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Chalk Play Project*
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Quietfire Design Rubber Stamps

Supplies you will need:


There are many ways you can use chalks but we are just going to be focusing on a few here - using it along with stencils and embossing paste, using it to make backgrounds, and using it to just add color to cardstock and other things.

For all these cards I've used the butterfly stencil but Quietfire Design sells many wonderful stencils and they would all work fabulously with chalks and embossing paste.

Lay a stencil on white cardstock, tape one edge with removable tape, and begin coloring in the image using your chalks.
I've finished coloring the image and lifted the stencil, do NOT remove it completely but just tip it up with the tape still holding it in place.
With the stencil still attached use a napkin or cloth to rub extra chalk off the stencil, both sides, and then lay it back over the image.
If there is an image in the stencil that you do not want to use, lay pieces of removable tape over the openings so that it won't get pasted. Using a palette knife apply paste to your image. At this point we are just getting the paste on and not trying to smooth it out. It's better to go a little thicker for good coverage as we don't want to overwork the paste.
After you have paste over the whole image, with the edge of your knife scrape the extra paste off.
Remove the stencil and clean immediately. You do NOT want to let the paste dry on the stencil. Allow image to dry at least one hour. As the paste dries the color will get a little darker but will not get as dark as the original color. You might notice some spots of extra chalk either along the edges of the paste or in other spots. After the paste is completely dry, these can be erased with a good eraser. The chalk under the paste is sealed there and cannot be erased and running the eraser along the edge of the paste will not damage the paste either.

In this scan the butterfly at the top is the one we just did - chalking first and then adding the paste.

For the bottom butterfly the image was pasted first, the paste allowed to dry, the stencil put back over the image, and the chalks added on top of the paste.

I used the exact same colors of chalk for both butterflies. You can see that the one with the paste over the chalk has a much more pastel look to it and the other one is much brighter.

Another very fun thing to do is to start with white cardstock (or a light color), stamp an image with Versamark ink. Here I'm using a flourish image and stamping it multiple times. If your ink pad is very wet, you might need to let the images sit and dry for just a little bit (or zap it briefly with a heat tool), otherwise you can go right to the next step.

If you are not sure, you could test a single stamping on a piece of scrap. Stamp the image and rub chalk over it, if it smears, the ink was too wet and needed to sit for a bit.

Take a cotton ball, rub it in the chalk to pick up color, and then begin to rub it over your images. The chalk that sticks to the Versamark ink will be darker than the chalk around the images. Continue adding chalk to the cotton ball and rubbing over your paper.

For this piece I used just one color but it also looks very nice using multiple colors letting them overlap slightly. I use a different cotton ball for each color.

The finished size of this card is about 5 " x 5 ". I'm using the bottom butterfly in the comparison picture. The paper the butterfly is on was cut to about 4 " x 4 ".

I used the Tim Holtz ruler and an awl to make the holes around the piece and then edged it with gold Krylon. The next layer is the background I showed with the flourish stamped with Versamark and chalk rubbed over it. I again used the Tim Holtz ruler and an awl to make the holes around the edge. This time I left off the holes directly in the corner so that if I didn't get my ruler lined up correctly, it wouldn't be as noticeable. Again I edged the piece with gold Krylon.

The folded card was done with white cardstock and I colored the edges to match using chalk and a cotton ball. The flowers began white and were also colored using chalk by rubbing it on with a cotton ball, gold brads added to the centers and glued them to the card.

The finished size of this card is 5 1/2" x 6 5/8". The butterfly is the one I did first and I've cut it out leaving just a small border of cardstock around the paste. The folded card is white cardstock and color was added using chalk and a cotton ball.

Gold border stickers were added about 3/8" in from each edge. I punched four small hearts from scrap white cardstock, glued them in the corners, and added color with a Souffle pen (this gave the hearts a little more dimension rather than just using chalk to color). "You are sunlight" was stamped on white cardstock with Versamark ink and color added with chalks and a cotton ball. Cardstock was trimmed, edged with gold Krylon, and white dots added with the Inkssential white pen.

The next layer started with white cardstock. To get a little more muted color on my Versamark ink, I first rubbed chalk on the cardstock using a cotton ball, then stamped my flourishes, then took a clean cotton ball and just rubbed over the piece. The cotton ball picked up a little chalk from the paper and darkened the Versamark ink but didn't make it very dark. I again edged the piece with gold Krylon. Added the layers to the card as shown. Glued the butterfly to the card just in the center allowing the wings to pop up. I took a piece of white silk ribbon and rubbed both sides with chalk using a cotton ball, tied it to the heart charm and glued the charm to the card.

The finished size of this card is 5 3/8" x 5 3/4". The butterfly was chalked with green and rust colors and then embossing paste added over the chalk, allowed to dry and cut out trimming close to the butterfly.

On a piece of white cardstock I rubbed on the same colors of chalk as I used on the butterfly in a random manner using a cotton ball. "If nothing ever changed" was stamped over the chalk using Versafine black ink and embossed with clear powder. Image was cut out, Versamark ink sponged on the edges and the edges embossed with gold powder.

The next layer starts with black cardstock. I stamped just a bit of a flourish image along two sides with Versamark ink and embossed with gold. Next I sponged Versamark ink on all four edges and embossed with gold. After the gold embossing was done I took the "butterfly" word stamp and stamped randomly over the black cardstock with Versamark ink and just left it. I don't think you can see this in the scan and even in person it is subtle but it shows up as you tip the card.

The folded card is white cardstock and color added with chalk.


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