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Inch by Inch Book*
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Supplies you will need:


1) Choose grungeboard letters to use to spell inchies. Lay these out in a line to determine what size each page will be allowing room for the binding. I cut all my pages 2" high. The length of each of my pages from shortest to longest is - 1 ", 2 ", 4", 5 ", 6", 7", 8".

2) I layed all my chipboard pieces on some scrap paper and sprayed them with walnut ink, let it dry, flipped them over, and sprayed the other side. Then using sequin waste I randomly sponged on coffee bean ink, both sides. Next I sprayed them with the pesto Color Wash, spraying slowly causing it to drip and splatter more, both sides. Lastly I stamped the flourish image with galaxy gold on both sides.

3) Punch the holes for binding.
I centered my first page in the binder, made a light pencil mark on the page that lined up with the center arrow of the machine and punched. Lay this page on the next page, lining it up evenly, and make a pencil mark to match the first one. Put the page in the machine lining up the pencil mark with the center arrow and punch. Continue this through all the pages and your holes will line up perfectly.

4) Sponge all the edges of the pages with graphite black ink

5) Following the directions with the Bind-it all and using a half-inch wire, bind the book.

6) Paint the front and edges of the grungeboard letters with metallic bronze, let dry.

7) Ink the front of each letter well with the vintage photo ink. Pour on embossing powder, dump off extra but don't flick, heat until melted. Glue letters to book.

Please scroll down to see the directions for making each Inchie!

Now we'll make some inchies to put in our book.
There are no rules with inchies except the size - 1" x 1". You can ink, paint, stamp, collage, write, draw, etc., etc., etc. Whatever strikes your fancy. Inchies are also wonderful for using up scraps. I invested in a 1" square punch and I can easily punch backgrounds from scraps or even the junk paper that I work on top of. I'm not sure of some of the backgrounds on these inchies but we'll at least cover the highlights of each one.
Here you can see the inchies in the book. I still have plenty of room for more inchies and will have a lot of fun filling up my book.


Stamp tile on black cardstock with Brilliance moonlight white. Use 1" punch to punch out and edge with silver Krylon paint pen. Punch small daisy from white cardstock, stack with paper flower, add silver brad and adhere to square.

Punch 1" square. I'm pretty sure this is watercolors sprinkled with salt, when dry brush off salt. Cut out collage image, glue to square. Write the word "secrets". Punch small flower, glue on, add color to center.

This background is Ecoline inks on watercolor paper. Stamp flourish image. Cut out collage image and glue on. Stamp "Art is letting your fingers" on a scrap of cardstock and cut out the word "heart", glue to inchie. Punch heart from a scrap of background and glue on.

Punch 1" square from left-over background paper. Cut out collage image and glue to square. Write "Brothers!" on vellum, tear along top, adhere to square and trim the sides and bottom. Draw arrows.

Punch 1" square from collage image. Add color with chalks. Stamp "cherish" on a scrap of cardstock, rub on some chalk, cut out and glue to inchie.

Stamp tile on cardstock tapped with ink, punch out. Cut out collage image and glue to square. Draw around image with white pen. Punch flower from extra inked cardstock, glue to inchie and color center. Add 2 mini eyelets and tie on thread.

Punch 1" square from text paper and glue to cardstock, add a little color. Cut out collage image and glue to inchie. Stamp part of flourish in corners and add heart.

Punch 1" square from scrap background paper. Cut out collage image and glue on. Stamp "journey" on vellum, tear top, adhere to inchie and trim sides and bottom. Add butterfly brad.

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