyn in, oh gee, 1981 at Haystack where we were at a 2 week long class in Roman Caps. There was some very amazing stuff happening in her corner of the room....!

Marilyn brought her fabulous brush talents to the table and played with a whole bunch of flat and pointed brushes.
(Pssst - she loves her Raphael brushes!)


Pentel Color Brush  

Michael Jacobs, author of Books Unbound and Cards that Pop-Up, Flip & Slide, demonstrated the Scor-it Board!

What a dynamic man! Born to teach, Michael captivates and charms his students with his knowledge and talent.

Michael loves his Scor-it Board (who doesn't once they have one!?) and demonstrated and explained all sort of things.



photo by Susan Ewart

and you might just want to think about a
Scor-it Mini for your creative friends this Christmas.... or for yourself...

(You can see a number of projects using the Scor-it Board on this site in the Projects Gallery)

Diane von Arx Anderson generously offered to demonstrate the Parallel Pen. And as you can see below, at the end of the night I got lucky!! Thanks Diane!
Parallel Pens are fabulous fountain pens that are a dream to work with. They come in 4 sizes and refills are available in a variety of colours.


What was HOT! at Island Magic!

as demonstrated by Thomas Hoyer

You can find them in the Calligraphy Supplies or with the Gentle Thoughts Rubber Stamps

The new sizes had everyone playing at the cash desk!

Marilyn Reaves did a wonderful job of demonstrating the Quietfire Brushes - did you see it?

Sonja's marbled paper.
A sell out in the full sheet size, there are still some yummy Collage Packs available!

Canadian Calligrapher Betty Locke made beautiful marks with Automatic Pens and the made-in-the-Cowichan-Valley Qualley Quills!

Parallel Pen

Diane Von Arx Anderson showed controlled flair as she put the Parallel Pen through its paces!

The dynamic Michael Jacobs did a fabulous job of putting the Scor-it through its paces. My husband watched and enjoyed every minute!

Now the Scor-it Mini is available!

Schmincke TroCol golds, copper and silver and Gold Pearl Gouache were another of the hot items at Island Magic. We sold out of everything that was Schmincke and gold!


A few photos - mostly thanks to Susan Ewart!


Here's that cutie, Australian Gemma Black, who found time while teaching her class to create an envelope (right) filled with calligraphic goodies for meeeeee!
Thanks so much Gemma!


John Neal, of course! We'd be lost without him!

from the desk of Lorraine Douglas


byhandartist Carmen G.

our humble accommodation


This is a creative little giftie from the goody bags made by the Chinook Calligraphy Guild using coin mounts from Quietfire Design.


Wow, look at all this stuff! How did I fit this in my house???

These photos are before the crowds came in - it seldom looked like this!

that's me waving Hi!

You can still see the individual supply lists for each of the classes in the shopping cart section of my website.

To celebrate finishing this newsletter I've put some items on sale
SALE on In-Stock items
on sale now till December 6, 2007

Scor-it Board 20% off
Scor-it Mini 15% off
Parallel Pens 15% off
Pentel Color Brushes 15% off
Automatic Pens 15% off
Qualley Quills 15% off

Sketchbooks 35% off

Christmas Rubber Stamps 20% off
I Write You Letters Design Elements Rubber Set 20% off
(design especially for Island Magic)
Bazzill Cardstock Monochrom Packs 20% off

You won't see the sale price till you put the item in the shopping cart!
You can open the window from the links above, add the item to your shopping cart, close the window and go on to the next sale item! The shopping cart should recognize you when you come back - watch in the right hand column at the top - the total number of items will change as will your total dollar value. You don't have to visit the shopping cart page every time - but you can check it any time you wish.

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Gifts for the Artists in the Spotlight

I'd like to offer those artists, whose artwork is published in specific magazines, a reward for using the Quietfire Gentle Thoughts Rubber and other items from the byhand Products line. There is one reward per issue at this time. You will need to have credited Quietfire Design in print and supply a photo/scan of the artwork and text with the credit. I'll be absolutely over the moon and will send you on a $25 shopping spree through the Gentle Thoughts Rubber Stamps.

Qualifying Publications:
Just Cards (have you seen the Quietfire ad?)
Stampers Sampler
Take 10
Somerset Studio (or other Stampington publications)
Rubberstamp Madness (have you seen the Quietfire ad?)
just check with me for others that may qualify.

Create without Limits!


In the Mail

Yogi made this card as a combination house-warming/Halloween card. I'm still laughing!!

You can see more of Yogi's card in her blog here.

Envelope by Yogi!
This is what she sent her Island Magic ATCs in!


ATCs from Joanne R.

And lastly, I received an envelope a few weeks ago from calligrapher Pam S. from the interior of BC. Not so very far away..... even forwarded from our old home in Port Alberni

I opened it to find a cheque and printable order form (which hasn't been on my site for months....). She made reference to a tag swap. I was totally puzzled until I read the date on the cheque.....

April 2003.

I just had to call her!!!!


Artists whose work is shown in this newsletter retain the copyright on their own work.

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