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September/Early October 2007
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Quietfire Design is now located in the beautiful Comox Valley on Vancouver Island..... In a month or so, I might even be able to say drop in if you're close by! but not yet.....
Thanks for your patience.

Not all items have been moved to the new .ca site and work on the shipping module isn't completed. For now, actual shipping costs will be added to your order afteryou have placed it. I will contact you with the amount.
Please make sure you check your email (and sometimes your spam!) for my shipping charges email!

All these items are available on the Dot ca site and they are very cool items! You can still pay with PayPal on the new site. Have a look!!!!

Make sure you check out the sale items!

Click on the photos to go to the products!
Thanks very much for your support. Happy shopping! Suzanne

When you click on a link on this page it will open a new window.
Just close that window when you have finished with it
and you will be right back here!

New Products

The Zutter Bind-it-All punches and binds your creations!

Read more here!

Coils for the Zutter Bind-it-All

Pages and Covers made specially by Zutter for the Bind-it-All

White Glossy Chipboard letters!... do I hear Alcohol Inks anyone????
Found in the Paper Category in the Chipboard & Manila section

Parchment scraps and pieces

Bead/Project Tray

Peel off outlines

Peel off sticky shapes

Derwent Inktense Pencils, set of 6

Double-sided full sheets of adhesive

The Color Cutter cuts and marks a fabulous border uniform border as it cuts!
I didn't know whether to call it a cutter or a marker!

Coming Soon! The Mini Scor-it Board!

Perfect for taking to workshops and for your favourite card projects!
email if you'd like to be on the list!

The Big Hits at Island Magic

The new sizes had everyone playing at the cash desk!

Marilyn Reaves did a wonderful job of demonstrating the Quietfire Brushes - did you see it?

The dynamic Michael Jacobs did a fabulous job of putting the Scor-it through its paces. My husband watched and enjoyed every minute!

Canadian Calligrapher Betty Locke made beautiful marks with Automatic Pens and the made-in-the-Cowichan-Valley Qualley Quills! Stay tuned for the next newsletter where you can see those marks and letters.

Schmincke TroCol golds and Gold Pearl Gouache were another of the hot items at Island Magic. We sold out of everything that was Schmincke and gold!

Because of the move, I haven't restocked the cupboard, but will be doing so soon. Please email me if you'd like your name on one of the bottles or tubes!

The waterbucket is just a real cutie, not to mention useful! There are pockets on each side and when empty collapses to flat.
Find them with the Palettes in the Paint section. They sold out, but are on their way here as I type!

What's on Sale!
note you will not see the sale price until you put the item in you shopping cart
(you can always take it out again - but we hope you won't!).
If the item goes out of stock, the sale on that item is over!
NOTE: sometimes the inventory showing on the website is incorrect!
Some people call in their orders which isn't reflected on the website! Sorry!

but only till October 14th
(or the item is sold out!)

Bazzill Monochromes Cadstock - 20% off

Find it in the Paper/Lots of it!

All in stock Palettes - 30% off

Dr. Martin's Bombay Ink Sets

30% off

Lightracer - 30% off

Find them in the Tools/Lightboxes

Globox - 30% off

Find them in the Tools/Lightboxes

Dr. Martin's Tech Ink Set

30% off

Xacto Laser Trimmer

35% off

Big Stamps

35% off

Some ideas for early Christmas creating!

Bazzill Monochromes - and they're on sale, if you're quick!

Holiday Charms

Don't forget we carry a full line of


In case you were out in the garden in August, here is a repeat of the August product updates!

Ecoline Ink
Automatic Pens
Composition Leaf
Qualley Quills
Composition Leaf
Transfer Foil Paper
Transfer Foil Paper
Sherrill Sorbets Exciter Pack
Nori Paste
Tool Taxi
Xacto Laser Trimmer
Card & Envelope Sets
Card & Envelope Sets
Clear Sleeves
Essential Glue Pad
Chalk Mug
Tack 'n Peel
Big Stamps
Conte Pastels

Duo Embellishing Adhesive

Composition Leaf
Composition Leaf

Duo Embellishing Adhesive is an acid-free, water soluble adhesive that dries to a clear, repositionable, flexible, tacky surface. It is light bodied and non-dimensional. Ideal for applying gild, dry pigments, embossing powders, and paper. Adheres to glass, paper, plastic, wood, mica and other surfaces. Acid-free, non-toxic, water soluble. Fast drying.


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