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Sprays & Spritzes with Spray Webbing *
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Supplies you will need:


  • Start with a piece of dusty purple cardstock, 8 1/2" x 11"
  • put some bleach in a spray bottle and sprayed randomly on the cardstock
  • let that dry
  • drip some bleach on and let it dry
  • spray the piece with black spray webbing
  • spray with Adirondack color wash spray (Stream) and Stamp Zia chroma sprays (lime, iris, cherry, and olive)
  • let that dry.
  • To finish it off I sprayed it with gold spray webbing and while the webbing was still tacky pressed on some gold foil here and there.
  • After it was completely dry I cut it to 4" x 6" pieces leaving some small leftover pieces to also use.



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