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Tissue Paper & Pearl Ex*
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Supplies you will need:


Base paper is black cardstock for this sample.

You will get different effects with white or other colors of base cardstcok

  1. Brush on a layer of Golden Acrylic Glazing Medium (or plain white glue such as Aleene's Tacky Glue thinned with water).
  2. Crumple and slightly smooth white tissue paper and place over glue on cardstock.
  3. Leave creases, ridges and folds for texture. Tamp down with soft brush to get good contact between tissue and base cardstock.
  4. Use small paintbrush to pick up a bit of Pearl Ex. Tap this brush against another brush over the paper so that you have scattered spots of powder all over the cs. I used Pearl Ex Interference Gold, Blue, Violet, Red and Green for this sample.
  5. Work one color at a time and space around paper for good mix of colors. After you have added spots of all colors use larger brush to swish, swirl and brush powders around to cover paper.
  6. Continue adding powders until you have full/desired coverage.
  7. Set aside to dry. When completely dry spray with workable fixative for protection from smearing or rubbing.



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