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Tim Holtz Background Technique Variation*
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Supplies you will need:


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1. Mix in Ranger’s Mini Spritzer
(because of binder in Perfect Pearls, may clog other spritzers)

  • 1 eye dropper full of Distress Ink,
  • ¼ t approx. of Perfect Pearls (they have a binder in them so no need for fixatives),
  • fill mister ¾ full with water (when cap is put back on, if mister is filled more than ¾ full, it will overflow and no room for shaking and mixing ingredients).

2. Spray lighter color all over onto white cardstock .

3. Spray with darker color around edges. I removed the spritzer mechanism and dropped dots of darker spray randomly around.

4. Grab the edges of the cardstock and tilted this way and that, to get the puddles moving and create streaks.

5. Dry naturally or with hair dryer.

6. Pencil in your cutting lines so when you are stamping the quotes there are no whole quotes in any one cut up section. Where a stamp will overlap another, mask the already stamped quotes with cut up pieces of tracing paper.


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