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You are Never Too Old - Canvas Project*
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Sand both sides of the shrink plastic and die cut Caged bird using your machine of choice.

Color one side of the bird and extra wing with chalks.

Paint one side of cage with a thin coat of silver paint.

Shrink pieces either in the oven or with a heat tool. While still warm press gently with an acrylic block so they cool flat.

Add "eye" to bird with Sharpie marker and glue on extra wing with clear glue.

Wrap a piece of wire through holes at the bottom of the cage adding seed beads as you go.

Create a wire hanger at the top of the cage.

Color both canvases with Shabby shutters ink using the blending tool and foam. Dry well with a heat tool.

Add Forest moss ink to the sides of canvases and around the edges of the tops. Dry well with a heat tool.

Add a piece of tissue tape to the bottom of the larger canvas as shown and wrap to the back of the canvas. I cut the tissue tape so the journey section would be on the top of the canvas.

Glue Checkerboard corner to acrylic block with glue stick and stamp on canvases as shown using Spanish olive ink. Dry with heat tool.

Stamp mini border on all sides of both canvases with black ink. Just use your fingers to hold the rubber so you can better press the stamp over the folded places on the edges of the canvas. Dry with a heat tool.

Glue "You are never to old" stamp to acrylic block with glue stick. Stamp onto smaller canvas with black ink pressing your fingers into the back of the canvas to get a better print. Dry with heat tool.

Use the Sharpie marker to "fix" any spots that didn't stamp well because of the canvas or just leave it as is for a more distressed look.

Attach cage to canvas with foam mounting tape.

Attach bird to canvas with clear glue.

I had intended to make a small hole in the canvas and attach a brad through the top of the hanger and through the canvas. However I made the hanger too long and the end was over the wood frame of the canvas. Rather than re-make the hanger I chose to glue the top to the canvas, cut off the prongs of the brad and glue it over the top of the wire hanger. Before gluing the brad on I hit it a couple of times with the texture hammer (bumpy head) to give it a distressed look.

Create twisted wire pieces to attach canvases together and for the hanger. Attach all ends to the canvases with tiny brass screws. To make it easier to set the screws, make starter holes using an awl.


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