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Gesso Pizzaz*
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(online Class, June 18, 2009 at Quietfire Creations)

For all the samples in this class we are using Gesso and Ecoline Inks. We are doing a couple of techniques..

The main one uses a mix of gesso and water in a spritz bottle.. you want about 1/3 to 1/2 gesso and then water and leave room in the bottle for shaking as you need to shake very well. For simplicity let's call this "Gesso Spritz".
Gesso spritz used as a resist gives a fabulous look of texture to your paper and depending on what kind of paper you use it can be very subtle or a little more bold. For this class we are using Ecoline inks over our gesso spritz resist... and they work fabulously... but other media can also be used over the gesso.

All samples are size 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" (the same size as ATCs).

The first row of samples in this picture all use Ecoline #227 yellow ochre and regular white cardstock. The first picture is the ink on the cardstock, NO gesso. You can see that it's a rather smooth look. For the second picture I sprayed on some gesso, dried it.. You want it to be totally dry, and then sponged ink over it. The gesso takes on a little of the ink color but not as much as the paper and you get a subtle speckling to your paper. For the third picture I brushed on the ink which works but I do like sponging better and I think what happens is it leaves less color on top of the gesso so the resist shows up a little more.

Second row - for the first 2 samples I used #578 sky blue and regular white cardstock. On the first one I stamped the cardstock with gesso... I put some gesso on a cosmetic sponge, gently tap it on the stamp, stamp on your carstock, and then clean your stamp immediately - DON'T let the gesso dry on the stamp. For the first picture I stamped with the gesso, dried it, then sponged on the ink. For the second picture I sponged on the ink first and then stamped with the gesso so you can see the difference. The third picture is gesso spritz with colors #654 fir green and #337 magenta.

Bottom Row - I used a stick to stir up my gesso really well and when I was done I rubbed off some of the gesso from the stick on the edge of the jar but still had more gesso on the stick so rubbed it on a piece of cardstock, then took another piece of cardstock, layed it on top and pulled them apart.. it gives a cool texture. After they were dry I sponged on #600 green and of course there was so much gesso that it mostly resisted (that's the first picture) and since I was just playing around for the second picture I took #578 sky blue and using a speckling/spatter brush I added it to the piece.. then I decided to give it a spritz of water and that would be the area where the color spread out more. I'm showing these as an encouragement to just spend some time playing and see what happens. The third pic is gesso spritz and the colors #337 magenta & #654 fir green but put on much darker than the picture above it.

These all use gesso spritz. The top 2 are on manilla tags and the bottom one regular cardstock 4" x 4". Color used on the tags is #654 fir green. The tag on the left the color is brushed on and for the right it's sponged on. Colors used on the 4x4 are #227 yellow ochre, #411 burnt sienna, and #416 Sepia.
Both of these started with glossy white cardstock sized 2 1/2" x 3 1/2". Gesso spritzed both of them. Colors on the left are #337 magenta (over the whole piece first) and then #205 lemon yellow just in places. On the right is the color #548 blue violet.
The flowers are embossed (actually debossed as I put the paper in the folder wrong).. with a Cuttlebug embossing folder border image. Quite often I like to highlight embossing by either sanding off color or inking the high spots... however, since I put the paper in the wrong way, I needed to think of something else to do... white Inkssential pen to the rescue! "Dream..." stamped with black ink and also black ink sponged around the edges. Along the left edge I used the Tim Holtz ruler and an awl to pierce holes. I pierced them from the back for added texture on the front. A dragonfly brad finishes it off nicely. (On my screen this looks blue but irl it is actually lavender.. color name is blue violet).
This uses the "sponged" tag from pic #2. I also did the gesso spritz technique on the white chipboard letters and then sponged on #411 burnt sienna. Burnt sienna was also sponged around the edges of the tag. Fiddleheads were stamped onto the tag with Distress Ink pine needles. Taking a scrap piece of gesso spritz/yellow ochre colored paper, I punched a border image along one side, tore the other side, and layered it across the tag. Bird and "Journey" were stamped with black ink. Attached the letters to the tag. Decided I wanted some "stitching" down the left edge and did it first with the Inkssential pen and then with a black fine point pen. Added the vintage trim to the top.
I started with the first paper in pic #3. Stamped "Home is.." on it with black ink and then cut it out with a Nestabilities die. To be honest.. I first cut it out with a scalloped oval but I didn't get the words lined up straight inside the oval and so recut it with a regular oval... I however, again didn't get it lined up but decided to try and make it work rather than starting over. I edged the oval with a gold Krylon. I colored another piece of glossy paper using gesso spritz and #227 yellow ochre.. cut it with a scalloped oval die and layered the "Home is" piece onto it. I then took the scallops that I had cut off of the original oval and layered them behind the yellow piece. Next I colored another piece of glossy paper using gesso spritz and #600 green and edged it with gold Krylon. Wrapped this with a gold mesh ribbon and then layered it to a folded pink card. Layered on the "Home is.." piece. Tied gold string to the heart charms and attached them along the left with glue dots. Finished off the card with a brad and paper flowers.

Altered Book Spread.

I glued some pages together to the left and to the right just to have something more substantial to work on. I used gesso spritz and then sponged on #205 lemon yello, #227 yellow ochre, and #416 Sepia.

Altered book spread.

All black is stamped with VersaMagic midnight black and the white is VersaMagic cloud white. Along the left I used the harlequin background image... I inked it with black and then pressed an uninked flourish onto the stamp to remove some the black ink, quickly cleaned the flourish and stamped it again on the inked stamp, then stamped the background onto the page. I repeated this to finish stamping along the left edge. Next I stamped fiddleheads along the bottom with black ink and then also stamped some with white ink. The flower in the top right corner and falling petals were made by pressing the stamp pad directly onto to the page. "Life is not measured.." was stamped onto the second paper in the top row of pic #1, edges torn and layered onto black cardstock. I layed this piece on the book page and went around it with a pencil to mark it's location and then removed it. Next I stamped the flourishes as shown... I somehow smudged one of the flourishes in one spot so took my ink pad and purposely added more smudges to all of the flourishes. Attached the "Life is.." piece to the page and added shading around it with a pencil. Inspire, Create, and Memories were stamped and torn out, added to the page, and more shading done with pencil.

This is atc sized (2 1/2" x 3 1/2").

Here is another way to use your gesso/water in a spray bottle.I started with white glossy cardstock and colored it with Ecoline #600 green and #578 sky blue. Stamped the music image and then the butterfly with permanent ink. Next I sealed the piece with Microglaze. Then comes the fun :-)) Use petroleum jelly over the part of the piece that you don't want gesso on.. here I covered the center area with the butterfly. Shake up your gesso/water mix and spray over the whole piece. Now you can either let the gesso air dry or you can use a heat tool but be careful because the petroleum jelly will start running if it gets too hot. After the gesso dries you wipe off the petroleum jelly revealing the image you covered. I finished this atc up by stamping "Journey" on a piece of cardstock with Distress Ink pine needles, cutting it out, sponging on a little Distress Ink shabby shutters, and edging it with Distress Ink broken china. Two gold eyelets were added to the top left corner. I took a piece of white silk ribbon and colored it with #600 green, dried it with a heat tool and tied it through the eyelets.
these photos and a few more can be seen on Wanda's PictureTrail's site or visit her blog for more inspiration!


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