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Every End Copper Card*
©2008 Wanda Hentges

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Supplies you will need:



  1. Attach rubber stamps to acrylic blocks with glue stick.
  2. Cut black cardstock to 5 " x 8" and fold in half. Rub edges of front side with copper ink. Stamp top of flourish image along left edge with copper ink. Dry with heat tool.
  3. Cut a 3 " x 4" piece from copper sheet. Lay copper piece on something with give such as a piece of fun foam or a mouse pad. Using the Tim Holtz hammer and the hammerhead with round bumps, add texture to entire piece of copper. Turn copper piece over and paint black. Let the paint dry a bit and wipe off extra paint with a paper towel. You can also get the paper towel slightly damp and take a little more paint off the high spots. Attach copper piece to card using double stick tape.
  4. Stamp "Every end" in black on white cardstock, trim and edge with copper ink.
  5. Cut a piece of black cardstock a little larger than white piece, stamp flourish on all four edges with copper ink, and tap edges on copper ink pad. Dry with heat tool.
  6. Layer white piece to black piece.
  7. Form copper wires into a pleasing shape and tape to the back of verse piece allowing the swirls to overlap the front. Attach piece to card with foam mounting tape.


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