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June 2007 - Issue 63


Gentle Thoughts



Artwork by Kelly Burton


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What's New

Congratulations to Monica Black
(aka Black Cats)

who is the first person to claim a $25 prize for being published in Vamp Stamp News using Quietfire Gentle Thoughts Rubber Stamps!

Here is the card Monica submitted and was chosen for inclusion.

Monica is generously sharing her instructions for making this beautiful card. Thank you Monica!
You can find the details in the Project Gallery.

Gifts for the Artists in the Spotlight

I'd like to offer those artists, whose artwork is published in specific magazines, a reward for using the Quietfire Gentle Thoughts Rubber and other items from the byhand Products line. You will need to have credited Quietfire Design in print and supply a photo/scan of the artwork and text with the credit. I'll be absolutely over the moon and will send you on a $25 shopping spree through the Gentle Thoughts Rubber Stamps.

Qualifying Publications:
Stampers Sampler
Take 10
Somerset Studio
Rubber Stamper
Rubberstamp Madness
just check with me for others that may qualify.

Happy creating!

The New Pre-Order Site for the Island Magic Calligraphy Conference is now available for viewing and ordering!


Currently I'm not shipping items from the new website. Items are for pick up at the conference.
I'll let you know when you can order from there for shipping!

Weekly Journal Prompts 2007

The January Daily Journal Prompts have morphed into Weekly Journal Prompts. If you were signed up for the Daily Prompts you will automatically received the prompt. If you'd like to receive this kickstart to your creativity, go to

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Happy Journaling!

I have started a Journal Prompt discussion group. This is a Yahoo Group. If you are interested in joining us, see more details here.


Changing Mail Service!!

Just when I thought I had everything under control (like *that* will ever happen!) Microsoft has decided to discontinue their email service.... I am really worried that I might lose you guys, my favourite people!, in the shuffle. I will try to make the transition as smooth as possible, but please bear with me. You may have to re-subscribe to the newsletter and interest groups! Sigh. Sorry!

This month's Gentle Thoughts done by
Kelly Burton using

the Capital Letters and Vintage Children 1 Collage sheet

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Site Siting

Kelly Burton's
Artsy Visions Blog

Kelly Burton just *has* to create.

It will take you just a few seconds on her Blog to realize that!
Kelly loves paper, collage images and rubber stamps - her art draws you in and makes you want to go play with her in her studio.

Kelly has a wonderful sense of design and her humour shows through in many of her pieces. Often there is a little quirk that you just *have* to smile at!
Artsy Visions is a blog you will return to regularly for never-ending inspiration!

Here are some of the delightful creations Kelly has made with the Mini Complilation Rubber, the QuoteMarks, the Alphabet Caps and the Collage Images. Irresistable!


What a cutie little accordion card! To see it larger, just click on the image.
Doncha just love how Kelly has used the Peel-Off Star Outline stickers?


I asked the byhand artists about their blogs....well, you really must visit this fun and inspiring collection of blogs!
Clicking on a photo will open a new browser window. When you've finished looking, just close that window and you'll be back here!

Patti Sandham
JazzGoil Ink
(but Suzanne thinks it should be Queen of the Decorated Journal!)

Heather Held
Ink Flourishes

Heather Robinson
Creative Solace

Mary-Beth Janisse
Journey Into Art

Debby Boltman
Debby's Stuff

Laurie Pawlick

Beth Akins
Art Cricket

Sandy Proulx
Last Wordz

Linda Cameron


Dianne in Montreal
Passion for Stamping

Therese in Trenton
Art - Just Do It!

Nancy Ward



Books to Inspire

Now available from Quietfire Design!

Flowers in Heraldry

by Jim Rainer, Alcuin Society, Vancouver, BC

Flowers in Heraldry is a combination of the skills of botanical painting and calligraphy. It consists of 24 beautifully coloured pages, and bears the following inscription:

"Begun in the hamlet of Mugswell in the County of Surrey in January 1971 and completed in the village of Lower Kingswood in June 1974. Vera Ibbett, Scripsit."

The work was exhibited at the Scriveners' 6600 Exhibition, London, in 1974. It was then shown in the British Broadcasting Corporations's Thames Television Series "The Craftsman", in various places throughout Great Britain, and ultimately at an exhibition in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The Alcuin Society was extremely fortunate in obtaining first reproduction rights to this masterpiece and published it in 1977. The books were produced in Belgium on the offset presses of Van Den Bossche on hand-made Chromomat paper supplied by Arjomari-Prioux, France and bound by M. A. P. Austraet. 2300 copies were published, each with identical pages but differing bindings including loose sheets. The "A Specials", signed and numbered 1 - 100 and the "B Specials", signed and numbered 101 - 200, sold out upon publication. A few copies of the "Ordinaries", signed and numbered 201 -500, remain for sale. The unnumbered paper bound copies and the loose sheets suitable for framing or binding are available for sale.

Vera Ibbett, calligrapher & artist

Flowers in Heraldry was compiled, designed, written, illustrated and calligraphed by Vera Ibbett between 1971 and 1974. She started her working life at the age of 14 in a photographic studio whence she progressed to five of London's fashionable photographers as a retouching artist.

A natural progression into commercial art resulted in her studying at the London college of Printing. Subsequently she studied figure drawing and portrait painting under Innes Frip, R. A. at the City and Guilds School of Art, Kensington, and in 1957 began brush lettering under the tuition of William Sharpington (1900 - 1973), one of the great proponents of brush lettering in the style of Trajan's column, for which she won five awards at the school.

To perfect her lettering she attended the Reigate School of Art where, with the help of Anthony Wood, she was coached in calligraphy, winning the annual lay members' prize of the Society of Scribes & Illuminators and was elected to the professional status of Craft Member of that Society, "Flowers in Heraldry" being her submission piece.

From 1975 to 1986, Vera taught a wide range of subjects at the Reigate School of Art - general letter forms, graphic design, and calligraphy. For the remainder of her life she tackled a head-spinning variety of commissions. To name but a few: the R. A. F.'s hand-lettered Roll of Honour in the chapel at Biggin Hill; the Loyal Address for the Queen's Silver Wedding Anniversary; banquet menus for three lord mayors of London; landscape water colours exhibited in London and later toured the country.

Click here for more info and to purchase!

Stolen Moments

This & That Mingle

by Yogi Grunwald

This is Yogi's Holiday Mingle bound. To see more of the binding, you can visit her site.

TheThis & That” Mingle
is a continuation of the “Accordion Holiday Mingle” started March 2006.

Suzanne had asked me to do a write up last year, but I really hate writing, so I put it off. Well here we are in year two and I thought I better write something up this time… A bunch of us decided after the year’s first mingle ended to continue doing these pages. They were great for getting our creative juices flowing, seeing how others interpreted a theme, doing some research work to explore how a holiday could be transferred to paper and accumulating wonderful pages that would be eventually bound into books for future viewing and sparking us when ideas are few.

A small sampling of the current
This & That Mingle!







Diane G

Diane G.

Diane G.

Diane G.

Linda C.

Linda C.

Linda C.










The first’s year’s was called “Accordion” because that’s how I envisioned everyone binding their pages. It’s easy to do, expandable and can be anything from a plain accordion to something really, really fancy. But in the end it didn’t matter whether you bound it that way, or just with binder rings or for that matter just put them into a nicely decorated file box. It was the creating and giving & sharing that was important.

For this year’s mingle I decided to expand the themes to include Flower, Colour, Horoscope and Birthstone of the month as well as number of the month besides all the holidays for a particular month. So there is a vast variety of themes to choose from. What was also nice, I thought, was that anyone can play. If they think they have some time to create a page that month, then all it took was signing up. No one had to commit for a year-long event or do more than one page if that’s all they wanted to do. But for those of us who are playing just about each month, we are definitely creating some awesome books.
Every mingle has the same size format which is 4.5” w (that includes ½” for binding) and 4” h. Artwork is done on the front and particulars are put on the back. Decoration on the back is up to the individual, but most people do some nice things there too. From this basic format your imagination can let loose. We have created pockets, tags, multi pages attached to the basic page, accordion folded pages, windows and the list goes on, just so we can add more and more artwork and information about our theme as can possibly fit. We also embellish to our hearts content, adding fibres, beads, charms, brads, eyelets and again the list goes on. We keep challenging ourselves to come up with new and or more creative ways to put things on these pages. These really become “FAT” books.

Feel free to join in on one or more of these mingles. Sign up for each mingle starts on the 3rd Wednesday of the month in the ByHand Yahoo Group Database and a deadline for sign up of the LAST Wednesday of the month, then I post the MASTER list on the 1st Wednesday of the next month and the DUE date for mailing your mingle is the 2nd Wednesday of that month. You make one page and mail it to the person below your name on the Master List and you will receive one page from the person above your name on that same Master List. So easy.



A selection of the artwork from last year's Holiday Accordion Mingle

















The Second Great Rolodex Swap!

You know what a Rolodex is - one of those twirly things for your desk full of boring contact information.... Well, we put the fun into a Rolodex!

Here are the results of our second round of "take the ho-hum out of Rolodex"! Suggested by Darla last year, Round 1 of the Great Rolodex Swap can be seen here in the August 2006 byhand Newsletter.

Thanks to everyone who played! These are really so much fun. I giggle every time I see Julie's! Click on the thumbnails below to see each card larger.






Diane G.

Diane G.


Diane K.



Irene B


Julie B






Nancy C

Nancy Q




Wanda H.



Suzanne's Schedule


May 26

Victoria BC Text & Texture Journal
May 27 Victoria BC Journal in a Slipcase
July 21-28 Shawnigan Lake BC

Quietfire is the Conference Supply Store at Island Magic - for pre-ordering, go to

Island Magic - The 27th International Conference for Calligraphers
Sat Oct 20 Victoria BC Caught in Canvas Island Blue Print
Sun Oct 21 Victoria BC Criss Cross Coptic Island Blue Print
Sat Nov 3 Burnaby BC Caught in Canvas Burnaby Community Education
Sun Nov 4 Surrey BC Caught in Canvas Bookmakers of Vancouver


To see a complete list (more or less!) of the classes Suzanne teaches, click here!

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Orphan Earring Mingle

You know how you have a single earring from a pair and you've kept it for years and it's mate just never came back? Well here is what the byhandartists do with the lonely orphan earrings!

These are a few of the Orphan Earring ATCs from our Mingle! I love these! So creative!
Thanks to everyone who played.
Click on the image to see it larger.



Diane G


Linda C

Linda T





Artists whose work is shown in this newsletter retain the copyright on their own work.

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