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Corrugated Collage*
©2008 Joanne Ross

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Supplies you will need:

  • Single-sided Black corrugated cardboard approx 12x 14"
  • Matt medium
  • handmade tissue paper (Quietfire Design carries Unryu in Earth tones and Royal colours)
  • Acrylic Paint (Quietfire Design carries Golden and Jacquard)


  • I started with a piece of single-sided black corrugated cardboard.
  • I used matt medium to glue torn pieces of handmade tissue paper in purple, white, blue, tan, light and dark green onto the cardboard, pushing it down into the corruated grooves.
  • This is finished with 4 coats of the matt medium allowing each coat to dry before adding the next one.
  • I added a small amount of Sun Gold and Silver Morning craft acrylic ot the final coat.
  • The second colour-way uses light and dark dusty rose instead of purple tissue paper.




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