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Post it Note Book*
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Supplies you will need:



Protect your work area (I used a craft sheet under my paper and a foam core display board behind my paper).

Lay a piece of newsprint (this one is about 5" x 10" - and you might have received some if you've placed an order recently with Quietfire Design!) down and stamp the Flourish repeatedly with Brillance Gold ink.

2. Spray entire piece with Color Wash sprays. The gold ink will resist the spray. Let dry.
3. Using a cosmetic sponge apply Duo Embellishing Adhesive to the largest flourish stamp, and repeat to fill paper. Clean stamp immediately. Let adhesive dry until clear. It will be tacky to the touch but avoid touching it as you will lose some of the tackiness. Cover with a piece of Purple Foil, burnish well, and pull up. Continue until you've done all the flourishes.
4. Cut the bookcloth to size, paint with burgundy Lumiere, let dry, and speckle with gold Krylon. Cut 2 pieces from your decorated paper 4" x 4". Cut bookboard to size.



5. Cover both bookboard covers with decorated paper using glue stick. Glue bookcloth on covers and spine using PVA glue. Add another piece of decorated paper to the inside of the front cover and the larger piece of cardstock to the inside of the back cover.


6. Paint smaller square of cardstock with burgundy Lumiere, let dry, and dab edges with gold ink. Glue to the front cover. Add ribbon to heart charm and glue to square.

7. Stamp 'Fill your paper' on a transparency with white ink, emboss with white powder and trim.

Back this with a piece cut from the double sided tape sheet.

Remove liner and attach to the inside of the front cover.

Adhere post-it note pad to the inside of the back cover.

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