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Term - July 1, 2008 to December 30, 2008

Do you love creating beautiful and meaningful artwork and would like to receive free art products? Quietfire Design is looking for highly talented and creative designers to showcase the Quietfire Design line of products. Rubber Stampers, Calligraphers, Bookbinders and Altered Artlings are encouraged to apply! Here are the benefits and expectations.

Design Team Benefits

1. A Welcome Basket including Quietfire Rubber and other stamping related goodies!

2. Each month you will receive a $30 gift certificate for purchase of the Quietfire Design Products you intend you use on your creations! Since we carry such a wide variety of items, I'm sure there is something you can use!!

3. Wholesale pricing on the rubber stamps and discounts on many other items.

4. Each time you are published in printed media you will receive a bonus of $25 in product - your choice!

5. You will have a Designer's Showcase Gallery on the Quietfire Design Site.

6. You will receive credit for each piece of art published on the Quietfire Design websites.

Design Team Expectations

1. Monthly attempted submissions to print publications using Quietfire Rubber and/or products and quoting Quietfire Design as the supplier. These must be approved by the Quietfire Office before submission - a jpg is fine. If your design is accepted by a publication, Quietfire Design will not use that design until it appears in print.

2. Active posting to your favourite online groups and high traffic online galleries featuring Quietfire Rubber Stamps or products. A monthly list with links to those galleries is required. Joining the Design Team Yahoo Group is required.

3. In addition to monthly print submissions, you will need to complete at least 1 project/month for Quietfire Design detailing product list and instructions which can be used on the Quietfire websites and in the newsletter.

4. You may be required from time to time to feature a certain product as a design challenge.


Applying for a spot on the Quietfire Design Team

  1. Please submit at least 6 examples of your work - you may send jpgs or a links to online galleries and/or art blogs. It doesn't have to be cards! And it doesn't have to use Quietfire rubber or other supplies - yet!
  2. Please list publications (and page numbers) you have been accepted in over the last 2 years (including upcoming issues - yes, I know, you don't know the page number for these yet!)
  3. Please list design teams you have belonged to, applied for, or currently have commitments to.
  4. Please list the online "homes" you hang out on (yahoo groups, forums, etc) and if you own a list or forum, how many members are there?

If accepted you will need to send a photo, brief bio of yourself and location of any online galleries.

Any questions?
Email: suzanne@quietfiredesign.com with Design Team in the subject line.

Deadline for applications to suzanne@quietfiredesign.com : June 28, 2008

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