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You Are Sunlight - Decorated Framed Quote*

©2011 Wanda Hentges

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Additional items: Inexpensive wood frame from craft store, Paint brushes, Sponge dauber (finger sized), Dark Brown Sharpie marker, Foam mounting tape.






1. Remove cardboard insert from frame and set aside.

2. Paint gesso onto frame including inside and outside edges. Let dry.

3. Using stencil, embossing paste, and palette knife add flourishes to front of frame. Start with just some of the flourishes allowing space so that the stencil doesn't smash paste already applied and let those flourishes dry. Then add remaining flourishes and let them dry.

4. When the stencil paste is completely dry then paint the frame. I mixed three colors of Golden fluid paint to achieve a color I wanted to use and painted it onto the front and outside edge of the frame. I allowed some thicker and some thinner areas of paint for variation in my color. Let that dry and then paint the inside edge and back of the frame with just bone black paint. Let dry completely.

5. Apply metallic rust paint to a piece of foam on a blending tool - be sure the paint is not on the foam too thick - and gently go over flourishes leaving metallic paint just on the top of the flourishes.

6. Determine what area of the marbled paper that you want to be in your frame, attach the cardboard insert that you removed from the wooden frame to the back of that area of your paper, and trim paper. You now have a sturdy piece that fits right back into your frame.

7. Stamp hearts onto manila tag using fired brick ink, dry with heat tool and cut out hearts leaving a small border.






8. Stamp Love onto manila tag with black ink and cut oval to fit in ornate frame. Ink center of oval with spun sugar and edges with fired brick. Glue into ornate frame. Add brads to ornate frame putting a couple drops of glue on the back over the prongs so that they will stay in place and not rotate.

9. Stamp You are sunlight onto vellum with black ink. Dry gently with heat tool. Cut out using Spellbinders die. Using sponge dauber apply metallic rust paint around edge on front of vellum and let dry. Use Sharpie marker on the very edge of the vellum (hold marker tip perpendicular to vellum and go around edge) to create a darker line. Flip vellum piece over and ink edges using blending tool and fired brick ink. Dry gently with heat tool. This creates the look of a bit more depth on the edges of the vellum.

10. Determine placement of elements. Holding vellum in place over marbled paper insert, use awl to pierce one hole in each corner and add brads.

11. Attach a piece of cardstock to back of insert and trim. This hides the brad prongs and makes the back look nice. You can also add some ink around the edges using the ink blending tool.

12. Attach hearts using foam mounting tape.

13. Cut two pieces of ribbon a little longer than insert. Paint ribbon with metallic rust paint and let dry. The side you paint will be metallic and the back side will just show the color. Using double stick tape attach ribbons to insert and trim off ends.

14. Put insert back into frame.

15. Attach ornate frame using matte medium.



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