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Copy Transfer & Painted Mini Canvas*
©2009 Kristy Christopherson

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Supplies you will need:



Prepare image for image transfer by cutting image to size of canvas.

Brush Matte Medium directly onto canvas and image. Place image face down onto canvas and burnish with your fingers to smooth out.

Set aside to let dry for a few hours. After image is dry, rinse off with water and rub off paper. It may take a few times to get it completely off. Try to get off as much as you can. If there is a small haze of paper, don't fret! Once you seal it you won't see that.

Sand around the girl with the fine sandpaper, just to distress it a little bit.

Put some Quinacridone Magenta paint in a paint well and water it down. Paint the flowers in the girl's hair and let dry.

Then water down some Ultramarine blue paint, paint around the girl, and then dab off with a paper towel.

Do the same with the Diarylide Yellow. Paint sides with Bone Black. Let Dry.

Using a brush, apply the True Gold Lumiere to the Flourish stamp and stamp around the edges. Let Dry. (But clean the stamp immediately!)

Finish off with a coat of Gloss Medium.


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