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Polished Stone Technique*
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Supplies you will need:


Cover work area with old non inked/coloured paper to protect surface. Lay out cardstock. Mix food colourings and rubbing alcohol in spritzers until you have the colour depth you want. Fill the third spritzer with plain rubbing alcohol.

Here is the creative part
Start spraying your cardstock with your base colour randomly and add in some of your accent colour. If you have to much in one spot use your acetate or saran to sort of smoosh it around. To get the speckled look back after smooshing your colour just spritz it a bit with the plain rubbing alcohol and the colours will move. When you think you have what you want you can then add the gold to it (or silver whatever you want to highlight with)

To get the gold shimmer on this one I used PearlEx & Gum Arabic mixed with rubbing alcohol and spritzed on. However you can use Perfect Pearls the same way without Gum Arabic or you can just use a gold leafing pen dotted around your cardstock and then move the colour around with the rubbing alcohol and your acetate. When you are happy with what you have then you are done.

I've come up with several different backgrounds using this same technique and supplies just using either two different colours or using just one colour and the highlighter. You are only limited by your imagination, I was limited by what food colouring colours I had in the cupboard. I have done the same technique using dye based re-inkers and the rubbing alcohol. They all work, just differently



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