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Brilliance Resist Stamping with ATC project*
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This article first appeared in the May 2006 byhand Newsletter

Items you will need

I can't remember where I read about this or who I heard it from, but it's a very cool technique.

  1. For this card, I stamped on glossy cardstock using Brilliance Gold ink and the Dotted Harlequin background.
  2. Once that was dry, I smeared (ahem, Direct-to-Paper application) dye ink over the background stamp. I wiped away any excess ink with a kleenex.
  3. When that was dry, I inked up the Italic Letters with the Brilliance Coffee Bean pad and stamped the letters. (I also used Brilliance Coffee Bean for the clock face - Magenta)
  4. The final addition was the Alphabet Brads and Earthy Square buttons. The brad prongs with a little stretching will go through the holes in the buttons and through the cardstock.
  5. Cool, eh?



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